When someone talks sh*t about my bestie

When someone talks sh*t about my bestie

When someone talks sh*t about my bestie

Posted by Cosmopolitan UK March 13, 2018, 6:46 p.m.

How very dare you

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  1. Maxine Cotterill me earwigging when I overheard someone in the castle that night 😂😂

  2. this was so me that I told you about when E**I*ot was saying shit Elspeth Rochford

  3. Grace Leonard with u know who (nath mentioned the name today and we were like oh not that one )

  4. Grace McCarthy when you heard a certain someone chatting shit about my grades that time

  5. Voirrey Blount this reminds me of us #protectivepals 💞

  6. Keeley Bawdon me in drapers that time

  7. Kelly Ruff this was me last week 😂

  8. Sarah Anne-Marie Thomas you know when I'm talking about! 😂🖕

  9. Hannah Healy only I’m allowed to do that

  10. Celina Ty się tak zawsze odpalasz ❤️

  11. Leanne Paige. Me yesterday x😜😜

  12. Line Frøkjær mig når jeg stalker

  13. Tadeja tko sem bla jst nazadnje 😀

  14. Deph New meteen in de aanval e sjat 💖💪😘

  15. Sorry this popped up and was like SQUAD! Cristie Migliorini Lucy Grenfell Dawn King Becca Pitchford ❤ x

  16. Robyn Courcha I've got you girl

  17. Aditi Harris ArushiVerma Tabeer Aftab

  18. Nadine Ashraf Farah Ayman backup goals😌❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Cheyenne Çağiran Uhh pardon ???? Hahaha

  20. Danielle Jane Robson this is us! Xxx

  21. Gillian Channing were vicious 😂😂👌👌

  22. Alyssa Reynolds AKA NOT Stephen Austin.

  23. Here’s us 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼Catherine Ritchie

  24. Lisa Rawcliffe Donna Harrison Eva Miles Heidi Bourn Shona Guthrie 😘👀

  25. Courtney Louise Roberts rooodddddd

  26. Paige Redgers Keeley Perkins me

  27. Sujittra PrapasinKeyf AliMalyun KhalifTiia SeppänenJenna Petäjäkangas