This pianist learned the wrong concerto, then something incredible happened

This pianist learned the wrong concerto, then something incredible happened
Image from: Classic FM

This is every pianist's nightmare....

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  1. That wasn’t even me and I just had an anxiety attack.

  2. It’s not “this pianist”. It’s Maria João Pires! She’s one of the Gods in the Olympus! Please, Classic FM, some much deserved respect.

  3. It's Mozart - all the piano concertos are the same anyway.

  4. To me, she is one of the best pianists in the world, and going through this experience like a champ, takes her even closer to be the best.

  5. Usually before a concert one does rehearsals with the orchestra. No one shows up straight away in front of an audience without having ever rehearsed. And that’s not something just less ‘talented’ people do. It’s a must for everyone. What about ideas soloist and conductor need to share? Phrases, colours, dynamics, tempo... this sounds like a little ‘hoax’.

  6. World-famous pianist, Maria João Pires, gets pranked by an orchestra. She teaches them a lesson by playing the 'wrong' concerto anyways, blowing everyone away with superior musicianship.

    #stopclickbait #itsasharpsign

  7. She was my inspiration when i was little, and she was the reason i started to learn how to play the piano. She truly is the best 💞

  8. Hey man, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forgotten lyrics or started on the wrong pitch with my band. What she did was wonderful, and a full performance recovery! <3

  9. At the very least you should tell her name Maria João Pires, a portuguese pianist well known all over the world.

  10. What an amazing memory she has. Years and years of practice and performing can lead to beautiful and exhaustive moments.
    Well done to her and to the conductor for believing in her ability.

  11. Amazing. An open rehearsal and she recovers like that. I love each and every Mozart concerto and she is phenomenal!! Wow!

  12. This is like my biggest fear. Props to her! I mean, she has my respect for this amazing accomplishment.

  13. I've heard this story before. And what surprises me more than anything is that the orchestra never rehearsed with her.

  14. Relax everyone. Yes MJP is a piano god, but she was playing this conCHErto with the same orchestra the season before so she knowed it...

  15. Play it with notes is good, playing with plain memory is better and composing one concerto is fantastic! 😍

  16. A consummate artist. But those folks have great memorized repertoires. So she'd know all those concertos by heart.

  17. Yeah.. but I’m sure she’s been playing all 27 Concertos for 40 years of her life, at least. Mozart, you don’t forget.

  18. Dominika Agata niech ta pani będzie naszą inspiracją na ustną neurologię 😅😂

  19. Sometimes your prayers are answered. Immediately. And a lot of hard work pays off.

  20. Peach Tea vậy cũng đc hả !! Ác mộng đàn lộn bài thi

  21. Wow...very impressive! Brought tears to my eyes.

  22. Andy why can’t you be this good

  23. She is a phenomenal musician and pianist. I am not surprised!

  24. I would have crapped my pants...and prayed that I was doing so in the right key. 💩. Amazing job! 🙌

  25. She was able to play the correct concerto from memory. #StopClickbait #YoureWelcome

  26. Reem Chehab hek il true musicians bi kouno, shou mitelna mneje bala rehearsal w min 2addeeha do7ek w nekat😂

  27. Barbara Toth! Thought of you immediately!💕 Love and miss you 💛

  28. Didn't they rehearsed? Not even once?

  29. What’s the exact name of the piano concerto her and the orchestra are performing?

  30. Can't help but notice that the video quality doesn't look like it's from the 90s I hope this is not a hoax

  31. I have nightmares like this all the time

  32. That is amazing!!!Yvette Jenner!!

  33. Gemma Collins This makes me nervous omg

  34. Marina net, imaginei vc, genial mas super distraída hahaha

  35. Aj Long maybe they’ll surprise you by playing rach 3 in october :):):):)

  36. Classic FM what is the concerto that she plays?

  37. Can you even imagine, Linda & Sherryn?! 😨

  38. Never gets old. She's absolutely amazing!!!

  39. Omg I can't get over how amazing this is Mark Montes

  40. Very interesting and amazing! I wish there was a video of the full performance.

  41. this is the same as when you study for an exam and the exam is about a different lesson that you prepared.

  42. I’m cackling and my weave is off

  43. One of my very favourite pianists!

  44. Pili Martina respect of wat?????? Soooow!!!!

  45. Ingrid Radulescu classical music badassery


  47. David Diket you could do that? Lol

  48. Check out this video Lyle Trush

  49. Etienne Van Zyl did you see this before?

  50. Há um pouco de Maria João Pires em mim. Quem diria. ;)