UN: Israel appears to be ignoring international law

UN: Israel appears to be ignoring international law

UN: Israel appears to be ignoring international law

Posted by Channel 4 News May 15, 2018, 1:55 p.m.

"Injured demonstrators are effectively prevented, by Israel, from exiting Gaza for treatment... Enough is enough”

UN Human Rights spokesperson Rupert Colville says Israel appears to have repeatedly ignored international laws, after troops killed more than 50 Palestinians at the Gaza border.

Full Article: Channel 4 News


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  1. Well, Theresa May et al, is this not as bad or worse than the so called chemical attack in Syria? Where's the outcry from UK Govt?

  2. The fact that international state sponsored media is terming this as a ‘clash’ is minimising and neutralising the horrific positioning of Israeli Forces. This was a Massacre. Let’s call it what it is.

  3. There would be no Palestinian casualties at the Israel-Gaza border if these instructions were followed:

    ✅Stay away from the Israeli security fence.
    ✅Stop trying to breach the border.
    ✅Stop throwing firebombs.
    ✅Stop setting stuff on fire.

    It's not rocket science...

  4. It's long over time for Israel to be sanctioned by the UN for crimes against humanity and war crimes, it has never conformed to international law.

  5. so when is the un going to get a backbone and stand up to israel

  6. Don't throw molotov cocktails at soldiers and firebomb local farmers. There are consequences to all actions. Israel is committed to protecting its people by and with all means necessary at its disposal. That's a lot more than many nations can say for themselves.Long live Israel! ❤️🇮🇱

  7. And yet when Corbyn and co are critical of the Israeli regime they are shamed with accusations of anti-Semitism.

  8. Israel has always ignored international laws and she will continue to do so. Israel has no respect for international laws.

  9. Sanctions by the UN and other countries would be fitting against Israel. They constantly refuse to listen to reason and common sense. Not every event is life threatening or a reason for them to say, we have a right to defend ourselves. I call that BS.

  10. Peaceful protest? Not what I'm seeing. I'm watching state sponsored suicide. BTW.... one of the dead is an infant. Who in their right mind bring an infant to a riot.

  11. Israelis can do anything they desire to do. Others cannot. Double standards. They haven't changed since the massacre in Shatila Camp.

  12. Just to be clear Palestinians are Semitic people too. So looking for their fair treatment cannot be considered "Anti-Semitic".

  13. I’ve heard this rubbish from the United Nations all my life, nothing will come of it, these are just empty words but if it was Iran there be sanction after sanction and threat of war

  14. Israel, congratulations on the anniversary of your great country! At the same time, please treat human beings within your borders and in neighboring territories with the respect and dignity that all human beings want. Scenes that are being transmitted internationally could lead viewers to believe that some human beings are being maltreated and in individual cases basically being slaughtered. How can more than 50 deaths in one day be justified in light of yesterday's celebration(s)? In this specific case I feel extremely sad for both major parties concerned.

  15. The UN has passed resolution after resolution overt decades condemning Israel, but because of the Security Council with its vetoes, nothing has ever been done. The General Assembly now has some very powerful nations within its ranks, and they should take the lead in defying the SC and imposing their own blanket boycott and blockade.

  16. Why is the world just watching this? who is going to take the next step.. it is just pure Evil what these criminals are doing to these protesters.

  17. When that’s happening in Tehran, Moscow, Damascus, the USA would gather coalition forces to invade that country. I hope one day someone claim your land as their ancestral home and forces you to flee, and when you try to reclaim your land back, you got your arms broken by the occupiers, and I’m blaming you for that attacking other people and that other people has rights to defend themselves.

  18. "Enough is enough," or else what? Another "enough is enough" speech? The UN has no spine, nor does Israel care a fiddler's cuss what the UN thinks or says. The US embassy has been opened in the Holy Land, the non-believers are being driven out, and once there are enough of God's Chosen People in the Holy Land, Christ will return. This is the level of fanaticism and lunacy that we've reached. Giving another speech is an effective demonstration of impotency.

  19. Israel claims the Palestinians are combatants, therefore denying the ability to seek medical aid is a direct violation of articles 12 and 15 of the Geneva convention.
    All Israeli leaders responsible for these violations should be prosecuted for war crimes at The Hague.

  20. So what is the next step after condemning the massacre??

  21. Just proves that isreal cannot justify its existence so must persecute and murder those who challenge it.

  22. And the eyes of the world will still stay firmly shut reminds me of the three wise monkeys 🙈🙉🙊 which is what most governments are now puppets for the elite!!

  23. Any other country perpetrating these crimes would be be bombed, blockaded, economically sanctioned, etc. Israel is lightly called out on it. And even that is probably going to be met with the scarlet letter accusation.

  24. The UN are nothing bur puppets who only have a backbone against countries like syria yet ignore the non stop genocide commited by Israel through the support of the US.

  25. International pressure on Israel needs to happen now. We did it with South Africa. We can do it with Israel. They are annihilating, occupying, and making prisoners of Palestinians. Enough is enough!

  26. 58 dead and 1360 injured by gun shot, just how many bullets did these storm troopers fire at the Palestinian protesters, I don’t understand how the world allows this thug nation to get away with killing unarmed civilians

  27. Former victims of terrorism at the hands of Hitler now doing same things Hitler did to them, to the Palestinians in a land that's not even theirs.

  28. the UN have been ignoring Israels breaking of international laws and abuses of human rights for the past 50 years why do they suddenly want to investigate Israels is it because that thanks to on the spot reporting the world is seeing all ???????

  29. When will Israel be made accountable for constantly breaking international law? They are the world's most dangerous rogue state. Pure evil.

  30. This is exactly what Hamas wanted and is the precise reason they ordered people to attack the fences.

    If you’re living in a tinderbox and you start charging border fences then I’m sorry but you deserve to be shot. This isn’t Israeli troops firing on peaceful protestors, these people were intentionally attacking border defences despite warnings not to.

    I’m not defending the existence of Israel, I’m not advocating against Palestine but this is clearly an orchestrated riot intentionally designed to lead to Palestinian tragedy for the benefit of hamas, who’ve consistently shown no regard for the lives of their own.

  31. "UN Human Rights" 😭 Like anyone actually listens or cares... I mean, animals are territorial, yes, but they look so humane compared to our supposed civilization...

  32. They have been in violation of COUNTLESS human rights laws and international law for years. They've commited crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and still not been held to account? They are also guilty of carrying out ethnic cleansing. When will YOU the UN finally take action! Oh wait I've forgot the US and Israel are clearly paying the Security Council good money for them to remain complicit for so long! #EnoughIsEnough!

  33. Channel 4 News continue to sanitise what they so shamefully call “peaceful demonstrations” by the Arabs of Gaza at the border with Israel. In fact, these are attempted mass invasions of Israel using violent means including bombs, grenades and (grotesquely) flaming kites to set fire to Israeli farmland. If these mobs were to break through en masse as intended, no-one can be in the slightest doubt about the slaughter of Jews that would then follow.

  34. Seems to be a lot of fire at this "peaceful demonstration", even in these carefully selected images.

  35. Whilst Israelis and pro-Israeli American Jews line the pockets of American politicians (and most likely similarly in the UK and Europe) nothing will change 😡 successive governments past, present and future are only interested in international law and human rights if there is money to be made. They conveniently overlook laws and human rights when it’s in their best interests - selling arms, for example.

  36. Have the Jewish people learned nothing from there history,if they were treated so badly in the concentration camps, why are they treating other human beings in the same way in Palenstine,it is quite clear for all to see who is the aggressor.The Palestinian people have a right to protest right up to there border, and not be shot in the head ,genitals,leg and any other body part this is an outrage and the Jewish people are only attracting more and more hatred towards themselves.Justice will be served by the free people of Palestine .

  37. Really. Throwing rocks at you with a sling shoot is not a threat. Burning tires is not a threat. What if I inhale the black gas and die. That is a big threat for my health.
    That is not a peaceful demonstration of you are threatening to destroy the fence border. You are provoking it to happen and the demostrators have been warned. Not against them Palestinians but common. You have the rights to demonstrate peacefully. You guys abuse it. You guys taunt the soldiers of Israel.

  38. “UN Human Rights spokesperson Rupert Colville says Israel appears to have repeatedly ignored international laws, after troops killed more than 50 Palestinians at the Gaza border.” Not appears... IS. Carefully worded sentences to appease. Enough indeed!

  39. ‘Repeatedly ignored’..... they do it 10 times a year ?
    Hundreds of Palestinians a year are shot.
    It’s absolutely disgusting.

  40. I’ve actually been reading comments from people trying to justify this massacre! Really! My God! There are some evil people in this world.

  41. Back to Basics .. For the 2 state solution to work both sides should give up on their claim for Jerusalem to be their capital, This is one flash point. How can you have a state of Palestine that is divided in to two . Gaza and the west bank. The borders need to be re drawn. .. and they need to make sure that there is no blockade. Then maybe the 2 state solution will stand a chance

  42. These are resistance fighters. As were the resistance in France and Europe during the Second World War, these are resistance fighters as were those who stood up to the apartheid regime in South Africa. One day the world will recognise them for the heroes they they are. The disgraceful behaviour of the Israeli government will be discussed by historians trying to understand how this happened. People will endeavour to ensure this can never happen again.

  43. State sponsored suicide by Hamas. Feel sorry for the Palestinians who have to live under their rule.

  44. It's discusting and a disgrace. It's high time the UN should sanction Israel for systematic crimes against humanity and war crimes.

  45. Until they have support from Trump and the influential Jewish political lobby, nothing can be done, the US seem to excel at stoking the fire, I suppose it's down to years of practise,from The Korean war onwards

  46. Today the terrorists are talking about eradicating terror

    It has been written in the history to be read by next generation that 21st century's media and most of European governments, Israel, Russia, America and Myanmar etc and American Russian prepaid Devil Asad of Syria were mastermind, supporters and producers of terrorism, and UN had been organised to save them. And to be read also that the terrorists were talking about eradicating terror. It is a fact you accept it or not.

  47. so setting fire to farms homes and tyres in London is a riot, but in Gaza is a peaceful protest?? Come on Emily, explain the difference like a true Labour politician ! Say what you really feel.... Attacking British people is not acceptable, attacking Israeli JEWS is worth supporting with your heartfelt condolences??? Please can you give me your address so I can throw burning tyres at your family in peaceful protest at your double standards and anti-zionism !! Dont worry, I will only catapult rocks and molotov cocktails at your home, surrounded by acrid burning tyres, so I will not, in your words, be armed or any threat !!

  48. When will people start caring about the Palestinians after 60 years seriously. Seems others want that be they be obliterated. Or perhaps move to another planet or perhaps sequestered to a land that has no ability for Prosperity such as no Coastal land everything taken away from them seriously anyone really really follow the history of what is really going on right now?

  49. Israel was supposed to be the land where the persecuted could flee too after years of systematic, industrial murder by a European country . The fact that this was never truly endorsed is crucial. The day in fact that the persecuted turned into the persecutors is perhaps more telling ...? We have learnt nothing at all

  50. Dear Americans and Europeans living in beautiful cities citing judgement from behind brand new mobile devices while sipping on your favorite beverages. This march is a populous one by nature , please understand almost everyone in the middle east is
    Muslim, Palestine's capital is Jerusalem and that's now being stolen by Zionism again, this time really giving the 00100 to the UN and the whole world order. Israel is an outlaw terrorist state that intimidates and meddles with global super powers. And has now been handed whats been the center of the Arab Israeli conflict for 70 years as if a bounty reward to Netenyahu. organized portests you've seen, what's happening now is something no one has ever seen, this is freedom sir, Gazans can easily be written in history as even more influential in struggle for freedom and rights more than the French themselves.

  51. How about addressing the fundamental issues that the people of Gaza are primarily refugees displaced in Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinian land, and beseiged in inhuman conditions in what amounts to the larges open prison on Earth

  52. Dear UN, we don't want you to condemn Israel and USA anymore! We want you to take actions and be a better represent for all the members! 😒

  53. saying sorry is not going to bring dead people back to life!! this is horrendous , how many innocent people have to die until someone make a real change for the benefit of Palestinians. My prayers for all of them.

  54. "They launched firebombs at Israeli forces...but firing back should be a last resort to preserving life" LMFAO go protest his house like a Palestinian

  55. Ok
    If you know Israelis are bad and they are going to use brute force if you attack the wall with stones and molotov cocktails, DON'T DO IT!!! DUMBASSESS 🙄

  56. Just give them their land back and there shall be no more protests.
    We are in the 21st century and countries can not go round killing people trying to wipe their race out and take what is theirs.
    Its just not fair and humane.

  57. As long as Netanyahu is in power no non Jewish person is safe. The Israelis will continue to STEAL more and more land. There will never be PEASE at this rate.

  58. This has been coming for months - why the hell didn't the world pay attention?? All well and good being 'appalled' and wringing your hands after the event - why didn't anyone speak up months ago, years ago??

  59. There'd be no one dead if the Palestinians had not started the protest in the first place. Israel had all the right in the world to move the capital back to Jerusalem.

  60. Israel is only people living in that part of world maybe communication would be good choice for everyone fighting for land rights constantly. Do Israel think better? Palestinians have right to be on their land also!

  61. International law😂Thats why President of the Philippines have quit being a member of ICC bcoz there power used it politically and not for humanity.

  62. Thank you for your words of wisdom!!! Now tell the Palestinians to back away from the border fence and truly march for peace!! Boo hoo

  63. Apparently Netanyahu is holding a day of mourning for the broken fence. Hitler in the open. And nobody does owt. We’re better than this!

  64. We, as Americans, are now the Oppressors that we fought against and escaped from.... I am deeply ashamed!

  65. There would be no Palestinians casualties if the zionists from Europe didn't form the illegal state of Israel!

  66. Messianic Zionists who think if they can steal enough land and cram in enough Jews to the biblical promised land they'll finally be worthy of the second coming versus koran-thumping suicide bombing human-shield utilising Islamist nutjobs. Good luck sorting that out.

  67. Everyday it seems people are being killed! They are either facing the most extreme horrors of life or death or they're stupid as hell. Why do they keep throwing rocks and molotov cocktails!

  68. I guess they expect thee Israelis to wait until they’re inside the border killing people before they use deadly force! I have zero pity for those attacking the perimeter fence getting shot!