WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses bid to have UK arrest warrant dropped

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange loses bid to have UK arrest warrant dropped
Image from: Sky News

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has lost his latest bid to have his UK arrest warrant dropped

Full Article: Sky News


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  1. The mans a hero, leave him alone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Top bloke

  2. If this is about justice for the Swedish person who was raped

    Then why don’t the uk and Swedish gov guarantee no extradition to us if he gives himself up

    They’ve had 5 or more years to put a case forward for extradition but haven’t so they missed their opportunity

  3. Lock him up! Oh wait! He's locked up already. No female visitors until he faces his rape accusations.

  4. Cant we just give him his cake and let him eat it. This suspense is killing me. Will he? won't he? Will he? won't he? It's all getting too much.

  5. He’s been in that building years... he been better off facing the punishment and done his time! He would of been out by now as a free man!!

  6. If he is indeed a rapist he should be punished but releasing information to the public should not be a crime and he should receive an award for doing so

  7. if i was him i be digging up dirt now and making it stick to this government for all the wrong doing they done dead right i would

  8. Surprised he hasnt been topped he must be of some use to the governments hence the fabricated rape charges.

  9. If you’re innocent front the court.
    Hiding shows guilt.

  10. The government should build the Ecuadorians a new embassy ....

  11. Was he ever going to get justice.

  12. Exposed government lies and cover ups. Top man .

  13. Set the fire alarm off and he'll have to come out. Arrest him. Do we foot his bill as taxpayers?

  14. The longer it gets the stronger he becomes ..

  15. Who picks up his legal bills UK taxpayers.!!!!!!!!! ???

  16. FFS. In 100 years he will be exonerated by politicians of the time like Mandella was. The politicians now will be dedoused for what they are. Sound the old politicians grandchildren will still be offshore landlords and the exoneration was PR to hide their evil.

  17. Good...sooner he gets executed for being a perverted traitor the better

  18. Corrupt liberal led judiciary , Lets at least be honest!

  19. It's right his arrest warrant hasn't been dropped. If he leaves the embassy he should face arrest for skipping bail.

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  21. I am sure his friend Putin will help him out

  22. Looks like a Bond villain

  23. Costing how much to watch him

  24. hope theyve got sh^tloads of fabreze in that embassy

  25. The UK shall not have him. Lol

  26. The rape case has been dropped. He's wanted by UK police for breaking his bail conditions. Which is a crime. People supporting him must understand if you commit a crime it's against the law.

  27. there are no rape accusers. The swedes cancelled the request for extradition. This is a huge Con perpetrated by the YANKS. Assange is right. If he goes to Sweden and if he stays in the UK the USA will demand his extradition for telling us about the criminal activity of the Americans. Its all a big government stitch up. I would have squashed his arrest warrant. Got him out of the country and some one else can look after him and get rid of the headache. The Ecuadorians should give diplomatic immunity and get him out of the embassy. before any one starts banging on about the rule of law there are thousands that do so daily and get away with it. this is and always was a political persecution. I would suggest its become a human rights issue and the EU will end up passing a rule

  28. Is that idiot still here, it must be costing the Ecuadorians a fortune to keep him in hair dye alone, not to mention food and board, or are the Russians taking care of that for him.....

  29. Russian stooge. If he gets extradited to America, surely the other Russian stooge trump will let him off.