Unilever threatens to pull advertising from Google and Facebook

Unilever threatens to pull advertising from Google and Facebook

Unilever threatens to pull advertising from Google and Facebook

Posted by Channel 4 News Feb. 13, 2018, 1:19 p.m.

"The digital media supply chain... is a swamp."

Unilever is threatening to pull advertising from online platforms like Google and Facebook, with its marketing boss Keith Weed saying more needs to be done to make the internet a "suitable environment".

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  1. Censorship funded by corporations

  2. Knowing and loving our brand and loving their adverts. Really? Loving Unilever is a contradiction in terms logic-wise.

  3. When a big corporations complains about a system it is usually because it is effecting their power hold on their intended market. The problem with these companies advertising on social media, the users can add their comments and feedback to the company pages directly for all others to see. They really do not like that at all and will make every effort to take your complaint away from the public gaze.

  4. On TV your brands were safe, because TV only told us what they wanted us to know. Now people are turning off TV and searching for the truth, you need a new 'space', but the truth is facing censorship from the fake news [TV, Media] which is using PC to attack people who repeat any truths they find. This finds advertising coming up against the truth, they want their cake and eat it, as these Corporations are the very people fighting the truth coming out!

  5. Drip drip ....chipping away at internet freedom. Ban the corporations from advertising on facebook and google. Throw it back at them.

  6. Good, less I see of companies such as Unilever advertising the better.

  7. As much as i do get fed up of the noise of social media at times, I can switch it off, I can turn away from what I don't find of use and I don't have to engage with any of it should I so choose. Just like most consumer products. The internet is not a playground for corporations. Its a forum of communication for all. And unless people are actually acting illegally, its should not be policed for the benefit of a multi-national and their marketing interests.

  8. Ha ha ha... yeah, ‘cause Unilever are just SO ethical.. NOT.

  9. What is guy is on about...?

  10. Another rich man not happy with the little man having a voice its all about shutting down opposition to the Tory government

  11. This is the real junk media. So he pulls his ads - would less or more people see it. ?? If you make Facebook and Google places where the content is NOT what people want to see - then people will leave and something else will start up. Your ads would be irrelevant. You are here because of the people - people are not here because of the ads. People are here for their own reasons and you are here trying to get their attention. What causes these people get so confused as to the scheme of things in the real world ?

  12. She was not black. Egyptian are not black community. They are and were white/Red since always

  13. Why make this even news ? No one is forcing Unilever to advertise online.

  14. so having corporation and/or government censorship is better. utter BS.

  15. Keith Weed! Another name Brasseye could not make up😂

  16. A big company that can't take criticism or face scrutiny?