You have five minutes to name these three Premier League goal scorers

You have five minutes to name these three Premier League goal scorers
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Two are easy enough, but the last one will catch you out...

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john charles hughes lloyd colly burden danny drinkwater, mark jones jay taylor phil johnston stephen plumbley piece, michael labron, daniel reilly jamie reilly thomas hurlestone, farraigh james holloway patrick marley gillan lavery josh danny joe codi kyle reece dan,


  1. Did anyone get all three?

  2. Nathan Monahan 3/3 better not cheat this time

  3. Daniel Reilly Jamie Reilly Thomas Hurlestone I got 2 😂

  4. Perry Cooper Dean Cooper Alexander Wood Sam McLoughlin Aaron Vick Mitch Ellingham

  5. Liam Screaton Kieran Fogarty James Davis

  6. Shaun Cameronn

    Got the two easy “enough ones”, Last one is a nightmare

  7. Naomi Lee 2/3... you’ll probably get the same two I did...

  8. Habib Anwar got the first two straight away but then took quite a few guesses to get the last one

  9. Lorcan Alan got 2, had the third but wrong spelling.

  10. Richie Mike Richard can you do it, I got 2 and now I know all 3. Good luck

  11. Gareth Butler Try this!!Easy 1 if you know ur shit!

  12. Michael Labron done with 1:29 left on the clock

  13. Conor Murtagh 2 are easy but do you know the 3rd

  14. Derry Mulloy 2/3 you should get the third

  15. Nope ... 2 are easy
    3rd was alot of wrong guesses....

  16. Joe Wells I got 3/3... 2 are easy

  17. Michael Neanor i got 2 out of 3.. is quite tricky

  18. Callum Bird do this I got 1 😂😂

  19. Easy with 2m 21 seconds left

  20. 3.06 left on the clock Mark Jones

  21. Jay Taylor Phil Johnston Stephen Plumbley. Piece of piss this. Got them with 3.10 to spare.

  22. Colly Burden Danny Drinkwater got it by the skin of my teeth

  23. Edward Prendergast simple again there

  24. Nicolo Losardo Owen Poole 3/3 with 3:27 left

  25. Chris Spearman easy enough

  26. Tiernan Leonard Conor Loughran Seán Ó Farraigh James Holloway Patrick Marley Gillan Lavery

  27. Josh Danny Joe Codi Kyle Reece Dan 2/3

  28. Declan Brewster Daniel Skudder Lee Sanders Jared Woodcock Dan Holmes 2:12 left

  29. James Deegan Philip Deegan

  30. Gary Ó Loinsigh Daniel Garvey Jack Morrissey Darragh McConnell Eoin Kiely