Worst Snow Storm In 50 Years Will Hit Uk At 3pm

Worst Snow Storm In 50 Years Will Hit Uk At 3pm
Image from: UNILAD

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... 😮👀

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  1. Be safe out there all of you in the UK. Wishing you well from the nice sunny weather here in south Florida 😛

  2. Good luck to all the nurses, police, fire, ambulance and doctors who will still have to get to work!!

  3. Not stopped snowing where I am, my dogs love it!

  4. Is that 3 p.m. exactly ? I have an appointment at 2.45 and I don't want to miss it...🤣

  5. Looks like a normal winter here in Chicago

  6. That was yesterday, got more to come, all roads are close, most of shops really closed, this is in skegness

  7. Geezes a little bit of snow in the UK and It's a "crisis"😆 Come back when you have 2m+ of snow like Norway!😂 (and yes schools and everything else were still open🌨)

  8. If everyone takes their heaters and fans outside and turns them on at the same time then all the ice will melt and you'll all be safe..

  9. This is what its like in a little village where my Mum lives about 10miles south of Scottish border...im about 20mins outside of Newcastle and its deep as fuck, blisteringly cold and windy as hell...on and off snowing all day.

  10. In 1962 I was 8 years old x we didn’t have central heating and our school most certainly didn’t close for five minutes before home time and we walked home in the snow and blizzard every day x they are soft arses these days x get a grip it’s snow not Armageddon xx

  11. This is like the end of the world predictions .... after 3pm rolls around:
    "sorry, no, not 3pm ... we meant MARCH 2020, 3pm.... then, well, you just strap yourselves in!"

  12. Where I am it’s not that bad. We have got snow but it’s not worse as some other areas. Hoping it does get worse 😅

  13. Don't forget your milk, bread and bath tissue. As an American that sees snow on occasion, it is apparently super important to have ingredients for milk sandwiches.

  14. I live in the only place without a snow warning. I'm expected flurries on Friday morning for a few hours and same on Saturday. On Sunday it'll warm up and no chance of anymore snow.

  15. Since when did anyone predict the weather correctly. Nothing more than a light dusting. Get your big coats out.

  16. Dejan Sijan see what I mean your work is a joke! Staff welfare should be more important then encouraging you to drive in this weather! Idiots!

  17. Unless you live in Milton Keynes where we are lucky enough to be in a geographical dip which means all the heaviest snow gusts right over us 😂 still got it but no where near as bad as other places.

  18. So if all the councils and the government spent millions on snow preparedness and it only snows for a few days every few years then all the complainers would be bitching about what a waste of money it is. We're better off saving the money and taking a few days off, that people, especially children, really enjoy.

  19. My dear Brits,
    I’m from northern Indiana and it’s not as bad as some states farther north, but just hold on tight. I’ve seen bad blizzards that were followed by another one, a couple of weeks later. It takes grit, preparedness, Love, and a strong faith. I’m praying for you all.

  20. Thomasin Clarke this is them saying it’s going to be as bad as the one Nan B says Dad played in for months ? Where they had to be dug out of their homes 🤔 x

  21. Nothing here yet .I live a mile from Heathrow can't understand y they cancel flight .Mind u this is England.For some reason this country can't cope

  22. Oh I can't imagine ! What a terrible dangerous bring this blizzard in western Europe and America... For history, I never been to experience too much cold or any tornadoes for about we only have fine weather and some rainy seasons sometimes a year...

  23. oh well I awoke this morning with frozen pipes and my central heating was not working but after a friend it is up and running. Needed to go out this morning and the pathway was frozen but thanks to family I got everything done. Good luck to everyone and stay safe

  24. Which idiot wrote this North Yorkshire North East been bearing brunt of it and again we going get it aswell lol 😂 Xx watch it there give North a red warning ⚠ Durham got there's

  25. Jay Tuftevski Riste Spaseski The Global warming people claim this as an effect of global warming lol. So when its hot it means theres global warming and when its cold it also means it from global warming lollll

  26. Just simple question, it will hit only UK? Nothing more? 😅 like the rest of the europe whit few rebounds? 😂 like germany poland france etc?
    Anyways be safe in the UK!

  27. no no everyone on the planet knew it would get worse..They've been saying 3 or 4pm on Thursday for 72 hours now..no surprise everyone is expecting it to get worse..Its ok, breath

  28. James The timing cannot be a coincidence!! It’s gotta be an acceptable bail excuse if it’s on the news🙌🏼🌈🌈

  29. A friend of mine went for her first visit last night. Shannon was closed. She had to fly into Dublin. Have not heard anything from her today so far.

  30. Will it hit at 3pm exactly cause I would like to know how many fuds are going to be out driving when they don't know how to drive in the snow.

  31. But there is no numbers in the damn article!

    I guess it’s so that others can’t laugh at you for overreacting😒

  32. Has everyone forgot 2010, that was bad, worse snow and colder. And ffs in the 80s was even worse, funnily enough we managed to cope and carry on then 🙄

  33. We can't even deal with a few mm of snow and a slight gust of wind. Never seen such incompetence from a supposedly developed country.

  34. Megan Smith let's get to our 2nd lecture slightly earlier then! This light dusting is causing havoc!

  35. better to be aware of the possibilities that might occur then we can be prepared stay safe everyone watch out for each other xx

  36. Global warming ehhhhh Taylor Valée when it’s warm and 12 degrees in Canada with no snow. Maybe we’ll get to be a warm climate!

  37. We have already had this weather it's absolutely bitterly cold outside again and it's going to last till midweek next week

  38. Take care of yourselves, the elderly and if you see homeless people, pets take care of them the best you can as well.

  39. Bring it on 😂 when it snowed the other day then melted i was gutted. Iv just bought a sledge for the weekend 😂

  40. Hope everyone stays safe. And gets bunkered down. Don't forget the fur babies. I can't stand snow so I feel for y'all.

  41. Global warming is a real bitch.. When we gonna start getting global cooling?? Maybe Al Gore's new book will enlighten me.

  42. It rained here the other day in Tasmania, if anyone is interested! Oh yeah, it was sunny the day before

  43. Woke up with 10mm of snow and the schools are closed 🤔 I remember going to school on my sleigh as a kid!! What a joke

  44. Well it started in London from 7 o'clock in the morning snow wind temperature is freezing and this is London

  45. Lucky. Wish we could get some snow over here in the states. Nope we get a nor Easter with 60 mph winds and rain

  46. In fairness it’s not even a storm it’s just heavy snow. Although if it’s ‘apparently’ going to get worse then maybe😂

  47. It's already hit but thanks for the warning 😂

  48. This is when the only vehicles on the road will be WJ Jeep grand Cherokee’s.. looking forward to the snow!!😆🚙

  49. Lee leave before 3 and be super careful please but no excuses you’re coming down haha

  50. Stay warm! It could be worse, could be flooding like some parts of the U.S. Snow sure is pretty :)

  51. Is this another bullshit presumption where we've been forecast 5 ft of snow for the last 7 years 🙄 Chris O'Leary Paul Poly O'Leary

  52. You’s have no idea what it’s like it’s not that bad! last month we had 20inch fall in one day with no gritted roads or pavements, didn’t see us on the news, especially when there’s only a couple inch! Chill out just,get on with it!

  53. Snow here is awful in littlehampton.. dunno how we will manage 🙄

  54. Emma Kathryn Holly.... the worst is yet to come! Please message at 3.05pm to let me know you're ok ❄️💕🤣🙈

  55. Glad they shut the 62 and we had to turn round. Hope Ian Kirman stays safe and is able to get back safely.

  56. Only country that comes to a halt

  57. Samuel Rodé Leah Stoneburgh hopefully we can get Tobes back here by then, if not we’ll be crawling home!

  58. Niseko Hokkaido JAPAN…it is crazy here too

  59. Eleanor Walker-oseland d Jacinta Kelly thank god im locked in bed sick With barney , hide you’re dogs

  60. You know it's cold when you have to use your wife's hair straighteners to hold your cock while taking a piss

  61. Please Enjoy!! and that is not snow..come too Canada for some real snow....

  62. BUT on the plus side we will have record high temperatures next week. ☀️☀️😊

  63. Dogs love snow. Foot deep in Scottish Borders if anyone wants some happy to send.

  64. Emma Bethany Marshall our area is just yellow alerts for today to Sunday thank God. Let's hope it stays that way 🤞

  65. Thank god we live in Australia, no snow couldn't deal with that.