Two Ingredient Pancakes

Two Ingredient Pancakes

Two Ingredient Pancakes

Posted by Food Network UK Feb. 13, 2018, 2:30 p.m.

Who knew you could make pancakes using just banana and eggs? #PancakeDay

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  1. It's actually really good! Great pre-gym breakfast, I add half a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Mine don't taste like a banana omelette at all, if so maybe you're using too little banana or they aren't ripe enough?

  2. Heidi Rendall Lauren Kirkpatrick I’m going to make these , they will have a couple of syns as they’re mashed but not too bad xx

  3. It tastes like banana omlete do not try it ^_^

  4. Ryan O'Donoghue I can’t eat these kind of pancakes...

  5. Yeah and they taste disgusting! If you can’t have them the proper way then just don’t bother !!

  6. Vishal Vikram Singh... This was the inspiration for your breakfast today!

  7. Soo really it's a banana omelette... 🤢

  8. Don't bother. They taste like omelettes.

  9. That was three ingredients.... 😐

  10. Sofie this is what i was on about x

  11. Without flour it's an omelette

  12. Sonia Galtieri i want to try this!!

  13. Callum 'LiNz' Lindsay I wonder if Lucie Emma Lindsay will give you these again 😂

  14. se liga na receita mano Vinicius Medeiros

  15. Paul Stearman & Georgina Stearman, :)