Why some people believe the Earth is flat

Why some people believe the Earth is flat
Image from: BBC Earth

Despite all the evidence, why do some people still believe the Earth is flat? 🤔

Full Article: BBC Earth


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  1. Because it's fashionable and fun to belong to a contrary social group that gets lots of undeserved attention.

  2. They haven't considered that if it was flat cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.....

  3. Same reason some people believe in resurrection and virgin birth. Idiocy.

  4. Are you looking for a simple answer? They live in unrealistic world and can’t accept evidence based facts.

  5. It can't be flat, I live on a bloody hill.

  6. Because some idiot decided to make a conspiracy and people are sheep trying to prove theyre not sheep. Seriously, if my eyes could roll far enough this whole flat earth thing would have me permenantly staring out of my ass

  7. Some people still believe the earth is flat because they are incapable of or unwilling to learn from incontrovertible evidence.

  8. Undoubtedly they have never travelled out of their own town and don't own a passport. And had an incorrect map of the world to learn from at school showing their country larger than it actually is 😃😄

  9. For the same reason people believe in the magic and invisible man who lives in the sky. Pure ignorance and/or closed minds.

  10. I reckon there are two reasons for believing in a flat earth: the first is, of course, stupidity, but the second may very well be a whole-hearted belief in Sir Terry Pratchett's "Discworld" tales.

  11. Why? So that people like you can mock, scoff and ridicule and felt good, smart and intelligent about yourselves.
    Have you ever try to really hear their side of the argument?
    Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.

  12. well if they looked at the moon and other planets of our universe and the view of earth from the moon. they would see that it is crazy to believe it is flat.

  13. The same way people still refuse to believe in a God, a Creator, a Intelligent designer, despite all the evidence.

  14. Ok… lets see… 🤔🤔🤔 so the earth is flat… I guess it must spin like a quarter around the sun… that's how we get night / day… 🤔
    What do they say about the moon… 🤔
    Oh man… is the sun flat too… 🤔
    Wow!!! ALL the possibilities and questions… anyone got any weed man… 😜 cause it's going to be a long night now, trying to figure this out… 🤔
    If the earth is flat… how do I reach the other side… 🤔
    Oh BUT most importantly… Where do you put the "WARNING SIGNS" of… DON'T drive or sail over the edge… doh!!! 😜😂
    Oh man this is AWESOME!!!… sign me up…

  15. ...because they’re literally just stupid. Why does it merit any deeply analytical thought on our part. We’re giving stupid people too much credit here, when most of the world is in consensus, that we all collectively live on a spherical planet with its own gravitational polarity that also influences plate tectonic processes

  16. We all know the world is a big " globe " and yet" flat " this idea still boardly apply in many daily life , for exmple if u work in construction , giving a levels still gotta use " flat " this idea " . For exmple if u need to built a fencing for a 5km in length by 2 meters tall , the world is round this idea doesn't makes u any difference . We can always think a little more than just a laugh

  17. Vague conspiracy theories. They have this big "scientists are hiding the truth" concept without having a clear idea on how physics would operate on this flat Earth hypothesis. Anyone who doesn't believe this is "sheeple". I've discussed this on another post with one.

  18. Wow, he's fun!

    My guess is that belief in a flat Earth is more about distrust of others than it is about the shape of the Earth per se. But I loved the video.

  19. David Thrower more non believers, when will they learn? WAKE UP PEOPLE! The government just want you to believe that it’s not flat!

  20. Flatards are just screaming for attention. Best ignoring their infantile and frankly ridiculous protestations.

  21. To keep eating meat and dairy for health reasons, use sunscreen against skin cancer and use oil for peace and to save the flat planet from global warming. Btw windmills and solarpanels are just not pretty on a flat earth.

  22. You would think they would want to visit the edge. In the process they may change their view.

    We learn at different paces... lol

  23. Because there is a drive to believe things not because they are closer to the truth but because they enlarge one's sense of unique identity.

  24. How do flat earthers explain missile guidance systems or long distance flight or satellite communication?

  25. simple enough answer, they are complete and total imbeciles, who hopefully, also havent worked out how to breed and never will 🤣🤣🤣

  26. Flat earth theorists claim the worlds governments are lying about a round earth for control. But every time I ask about it they can’t explain what kind of control the government gets. If the worlds governments were lying about the earth then what would the point to it be? Spending probably millions of dollars claiming that the earth is round? Why?

  27. Do not print worldmap on papersheets, print round globe maps instead. You believe what you see.so simple😉

  28. I choose not to comment on this other than to say if you believe the world's flat then so is your head.

  29. Lack of basic scientific concepts on how to prove either direction. There so many simple ways to test this. But it's just the basic concept of Critical Thinking isn't there.

  30. Who cares either way. What’s their point anyway. I still get a coffee. Go to work. Do what I do. I can’t afford to travel to the end of it or around it so I’ll never know either way lol

  31. if the earth were flat kitty cats would of pushed everything off by now. i dont get that type small thinking. makes me just smh.

  32. Because some people can't help themselves but argue to toss about anything and everything .

  33. Because they are morons. Mystery solved.

  34. I believe the term for them now is 'flattards'. 🙂.

  35. Yep, especially Democrats & lefties...

  36. Same people that believe every conspiracy theorie going.... Nutjobs

  37. Some people are believe earth is flat. okay, then show to us the end point of earth and it should be have a border. Or dead end.

  38. Do some people really still think the Earth is flat ?!?!?!?

  39. The same reason people who believe that there is no God, despite all the evidence....

  40. Why do some people believe there's a god

  41. Because they don't understand our universe. And they don't want to expand the mind.

  42. Because education systems are a work in progress.

  43. dear humans, stop mating with the irretrievably stupid.

  44. For the same reason they voted for Trump....

  45. How can people think the earth is flat we have scientific photo evidence that the world is a sphere that's not an opinion that's fact!

  46. Shame about the ‘water down the plughole’ statement - that myth was busted yonks ago.

  47. I heard some people even believe that Donald J. Trump is right! :O

  48. Just those with flat line brain scans believe that

  49. Emz Marshall in case you need it 😂😂

  50. The flat-earthers are bravely shoring up the left end of the IQ normal curve.

  51. Clearly flat Earthers don't live in Scotland😂

  52. Because we all need something to aspire to be better than and flat earthers provide a foundation!

  53. Because veganism has become too mainstream......

  54. I wonder if they think the sun is flat too.

  55. because they havent open a PC or TV yet

  56. I don’t think anyone actually believes it.. just trolling anyone who thinks they do.

  57. They're stupid. I didn't read the article, but this is the correct answer.

  58. It is like debating that a spork is an elephant... zero logic.

  59. They are better known as No campaigners.

  60. That would be cool if it actually was like that picture lol

  61. Who are these “people” who think the earth 🌏 is flat? Come on!

  62. To keep the rest of the world entertained 😅

  63. It's actually more pear shaped than round .

  64. Because they are nuts.
    Basically it's the latest fashion to disagree with general knowledge.

    Claim to be against the modern world yet use our technology when it suits.

  65. Most are only trolls and nothing else. Just don't feed the trolls. Simple.

  66. It might be because if you go outside and try your best to detect motion it feels flat and still unless you are drunk or on the side of the hill , no feeling that it is spinning at 1000s of mph with the atmosphere of gases spinning along at the exact same speed, or hanging on tenaciously by that miraculous force gravity . Stuck mid ocean in the doldrums with a dwindling food and water supply , nothing feels as flat and still .

  67. Not much different than many current conspiracy throrys.