US-UK row over fate of IS 'Beatles' fighters Kotey and Elsheikh

US-UK row over fate of IS 'Beatles' fighters Kotey and Elsheikh
Image from: Sky News

Britain and America are set for a diplomatic row over two captured Islamic State fighters who were part of a group dubbed "The Beatles"

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  1. Cut out the middle man and just put the both of them to death, they don't deserve to breath any longer than necessary.

  2. Give them to the yanks. Our justice system is too lenient.

  3. Our prisons are too soft, in America they are made to do hard work and earn their keep. We give them 3 meals a day, tvs, etc. so think USA best.

  4. The Beatles???? How dare you The Beatles brought us happiness and song they just bring torture and sadness to the world!!!!

  5. I'm quite surprised Sky News aren't leading the way in making excuses for them joining Isis. Must be BBC's turn.

  6. Britain needs it's own Guantanamo bay style camp! Complete with British made boiler suits and action packed activities like waterboarding

  7. Send them to America, they have the guts to do the "right" thing.

  8. Let America have them please. We will literally bend over backwards in the UK to not offend them.

  9. I seriously can't believe this subject is open for debate. Anyone who fights along side terrorists and becomes one need to be eliminated no matter where they are from.

  10. They shouldn't be tried in this country our sentences are to soft. They would be back walking the streets in a couple of years time.

  11. No row to be had , they committed their crimes against humanity in Syria Iraq kurdistan etc so they stand trial there where they will face the noose.
    It also takes away from Isis anti west propaganda for them to be dealt with in the middle East

  12. Send them to America were the death penalty is legal

  13. what all that shite she talking about country of origin they give up there country of origin when they went to fight and murder civillians for daesh or as they called fkn isis animals i thought we took there pass ports off them that what this goverment where saying

  14. Knowing our luck they will get back to the UK , claim Legal Aid, state they had not been breast fed as babies, consequently had psychological disorders, plead "diminished responsibility" and then put into a suitable institution.
    All they need is two top notch, highly paid Lawyers and away they go. Mark my words.

  15. After extracting as much information out of them as possible, they should then face trial in the country where they were caught and then executed as soon as possible. Once these two idiots are dealt with, it will be straight forward for any others that are captured.....

  16. If they’ve been captured they should be executed by the people That have them in captivity they should not be allowed to step on UK soil again

  17. Not sure what can be done with them but it should be in this order
    1) Shoot them
    2) Let the Kurds deal with them
    3) International Criminal Court
    4) Back to England
    Not sure where the US comes into it - England spawned them and failing 1 or 2 should deal with them.

  18. Don't bring them to the UK , let the Syrians deal with them
    They will not service a sentence fit for their murderous crimes in the UK

  19. Why is it when brits travel abroad carrying drugs, get caught and trialed in the country they’ve travelled to and they’ve barely been on the soil for five minutes, yet these two chops peoples heads of whilst living and fighting in Syria, and they’re brought back to their country of birth for trial???? I certainly hope not!!!

  20. Let the Americans have them they we give them what they deserve we would give them a big house loads of money and have to watch what we say to them in case we upset them

  21. What row!? Just shoot them where they are standing! At the very least give them to the Americans who will be tough with them. Please please don’t give them to our left leaning liberal elite who will have them back on our streets within ten years.

  22. Let the Americans dish the justice out as they will suffer for there crimes if us brits get are hands on them they will be treated humanely which is wrong or give me some pliers a blow torch and I’ll dish out justice

  23. There should be no Row we will end up giving them & their family's a free home ect ect with a bit of luck they will give them what they deserve the electric chair . End off .

  24. If they are sentenced in Britain they can expect compensation and a council house.
    If they are sentenced in America they can expect to go to prison for life.
    Let the Don deal with it, you know it makes sense.

  25. One behind the ear, should settle the argument, run a ballot amongst their victims families, to find who gets to pull the trigger.

  26. Let the USA have them. Don't waste a penny of taxpayers money on these two. And shame on any solicitor or barrister who tries to defend them.

  27. If we have them they will have houses and lots of money and more rights than us but if they go to america they won't see outside ever again

  28. Why argue with our closest ally let them have them they wouldnt think twice of killing innocent people.😈

  29. No need for a row.......just have the subhumans executed while they're in the USA, or lock them up in Gitmo and let them enjoy a lifetime of torture........sorted

  30. Let the Americans deal with them they will only have a soft option here. Best option would be to have a public beheading

  31. Give them to the yanks. There justice system is far far far greater than ours. Hopefully they will be sent to Guantanamo bay and tortured

  32. Send them to America then they will actually get punished, let's face it they would probably get a council house if they came back here

  33. Imagine meeting your end at the hands of one of those two scruffy mongoloids. Hard to think about. Let the yanks deal with them.

  34. Should of gave them 2 the americans. They wont get long in this country then released with new name and free home the dirty dogs

  35. Send them to America before our government give them a new identity, a free house and a lifetime of benefits for them and their extended family.

  36. Let America have them they will be punished far more than if they where to stay in this push over of a country.

  37. Already over 23000 Islamic extremist on UK terror watchlist, we do not need any more walking free

  38. For gods sake dont put these two butchers through British courts, these two low life degenerates should be tride in a country where they will be guaranteed a BULLET in their HEADS

  39. Here is a solution. Hang the both of them. So they won't set foot back here but then the US won't have to deal with them

  40. Let US have them - or even better, let the Kurds deal with the evil b*stards.

  41. Please give them to america to deal with ffs

  42. Corbyn is putting a good word in for them as we speak !

  43. Make a beheading video featuring these 2 and let the families of there victims watch it