US, UK, France launch military strikes on Syria

US, UK, France launch military strikes on Syria
Image from: Sky News

Full Article: Sky News


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  1. Should that not read, US, Westminster and France because it certainly isn’t the people of the UK who agreed to that one!!

  2. No money for the NHS, schools, police, housing or the homeless. Oh but magic billions seem to appear out of thin air when it comes to dropping bombs in the middle East.

  3. Shouldn't we as a country be asked?!

  4. Breaking news the the United Snakes Of America and its lapdog allies haven't learned the lessons of previous misadventures

  5. Syria were warned before. They can't be allowed to Gas their own people. If they get away with it how long before they try something else, something bigger

  6. the eve of the great war, the beginig of the end, trump will end us all

  7. Finally somebody stands up to monsters that use chemical weapons (that are illegal) to kill a mother armed with her baby

  8. #Notinmyname. Launch at 2am when noone will be awake and hope we won't comment. More Syrian refugees and orphans thanks to UK government! Not even a debate in Westminster. 😠😠😢😢😢

  9. The Tory government should be arrested!! The only reason this is happenin is because the deluded birch thinks that this will make her thatcher 2.0 and every one will love her! She osnt happy killing her own people with her policies but now a minority government has put us into another was that we don't want!! When will the madness stop?

  10. Hope we dont have mushrooms for breakfast in the morning 💀💀💀💀

  11. Just More generations of people who will want to hurt us for something we never ever wished upon them.

    Pointless, sad, and financially lucrative....


  12. When will the World understand that no matter what our differences are, there are things that we all have in common - We are all Human Beings and we all have to live here together on this tiny rock we call Planet Earth!
    The more wars that we fight, the more we destroy ourselves.
    Only together as a unified species can we all stop the misery and suffering of war and together we can build a world fit for all life!

  13. Well it looks like it started.. let’s see what the Russians do next. This isn’t our war.. the government needs to change.. its not delivering the Brexit that was voted for, it’s going to war, our NHS is decomposing, MP’s are not accountable for their failed promises and their lies. The whole way our lives are governed needs to change, society is dying for the progression of globalisation.

  14. When will the UK Government learn, please take Blair and May to The Hague courts and let them hang for their war crimes.

  15. I saw a documentary once where they interviewed an old farmer in Nicaragua, asking him which side he felt better or safer with during the fightings. This was 1979 or thereabouts. Who was better? The Contra Rebels or the Sandinestas (sp ?). His answer always stayed with me. "They all still steal my chickens."

  16. Not in my name! This arrogant government should have debated this in parliament, but no! We're now being dragged into yet another war which will not solve anything and lead to more problems. Not forgetting the financial implications!!! I'm bloody furious.

  17. What the hell is this going to achieve? It's not going to stop all the attacks, maybe a better intervention should have been done sooner and the innocent people that are still there should be allowed to leave to a country of safety!! Blood is on the governments hands!!

  18. I'll be voting Jeremy Corbyn next election due to this. How does anybody think it is a good idea to fix war devastated Syria by dropping bombs on it. The recent chemical attack should have been resolved by a full investigation, diplomatic negotiations and clear heads. I feel sick. Tories out.

  19. I can’t believe the US have fallen for a dirty trick from the UK government! Everyone knows the attack on Syria was fake staged from the orders of the UK top brass!

  20. The US, UK and France have launched military strikes on Syria following the suspected chemical attack by the Assad regime.

    Suspected!!! Jokers. Watch what happens to the dollar in the next week ;)

  21. And then in 6 months bring it back here with terrorist attacks. Why? Westminster is deluded. Spend Millions on bombing the middle east yet cuts NHS, Schools and so on.

  22. Omg here we go again this is going to bring more terrorist attacks on our people.we should not be involved.

  23. It needs to be done they should have nuked them

  24. This is shocking, there are only 22% of the Nation who back this decision to get involved in the attack on Syria. I’m afraid she will never be Prime Minster second time round. In fact I foresee the Conservatives losing the next elections. There is no proof that Chemicals were used, do we go to war when what was aired looked more like it had been staged . This is putting millions more lives at risk

  25. I think it's the only thing that could have bee done ! Putins army is already in Syria , he has warned that it wouldn't be a good idea to retaliate , so we just let him and Assad have free rein , what happens when he decides to move into another Country ??

  26. America even under Trump is the same. And UK as old as she's she follows those that suppose to follow her....
    Military Industrial Complex at work again. No lessons learnt from Iraq invasion.

  27. The Russians already said that they will retaliate if attacked! Will the Russians keep their word? It looks like the gloves are off now, and to what extent the retaliation will go?

  28. Hellish. None of us want this!!
    Disgusted. This is what all that fake poisoning russian crap was about.

  29. Their civil war has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else, except the United Nations who should be intervening and negotiating however they are nowhere to be seen and once again are doing sweet FA but taking a wage.

  30. there is a news item on RT sky channel 92....a doctor on the scene is interviewed, and says there were vicitms of a airstrike, and all of a sudden a group of people wielding cameras burst into the hospital and induced hysteria by shouting that the people were victims of a gas attack....this doctor interviewed was shown in the video weve seen....then we find out that Damascus has been heavily shelled for 3 days from april 4-6 and the strike on april 7 was against this artillery....make your own conclusions....PS the US of hypocrisy has just announced attacks and airstrikes against Syria, right on the cusp of the truth being discovered

  31. War is never easy. But when an evil dictator launches chemical weapons on his people. He needs to be held to justice

  32. Another illegal war. What ever happened to working with the UN? What about killing innocent civilians? May has no right to do this without a vote , MPs should have been brought back early to Parliament. She didn't get the vote a couple of years ago to bomb Syria . This is going to escalate tensions with Putin who is already a hot potato . May has blood on her hands 😡

  33. The usa arms rebels and supports the removal of a democratically elected leader and then says how wicked he is and that he is bombing his ppl. But its hard to control a crowd with police and a batton when they have US made RPGs and riffles

  34. “Suspected” use of chemical weapons? And we’ve started bombing a city occupied by Russian soldiers? Did the people of the UK support this decision? I didn’t think so...

  35. everyone moaning about money being pulled out of thin air. would you rather this or ww3?

    i mean tbh id rather get it dealt with asap.

    the US, france and UK combined will be no match for syria.
    I say do what needs to be done to remain a strong country.

  36. USA, UK and France should not be getting involved. Leave Syria to do whatever they like not our business nor should we care

  37. I just come here to read all the people’s comments who have magically become politicians overnight...

  38. Russia has made it clear any missile strikes against the Syrian government would be intercepted and their sources would be targeted Britain military is small and obsolete I dare you test the might of Russia

  39. We wasn't asked! The people have not agreed to this! you do this in the middle of the night so that the nation is unaware! what provisions are in place for us if there is retaliation ie bomb shelters, policing for more terrorist attacks etc..? This is so backhanded and wrong.

  40. What credible proof is there that Assad did this or even if there actually was an attack . What proof is there that Russia had anything to do with the spy’s in Salisbury , only fabrication that is put out on government controlled national and international media . Are people really that brain washed that they actually believe the stories . Look deeper , there is a truth behind the lies which the powers that be don’t want you to know about .

  41. Has Britain not learnt their lesson from past invasions of Eastern countries! This country is getting more communist every day! We have no say anymore. Everything is so underhanded in everything the government do. We need to all get down on our knees and pray to God . He is our defender!

  42. The damage done by chemical weapons is and act of war in itself We learned Just over 103 years ago what damage was caused by mustard gas in WW1
    Never again 💀💀💀

  43. Former head of British Armed Forces says Assad had no motivation to carry out chemical weapons attack, promptly gets cut off by Sky News host.

    Just a coincidence!

  44. The definition of terrorist "a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." now who is the terrorist? Is it not the US politicians that do this at the expense of over 5 million innocent victim over the number of years in middle east?

  45. Trumps fantastic warning tweet the other day means all the russian planes are now safely hidden on their side conveniently away from Syria

  46. Anyone with a few bob should start a new construction company. We're gonna need at least another 5 million houses for the new immigrants. And not forgetting the 5 doctors surgeries and 2 new schools.

  47. The UN is a joke! Follow the evil money! They used to be humanitarian...NOT anymore.Saudi Arabia is in charge of womens' rights.LOL. This needs to be dealt with once and for all. Burying your head in the sand and thinking naively that we can all get along is insane. If not for war we would have no freedoms and now we have to fight once again against the evil upon us.

  48. this is what someone sent me.

  49. Dear person reading this I hope your day has been going well, if not, I hope it gets better. You are an amazing person who will inspire others to do great things so keep up the hard work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside, outside and you are important.

  50. I'm not stupid but I'm struggling with the logic... don't gas your people or we will bomb your people....?

    Syrian foreign minister said this is not a war that will be bound by the borders of Syria so we may all have the privilege of feeling the destruction of war, coming to a town near you.

  51. right now lets look at reality, what happens now if russia launches an attack on the uk ? we are all in the poo, no shelters no nothing

  52. Targetted attack on Chemical Weapons facilities. Completely discredits the idea that it was a false flag to drag us in to a wider conflict. Why would we need a false flag to then only launch a "targetted" attack?

  53. All those people supporting the intervention saying Assad used chemical weapons, didnt Netanyahu do the same in Gaza? Why did the west not intervene? Why did the US veto the vote for an investigation (exactly what Russia have done with Syria)?

  54. People are dying on the streets of this country and we are cutting every possible service!...but there is enough money to launch military action against another county! #MAYOUT

  55. An absolute abomination! Not in my name.... you are disgustingly and indiscriminately killing multiple innocents, used as ‘collateral damage’ for this very reason only. Placed in your path for precisely this reason only!

  56. There should be political solution of Syrian conflict.This globe can’t afford 🌍 war as It will destroy our beautiful planet.

  57. The bombs that the "UK" dropped cost £790,000...each. So tell me again why we have to cut the amount of Nurses and Doctors?

  58. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. There is no end to conflict in the middle east. It's like the modern day crusades except I can't see Trump leading his troops into battle as a brave commander in chief. Just sits behind his desk barking orders to his generals to carry out a 20 million dollar drone strike on a 5 dollar tent. What does Trump know about war anyway? He didn't even enlist in Vietnam. Did his best to avoid it, so how can he have any empathy for soldiers risking their lives if he's never been in their boots? He doesn't want peace. He wants oil. It's the Syrian civilians who get slaughtered. All they are to Trump is collateral damage.

  59. Why are we getting involved in another conflict we don’t need to get involved in. Just let the Middle East wipe them selves out. Who cares let them die

  60. With Russia, Iran and Assad on one side and US, UK, France on the other side, I hope this won't be the beginning of a 3rd world war.

  61. Always getting involved.. be moaning in a couple of months when something happens in london again 😴 tit for tat

  62. It’s funny the us can’t find money for its people. But when it comes to war and killing there is money for that.

  63. Funny how there's always enough money to destroy the world, people starving and homeless but we can't help them, Britain's forces depleted but we are expected to get involved in yet another conflict, we never learn.