West From shouldn't have sacked Pulis

West From shouldn't have sacked Pulis

West From shouldn't have sacked Pulis

Posted by BBC Sport Feb. 13, 2018, 1 p.m.

"West Bromwich Albion shouldn't have sacked Pulis"

BBC Sport commentator Jonathan Pearce believes the Baggies should have kept faith in Pulis.

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  1. Pulis was killing our club, would rather go down and regroup than continue to watch the dross being played. He played 9 defensive players at Huddersfield!!

  2. Agree with this, said this more or less straight after and West Brom fans said there was no entertainment etc, but id rather have a fighting chance than no chance, at least get the appointment right though if you are going too - Swansea appointed someone who's been successful getting a team on a shoestring budget compared to the rest of the teams into the play offs twice.

  3. We were heading this way under Pulis, we had stopped scoring from set pieces and had started leaking goals.

  4. Said it when they sacked Pulis that they would live to regret it.

    It’s down to the arrogance of the West Brom fans for their current predicament.

    They got too big for their boots thinking they are something they are not. Under Pulis they would 💯% have stayed up. Yes he had a terrible run but a manager with the track record of Pulis deserved the chance to rectify from this seasons poor start.

    I mean come on where do West Brom fans really think they should finish. Pulis way overachieved last season when finishing 10th in the league. He worked wonders for them yet the fans never appreciated him.

    Karma has a strange way of working and it looks very likely they will get relegated this season. Fans say there’s zero loyalty in football these days well all you need to do is look at these West Brom fans in how they got themselves into this mess.

  5. His record since we got to 40 points last season was dreadful. As were his tactics. He should have been sacked last season.
    I feel sorry for Boro fans if he gets their team playing the same way.

  6. Pulis wanted the sack !! A quick way out of his financial troubles. A manager of his experience shouldn’t go that many games with so few wins, Middlesbrough want to watch out it not turning into a get rich quick scheme

  7. West Brom is certainly going down; the owners have made a hash of it and with the current team don't expect a bounce back. You still have to be able to score in the Championship...

  8. As a Palace fan I have no doubt the Baggies will play more attractive football under Pardew but they will also concede more. Pulis would have kept them up but I fancy them to go down under Pardew...

  9. Pulis is responsible for the mess we are in, not Pardew. His football was killing us. It was utterly soul destroying. Would rather be relegated under Pardew than scrape survival under Pulis.

  10. Supporters of small clubs make me laugh. At that level entertaining football doesn't keep you in the premier league.

  11. God knows what Pardew was thinking signing Sturridge, should have signed Cinderella, so her glass slipper went on Sturridges glass leg!

  12. Rubbish! The record over nearly 12 months was shocking. How can you say he would of steered us clear.

  13. Once again Pundits think they know better. If your not prepared to go out and do it keep your mouth shut.

  14. That squad on paper shouldn't be in their current position,with regards to pardew I don't think he will save them

  15. Sorry but Pulis had to go utter tripe & boring fainted if we got past the halfway line & Jonathan Pearce is a useless lump of lard of a commentator

  16. Jonathan Pearce...football expert...don’t make me laugh

  17. There has been no improvement compared to other teams like Swansea and palace

  18. Every club that has the chance to sack Pulis should do so.

  19. He engineered them into trouble, that’s why he got sacked!😂

  20. Pulis in charge w.b.a 0. Chelsea 4. Pardew in charge chelsea 3. W.b.a 0. Slight improvement...

  21. I think graham Fenton was the greatest footballer ever to live

  22. sorry to say mr peace but thats prob why you talk about players kicking a football and dont do an important job

  23. The 'Antifootball' Manager. Better off without him.

  24. Poor management , poor recruitment , poor team , certainty to be relegated

  25. Easy really loose the fans or loose the manager ..... we pay his wages

  26. Pulis had to go but how many times has pardew got a team relegated

  27. 100% agree, u don't sack Pulis and replace him with Pardew!

  28. Never too late to bring back Pulis !!!

  29. Typical lazy idiotic pundit/journalist response 😤😤

  30. Doesn’t matter now anyway wba are going to get relegate f

  31. Who gives a f##k about West Brom

  32. Shearer said keep Pulis too

  33. Matthew Pettit BRING BACK POOLIS