Traditional Pancake Day race CANCELLED over health and safety concerns

Traditional Pancake Day race CANCELLED over health and safety concerns
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  1. Sack the person who first proposed this & give written warnings to everyone who supported the ban.........Pancake day racing is no more dangerous than shopping, play soft ball games, can fall & hurt yourself a million ways..... So get off your butts & have some fun, you might find you enjoy the excitement of being part of a community!!!!!

  2. What's next, no more egg and spoon race, no more 3 legged race, no more sack race.
    Will somebody with someone common sense FFS, take charge of this country

  3. Put the blame where it belongs. At the feet of the "No win, no fee" lawyers and the people who are happy to sue for little or nothing.

  4. sick and tired of this you cannot do things, that have happened for years, if they say no just stick 2 fingers up and do it

  5. Parents can now use wet and windy conditions as an excuse for keeping their children off school, "After a risk assessment due to the adverse weather conditions I feel it unsafe for my child/ren to leave the house today", Let the council try and fine you for that.

  6. For goodness sake were is this country going with all these jobsworths, is it not time we were responsible for our own actions, rather being run by these little Hitlers total bloody madness

  7. God help this country if war comes to our doorstep again. Our frontline would be full of pathetic lefties crying that they need a safe space because the attack on out shores offends them.

  8. Snowflakes strike again where do these things live in the sewers because no one has seen them no one admits being one so who are these rats...or is this another go at a british tradition...

  9. goodness if one were hit by a pancake, what would we do, call an ambulance, rush to a&e....
    I would just put a little lemon on it.....

  10. Whhhoooo health and safety don't step outside you might get hit by a car , bus or cyclist PMSL hahahha

  11. dont blame them last year i laddered me tights and chipped a nail that was after getting pissed as i won

  12. We havie been tossing pancakes for yonksWhy are they getting all het up now do they think we are all children, o somebody go and sit on them silly people.

  13. Do these "officials" not realise that they live in England and it tends to rain in spring (and every other season too)?

  14. Is it snowflakes or the tradition upsetting some minority people 🙄

  15. The Express are the biggest snowflakes in Britain

  16. When was there a fatality in a pancake race ?

  17. Leftie Tossers and not with pancakes

  18. H & S concerns? Or afraid to offend a certain non pancake tossing section of the community ?

  19. Too british offends the minorityrist but cashing their giros doesnt.

  20. This has to be a joke, where is this supposed to be🙃🤣

  21. Need to wear hard helmets and hi viz jackets.

  22. Never step outside of your home, there is a dangerous world out there :-O Idiots.

  23. What a phlep of a country 🇬🇧 has become!!

  24. Health & Safety without Exercise. This way everyone participates & nobody loses. *Weight*

  25. Take no notice of what they say.....

  26. A handout to the rich is called an "incentive" but an incentive to the poor is called a "handout".

  27. Say bollocks and do it anyway the most dangerous thing in this country and that's the government and that is not cancelled absolute pathetic

  28. health and safety has gone too far


  30. That has got to be the last straw

  31. Hold them anyway, take no notice !

  32. how stupid.can't anyone have fun anymore ?

  33. Snowflakes taking the piss