Wales receive admission from World Rugby over THAT disallowed try

Wales receive admission from World Rugby over THAT disallowed try
Image from: Wales Online

An official admission they got it wrong.

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  1. Then we should be given the 7 points and the win. If England accept they win via error they clearly are not sportsmen.

  2. Not a lot of people will like what I am about to say,we lost its wasn't a try because the official deemed it not to be,did he make an error,most defiantly.No matter how we look at it we lost.we cannot afford to keep banging on about it.take it on the chin,brush it off,focus on the next game,not what has passed.we know it was a try, they know it was a try,everyone knows it was a try.A mistake was made,let's not keep crying and moaning about it.

  3. I am more concerned about the spitting incident by the England captain . He should be censored for that vile act .

  4. Absolutely disgusting decision by whoever made the decision of not awarding the try when we should have the points at the end of the day. Also the behaviour of England's captain for spitting at one of our Welsh boys was absolutely appauling which wasnt very professional which he should of been dealt with as he would of been sent to the shower room for an early bath if i was ref like it or not. We were totally robbed once again but we didn't let England get away with murder in score wise. Bring on the Six Nations next year when they come to Cardiff as we will be sending them shitie Chariots on fire back to shitie England.

  5. So officially we won, think there should be a replay x😡

  6. Bored now... we’re embarrassing ourselves by dragging the s issue out. Game is over and lost. We’ve won in similar circumstances. It’s just reassuring that England is still not the team the press is making them out to be and Wales looks like building a great team for the World Cup

  7. If the shoe had been on the other foot and the try was disallowed for the English there would have been hell to play and they would have demanded the points be given to them

  8. Gotta laugh at all u English lot! Saying get over it, blah blah blah.... if the boot was on the other foot and an English try wasn’t allowed.... it would have been and would still be a completely different story!

  9. This just makes me more angry tbh😡 they're so quick to take away points I think they should give us the points back for robbing us.. once again the Welsh are robbed by the English.

  10. Wales should be given the points, the tmo’s were biased, that’s all u hear is England this England that well they can brag now that they won by default , Wales were the better team and win fare and square

  11. An apology - official or otherwise - doesn’t get us the points on the score board so what was the point!
    So we have a moral win! Great!

  12. Of course they made a mistake!!! Yea on purpose!!! Then Wales should now be the winners of that match CHANGE RESULTS !!!! Already admitted was an error !!!

  13. As an English supporter I agree it was a try,however 3 points to raise.
    1) possible knock on by winger In lead up to try not reviewed Properly as later footage shows it touched finger before knee...(this is assuming that it’s not a mocked up video by some Pratt)
    2) we as rugby players are taught from an early age that whatever the refs deem is the decision it stands right or wrong.......end of’s not football!!!
    And lastly
    3) if it was the other way round the majority of welsh fans would be saying exactly what the majority of English fans are saying now.
    It’s with it.

  14. Think the welsh have forgot
    Wales didn’t lose because of the officials or because of wicked pre-match slights against defenceless players.

    They lost because they kicked poorly; didn’t compete sufficiently well in the air; played on the backfoot for substantial amounts of the game; made too many handling errors under pressure and, despite having three try-scoring chances, two other clean line-breaks and a penalty-count advantage of 10 to two, couldn’t score more than six points.

    Blaming anyone else won’t change those facts

  15. Not that we can change anything but it's good they've admitted it hopefully they will think twice before delivering a verdict frim now on so we've had the right to make a fuss and anyway if it was the other way around England and Eddie pugface Jones would of had a lot more to say than we did. Ireland here we come 🏉🏉

  16. Ok. Can we stop going on about it now. It's done, over and finished with. Concentrate on the Ireland game, that's going to be tough enough.

  17. Let it go..I'm Welsh and I'm gutted it was disallowed but move on...our try again Scotland was a forward pass,we win some we lose some..concentrate on the next game against Ireland!!

  18. Matt Davies - I genuinely cant believe some of these comments.. people are seriously suggesting they should be awarded the game because of 1 dodgy decision in the first half 😂

  19. Too late....but just concentrate on Ireland now boys!!
    We move on.....we dont want to be branded as bad losers etc etc.

  20. What a waste of time, the result will still stand, this just rubs salt in an open wound, best left unsaid and does little to make me feel any better, just gives people an opportunity for a futile moan. We need to beat Ireland next week, then Italy and France and rely on the other Celts to get retribution. 😇

  21. Do know...the people on here that think they know rugby better than the rugby union and former managers...they have all said the IT WAS..i repeat.IT WAS A WELSH TRY....

  22. I thought it was wrong at the time.
    But ALL refs make mistakes, we all know that, its the human condition. I have seen many go Wales way over the years. Like they have for all teams. Thats just sport for ya!

  23. To bloody late now do you think they going to give Wales the points no chance this man should never judge any game again should resign this could happen to any other games not only Wales

  24. Regardless of the ref getting it right or wrong the refs decision is final and you play his decisions. Gutted we lost but we did lose. On to the next game

  25. Obviously done for media coverage reasons but not having same kick off on final weekend makes a farce of the competition as it did a couple of years ago in the points fest.

  26. Will Eddie Jones be spouting something like this?

    "I’d imagine that when the ref and the rest of the officiating guys go down for breakfast on Saturday morning they’ll be looking at the TMO thinking, ‘Can this kid handle the pressure today?’ It’s a big ask. He’s going to be under some heat. "

  27. It's nice to get an apology. And the TMO admit they got it wrong. But it's time to move on !! I'm Welsh so no need to attack. 😂Nothing can be done to change the outcome. We are Welsh and we will suck it up and move along. England got lucky on Saturday. Both teams played dismal IMO, but we got Ireland next so let's hope we come away with a win.

  28. Sadly it’s gone and therefore we have to move on ...prepare for Ireland and put it down to experience ...the TMO on the day will have learnt from it as will the rest of the officials ...let’s just forget it and move on ...Cymru am Byth

  29. That is not the point T.M.O. had so much time to reach the correct decision the job clearly was too much for him, so get rid of him, and yes it could well have had a huge impact on the result in the end the kicking from their half - backs was better that was the only difference and we've discovered we have strength in depth our young halfbacks had a real taster of a proper Test match and they will learn from it.

  30. People would think this is the only one they have got wrong since they started using it at the end of the day you can't give any good team 12pts head start and play poorly for 30 min and still win game we been lucky with some dicisions let it drop

  31. Well if this isn’t grounds for leaving the UK I don’t know what is! We should separate from England and push our borders towards Ireland or north to Scotland!

  32. It’s nice that they realised their mistake finally! The game could have gone a completely different direction if it was allowed but we need to be looking forward we might not get the grand slam and triple crown but we are not out of the six nations yet! We need to stay focused on the Ireland game next week!!

  33. What's the point, it doesn't change the result, we just have to suck it up and move on to the next match.

  34. Well just to let e wry one know that it was a try as World Rugby has admitted the TMO decision not awarding us a try was an error and said that we should of been awarded the try.

  35. The whole pointing of TMO's was to uphold the correct decision if match officials are in any doubt. This farcical wrong decision by the TMO has taken everything away from a true brutal derby match. No one will ever know the correct score that should of been at full time and what correct championship points Wales/ England should now have. REPLAY TIME

  36. Well surely they need to do something better than apologise. Theyve probably messed the campaign up for wales now

  37. It may have changed the course of the game if the try was given but we will never know but we still would have been 2 points behind if we had the seven because the play was brought back for a penalty and 3 points for us!

  38. I think the ref should be able to over rule the TMO's call .. just show the ref the replay from all angles when they call for it .. let the ref on the field do the job at least then the captains can dispute it on the field straight away

  39. So all the naysayers were wrong. It would be quite nice to have an apology from them for being so horrible and insulting. Won't hold my breath!

  40. I agree. The mistake has been admitted but we now need to move on and concentrate on winning our remaining games.

  41. Who actually runs World Rugby? Because to me it feels like anglicised imperialism. Is it anything like Fifa where everyone's vote is the same?

  42. World Rugby helped England to win that game, they are just here to help the "big ones" to get even bigger, what a shame!!! World Rugby is more and more becoming same like FIFA 😡😠

  43. Don't worry good the good people of Wales what goes around comes around it will happen to England and watch eddy Jones cry in his lager.