Vietnam Is Beautiful

Vietnam Is Beautiful

Vietnam Is Beautiful

Posted by UNILAD Adventure June 12, 2018, 8:30 p.m.

This is one of the most beautiful cities in Vietnam 😍🇻🇳

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  3. I loved Vietnam, and indeed, Hoi An is beautiful.

    What I particularly loved even more about Vietnam though, was its people; they are so nice, so polite, so humble and warm, so welcoming and always, but always, trying to please. 🤲💗

  4. Dont go to main city area after 4 pm - invasion of chinese and South koreans from the 100s of ‘charming’ Da Nang resorts.....

  5. Haha Karen Kelly remember when we were in Hoi An and got a ride home with those random guys on their bikes? I thought for sure one of us was a goner 😂

  6. It was the best of all I've seen in Vietnam last year! I didn't want to leave this place!

  7. Vietnam has great food, and is really beautiful..
    We could go there cheap!

  8. Welcome to Vietnam, welcome to Hoi An. It is so beautiful, we are welcome you

  9. THE most beautiful place in the whole of Vietnam. Hands down

  10. Can’t wait to go back to Vietnam!!!

  11. Tien Tran Linh Tran y’all need to take me to Vietnam

  12. Hoi An is the best
    Welcome to VietNam

  13. Sarah Griffith this is the one I was telling you about. My absolute favorite in all of Vietnam! ❤️

  14. Azeem ho aye thay na phir akele akele 😢

  15. True story! Its the most magical place ive ever been. Cant wait to go back! 🤩😍

  16. I have been here it's very near Da Nang , I agree it's very nice particularly at night

  17. Colin Morton next trip, Thailand on way back so we can do floating football pitch!! X

  18. Georgia Georgia duno which is your real FB profile haha

  19. Matthew Stanton....brings back great memories of one of my favourite places in the world 💖

  20. Oscar Lieke hahahahah die eerste stad heet 'hoi an'

  21. I'm sure I've seen robin Williams go on a bike ride there??

  22. Wesley Wilson this town is my most favorite place in Nam

  23. Ashima Raizada heart break... Reminds of me of what I was!!!! That feeling only is :') okay I'm done doing drama.

  24. What a beautiful city! I've just added this to my travel list😍😍😍

  25. Dani Smith is it like this for realllls?

  26. Loved Hoi An. Such a beautiful place and very special memories.

  27. Amelia Nock Jess Nock just to make us a little more sad about the fact we're still not adventuring

  28. Mong Chadawong Mong Chadawong I'm sure there's a beach in Hoi An? 🤔
    Is there?

  29. Simone Dodds we should do a little sneaky trip back there next year.

  30. Shaylynn Wheeler. It was such a relaxing time here. ❤️ This makes me miss it so much :(

  31. Jason Nicholas Roy we were at the restaurant they show in the beginning of the clip lol

  32. Isabell schau es dir gut an, könnte ein mögliches Reiseziel sein!

  33. Dean Wallbank would you come with me if I thought about going back?

  34. Tran Bao Nhi when are you taking me here? 🤗🤗

  35. Denise Haran I’m surprised tiger tiger 2 didn’t make an appearance in this clip 🤔

  36. Ashley, this is one place I would love to go back to!!

  37. Phoebe Mary this is where we are going the second weekend 😊

  38. Clare Archibald looks so quiet without us drinking the town dry 😂

  39. Luke omg why is social media trying to get me SO EXCITED 😍

  40. Florentine luni die haben das wichtigste was es in Hoi an gibt vergessen 😲🤤

  41. John Hinshelwood one of my favourite places 😍

  42. Lisa Davis, Anthony's favorite place to visit

  43. Qui We'll be here in November!!

  44. Olivia Alice definitely adding to the list!

  45. Rebecca Rouse add this one to the list

  46. Alex Newport-Black you’ll love Hoi An bishhhhhh

  47. Alexandria Calnin now if this isn’t a sign...

  48. Ben Haddrell this was my fav spot

  49. Kerri Murphy remember how amazing this place was 😩

  50. Sohit Motani I was telling you about this place! Fav AF

  51. Dom Russo they breed a good rooster too

  52. Peter Murphy peeps only just cottoning on🤙🏻

  53. Nicky Rose still one of my favourite cities 😍

  54. Samantha Su, would love to be here with u one day.

  55. Simon Ruskin Mullholand that’s where we left our bank card in the machine 🙈 beautiful place

  56. Trevor Meyer this was the place I was telling you about

  57. Karen Leung Pang Ka Wah it looks better from the top. Probably we need a drone for the trip😂

  58. Aksha Ranka Kala you can check Hoi an and Hanoi !!!

  59. Marc Smith one of fav stops on our travels 👍

  60. Emma Ashby meet us there... October 2018

  61. Le pays de la démocratie, de la paix, de la sécurité et des droits J'espère que les Arabes ne l'atteindront pas

  62. Eto un sinasabe ko! Kresha Janelle Bantolo hehehe ang cute nun lugar! Kaso malayo

  63. Ed Rodgers is this where you are?

  64. Marji Kehoe this is our day trip

  65. Angi Angela Sieber lueg emol wie schö. Gosch döt au ane?😗

  66. Dustin Maith, let's go back and sneak in again ;)

  67. Danielle Steffens I thought about you when I saw this video 😘