Why chemical weapons are a red line

Why chemical weapons are a red line

Why chemical weapons are a red line

Posted by The Telegraph April 14, 2018, 2:28 a.m.

Why the use of chemical weapons in Syria crosses a red line - and why military intervention is the critical response.

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  1. Rubbish! America used "Agent Orange " chemicals on Vietnam for years and dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan and now uses the flimsy excuse of chlorine gas suppopsedly having been used, to put a rocket under the inflationary American economy. This is to pay-back loans at a high interest rate to the the "Federal Reserve", a private company, as there is no gold backing the dollar anymore and the country is putting-off the evil day when either it crumbles, or we and all the innocent creatures of the earth are blown-up. Get real; there's no "red line"!!

  2. It's not working.

    Most people, even the quiet ones, don't believe a frigging word of it.

  3. Generally it's estimated that there's about 30,000 returned jihadis wandering around the UK somewhere, that nobody has kept track of. And the government thinks starting a war in the Isis heartland is a good idea. Words fail me 😡😡😡

  4. Yeah but why does Britain feel the need to interfere why not let the UN decide what to do..

  5. US military used chemical weapons on Korean and Vietnamese civilians in past wars. By the same logic, now other nations should strike US military sites to prevent US from ever using chemical and nuclear weapons again!

  6. Let's see how all the profits and shares in the U.S. companies that make these bombs shoot-up. And I wonder what Donald Trump said to Theresa May about post-Brexit trade-deals, as part of his "3-line-whip" to get her to agree to this bombing. And God knows what sort of conversations wient on with the dreadful Macron, of France. This whole thing stinks - and that's the good part.

  7. The new Weapons of mass destruction and the champions of human rights bombing without UN SC approval to bring peace.

  8. if you remember the little boy in the back of the ambulance las year.well this boy here is one and the same,,a crisis actor

  9. This action has been taken one day before the OCPW were due to investigate the chemical attack. They have carried out the bombing without providing any evidence.

  10. Perhaps America should be bombed for the indescrimnate sale of over the counter assault rifles that have been used to kill and maim how many kids?

  11. remember the ebola outbreak ,well one of their videos showed ,a boy walking along laughing then you heard avoice saying fall now,the boy did and started writhing in agony with painful moans,then there is the boy washed up on the beach,body laying straight towards land,impossible,when something is washed up ,it lies parralel with the sea,and another funny one ,we saw a bomb destroy a car,and then about six people ran into the smoke and threw themselves onto the ground,these movies are no better made than 911

  12. More shameless propaganda masquerading as journalism from The Telegraph. You bring shame on your profession.

  13. This has been planned and implemented by the office where 007 was working. It was a redesigned scenario and UK is the master brain behind it.

  14. What is happening in the world some are getting attacked by chemicals some are getting raped I don’t think there is much humanity left in the world my prayers are with you 😒😒

  15. What is the difference if a child has died because of Chemical weapon or an Israeli bullet. A high moral ground????

  16. When Saddam used chemical weapons against iran the US supported him and now they are making propagandas about the hero Bashar assad

  17. All this propaganda are they trying to hypnotize us into believing the propaganda

  18. This is all made up. Governments are having their own citizens for idiots.

  19. So you agree with GB rushing to kill more people do you Telegraph? What do you think this will achieve?

  20. What about the investigation that was agreed by Assad and UN??

  21. you do the innocent everyone knows that this attack was done by the United States

  22. The government never lies to back up its case, the cheque is in the post etc

  23. What a hell of a thing to be an expert in.

  24. Therea May and the Conservative party will loose loads of voters now because of this.

    Vote UKIP 🇬🇧

  25. Niki Hussey This whole situation is really worrying. I hate that my Jas is over in London 😶

  26. White helmets? Can you really believe them?

  27. When it came to sell the chemicals it was cool

  28. Where’s the evidence it was Assad?


  29. Yes. It’s horrible. And Assad must pay.

  30. Why all people understand that it is fake but for US and UK its fact for attak Damasc

  31. The USA just love to protect children ......

  32. Propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda Propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda propaganda

  33. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1891877270844584&id=582194231812901

  34. No one believes in his story, just liars about these chemicals weapons.
    The classic war for the petrol, the classic excuse for invading Medio Oriente area and killing millions of people like they did in the past...
    Americans supported by English and French are totally crazy and wrong!

  35. That was an excellent speech from Trump both tempered and sensible.
    Assad has breeched every tenent of International law regarding the use of these weapons...no option but to remove them.

  36. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/revealed-britain-sold-nerve-gas-5828307.amp

  37. Military was sent to steal the oil stupid i hope they die especially the orange duck trump