What Alexander-Arnold Has Said About Facing Ronaldo Shows He's Future Captain Material

What Alexander-Arnold Has Said About Facing Ronaldo Shows He's Future Captain Material
Image from: SPORTbible

Alexander-Arnold will be marking Cristiano Ronaldo during the CL Final 😬‬

‪But what the Liverpool youngster has said about facing the superstar shows his insane confidence right now 👏🏻‬

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  1. Com'on, he is not going to say.." iam shitting myself right now and I have no chance against him..." would he?? 😅

  2. He can’t even handle Marcus rashford, but you bet he can handle cr7.. lol

  3. Ronaldo doesn’t do any of the left wing stuff anymore anyway he will be waiting in the penalty area for a tap in or a dive for a penalty

  4. If he plays like he did against city he will do ok 👌

  5. He will never have faced anything like that left side of Madrid. It isn't just Ronaldo, it's Marcelo overlapping, Kroos pulling the strings and Ronaldo's power and quality all put together. Without doubt it is one of the best and productive fullback, midfielder, forward partnerships of all time, rivalling Cole, Pires and Henry and Alves, Xavi and Messi (when he played on the right).

  6. Funny isn't it, English team in the final and English fans won't support them, well slightly contradicting of me cos if Man Utd were there I'd want them to get absolutely fkin wankered 😂 any other team id be supporting them, let's go you red men! YNWA

  7. With Liverpool's pressing game...you think when Ronaldo has the ball...he'll only have one play on him??? 😂😂😂

  8. Coming from a guy who was sent up to the stands by Rashford😂

  9. United fans acting as if Trent turned around and said "He isn't getting passed me." Absolute balloons. 😂

    The guy clearly knows what he is up against. He's 19, playing against Real Madrid in a champions league final in his first senior season, at 19 he has achieved more that what most players will in their careers. Guy deserves credit, a chance to lift the champions league in your debut senior season? Not many can say they have got the chance to do that.

  10. People going on like Madrid are invisible they are not having a great season and football is a funny game i remember nobody gave Liverpool a chance against ac milan so it depend who turn up for the day real Madrid will give them chances that is for sure

  11. Rashford had one good game...Arnold been fab all season..City have better players than Rashford,n we saw what happened there....its whoever turns up on the day...please manchester fans..Rashford who???

  12. Great young English prospect, hope he does himself proud. Can only bode well for the national team if the players are doing the business at the top of the club game.

  13. when Norway met Portugal some years ago, Tom Høgli made Ronaldo look like a statue. Should be easy for Arnold

  14. Ah no no no no no, Arnold has made a terrible mistake, this is the secret of big games,. You don't blaugh before the game lol

  15. When players are too quick you easily find free kicks more... I can see a few red cards in this game

  16. He got a roasting in the second leg against Roma, but will be fine in the final against Ronaldo? Seems doubtful

  17. Marcus Rashford turned his legs to jelly I’m sure he’ll be fine against Ronaldo 😂

  18. he and robertson won't be able to handle the pressure. the nerves will get to them

  19. rashford turned him inside out god help him against ronnie 👀

  20. Not even Dani alves or florenzi could handle Ronaldo smh

  21. So if ronaldo scores we blame him lol

  22. Ronaldo will stay at the penalty area the whole match, except when they have a counter attack.

  23. Totally down to Klopp.... if this was Mourinho he’d have him playing RB! 😂😂😂

  24. Well Kimmich handled him that good he had less ball contacts than Navas and Ultreich 😅

  25. Real Madrid forwards is gonna make of "whipping boys" by Liverpool players !! 😂😄

  26. Identified as a "weak leak"... fucking hell, who do you hire as writers 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Joshua Hall forgot that it would be Trent to shut Ronaldo out of the game, easy done

  28. I pity your career, not in the finals.

  29. People saying rashford, and?? You can’t get it right every time

  30. I doubt the king is gunna have to teach this man a lesson Emmet J Mc La Richie Cutliffe i fear the worst for the young man

  31. He said the same about rashford and got his ankles twisted

  32. He couldn’t mark young player as Rash Ford why can he mark legend player as Ronaldo. I don’t believe that

  33. Rashford had him on toast so highly doubt he'll handle Ronaldo

  34. Ronaldo will have him in knots.

  35. A "weak leak"? I think you meant "weak link". 😂

  36. Guter Tormann der hält alles vom cr7 Victor Müller

  37. He couldn't even mark Rashford

  38. Hvis dette er sant så skal han bli lekt med! 🔞 Hasnain M. Raja

  39. Asker Byrge Olsen det får vi jo at se

  40. Benjamin Wilkinson Marty Roughsedge Pablo Guzmán Bazán Travis Frederick we're fucked

  41. Gabriel Matthew Daniel Johnson

  42. Ollie Gerardi Bradley Zengin hmm

  43. Richard Wilton Reece Daniel Bird

  44. If he plays like he did against city - Ronaldo will have a challenge.
    If he plays like he did against United, when Rashford f*cked him - Ronaldo will score 2-3 goals!