Will Ferrell Hospitalised After SUV Flips In Car Crash

Will Ferrell Hospitalised After SUV Flips In Car Crash
Image from: UNILAD

BREAKING: The incident has been described as 'serious'.

Full Article: UNILAD


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  1. Whyyyyyy plz be safe we all love u legend

  2. He's been released from hospital and he's fine! No dramas!

  3. oh man I love that guy, I hope hes ok.

  4. I will be absolutely obliterated if he’s not ok Carrigan Jehling Nylle Kenny

  5. Lincoln Ashleigh NOOOO. GET BETTER SOON WILL <3

  6. Fuck sake knew bad news was coming when Ramsey scored last night

  7. Damn it Ricky Bobby, you can't go FAST at your age!!

  8. “Ethan Coen, one half of the Coen Brothers, is helming the project as both director and writer meaning we know it is in safe hands as his screenplay credits include Idiocracy and Tropic Thunder.”

    Check your facts, fuckstain. It’s ETAN Cohen and he has nothing to do with the Coen Brothers.

    Unilad “journalism” at its finest.

  9. I hope he's OK because we need more anchormen

  10. I’ll bet the driver was jamming to “what is love” and nodding his head like in the movie a night at the Oxbury

  11. Not sure if its Will Ferrell or Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers...whoever of them it is..get well soon....

  12. Why is it we always hear about celebrities in accidents or something else . But hardly ever about the HOMELESS or VETERANS. They are worth a whole lot more than some rich actor or actress

  13. Was he going streaking through the quad?

  14. It's not real guys so you don't have to worry

  15. Says he was talking on the phone after the crash. Probably not dead.

  16. Liam Stones could this be Aaron Ramsey curse?

  17. Stupid Will, does driving on friday the 13:th..

  18. So serious he was on the phone being loaded into the ambulance lol

  19. He’s sat up in a photo on his phone. Can’t be that serious.

  20. Melissa - if he dies, half of our movie quotes from college die with him. 😥

  21. I’m going to flip my car and see if I get 😮 National attention

  22. Jordanne Harris we just drove on that free way.

  23. Keed Boyle Could this be the celebrity that dies? Lol

  24. “Yep I’m fly through the air this is not good”

  25. Magdalena Serafin Daniel Velazquez 😣 y ustedes que lo acaban de ver... lo bueno esq parece que está bien

  26. "I have some important information about Hillar.." Will Ferrell

  27. You sure? I haven't heard anything about it and if you google it. It shows nothing.

  28. It’s because he threatened to leave Facebook.

  29. He must of relived Frank the Tank that night 🙊

  30. Prayers for a safe and healthy recovery.

  31. Guess he took if you're not first, your last to heart.

  32. I'm in a twisted metal case of emotion!

  33. TINA Carney - we were just talking about him

  34. Karamveer Saini hopefully he's ok the guys a legend

  35. Idris Aaron Ramsey scored last night....

  36. He was released earlier today, not that serious calm down 🙄


  37. Lindsay Neale omg no please no!! Hes a national treasure!!!!😣😣😣😣😣

  38. Chris MacPhie and i just sent that gif this morning.......eek

  39. Jess Thomson no this can't be happening

  40. Julio Recinos didn’t you just meet him yesterday?

  41. Quinn Stackpole Tom cruise can save him with his witch craft!

  42. Terri Danielle this is your fault from this morning!

  43. More or less a movie skit for his up coming film

  44. He finally did something to made me laugh

  45. 💣💖💬🤳.. get my squirting video, lick my pussy until you masturbate .. 💥💬

  46. Vince Russell Kurt Russell your Ramsey predictions were accurate

  47. 🌹🌹🌹..get my squirting video for free, you will spray sperm on my breast . . 💖

  48. My day has been fucking ruined