This Terrapin Loves Skating So Much

This Terrapin Loves Skating So Much

This Terrapin Loves Skating So Much

Posted by UNILAD May 2, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

Look at this guy go! 😂🐢

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  3. This is animal abuse. The turtle seems utterly distressed and is seeking shelter from the maniac. Sad 😔

  4. Play with the animal like that !!! Shame on this Man and on You !!! I stop immediately to follow your page and invite everybody to the same !!! Band of assholes 🤮🤮🤮!!! #Unilad 🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢!!!!!!

  5. Awesome, time to get out my old tech decks...and find a turtle....and hope it doesn't bite my fingers off when I put it on a toy skateboard..


    this whole time I've been pretending my hand was a skateboarder doing sick tricks...damn it

  7. Might have to try this with mine! That turtle is far from being abused. I'm sure it is enjoying it! Haha. My little guy would love this. He loves to take off as fast as he can when outside

  8. Masud Shokhan aw kisala damawa ba hamw tamany xeray ba xoyawa nabiniwa
    Hawlaty barez tkaya xerayakaw kam bkarawa bo parastny salamatyw ( barewbarayaty kisaly scooter) 😂😂😂 chand jwan paydar leaya

  9. Angelique Pagan lmfao Henry would legit just roll the fuck away from me. There’d be no catching him on wheels lmao

  10. Not necessary. Wenn had 2 of those turtles in our pond. They are fast on land without silly Skateboard. You ll be surprised.

  11. Now I'm wondering what would happen if you attached 4 swivel casters (safely/temporarily) to the bottom of turtle shells...

  12. Wieder mal Idioten, die keine Ahnung von den Bedürfnissen eines Tiers haben und die anderen Deppen belohnen sie auch noch mit Likes. Ich könnte kotzen.

  13. Brilliant!! I’m thinking about giving her a little supervised spin in the garden this weekend if it’s warm enough! 😊 x

  14. Liz.... show this to Ry. And you guys should get a turtle so he can teach the guy to ride 😎

  15. Sarah O'Brien hope you’ve been tagged in this already for a special birthday treat xxx hope you’ve had a good day x

  16. I'll bet that blew that turtles mind

  17. Ashley Corey Shae Allison omg we could’ve taught Penelope to skate board!! i miss her guys

  18. Get that turtle a flux capacitor.

  19. Michealangello when he was little

  20. Suprised he didnt get travel sick he shot off so fast 😂😂

  21. I forhold til dens hastighed så har den det luksus tror jeg haha ArashLocoMikail

  22. Vicki Davies I'm gunna take a skate board with me to the galapogos 😂😂😂

  23. This turtle is more like you, Paul 😊

  24. Tenho entao quando poderes vem buscá-las 😂 e traz o skateboard 😂 Filipe Ferreira

  25. Robert Alexander TungelNiclas GanserBenedikt BurghartTimo Wollak

  26. Charlie not all heros wear capes lol

  27. Alain Bergeron, ce divertissement ne connaît pas la barrière des espèces!

  28. Elsa Olivaud Savalli alors elle jsuis trop jalouse !!! C'est pas Frankline elle a pas le time !! 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  29. Andrew Ben Hazel can we race the turtles?

  30. CAN WE GET ONE?! Ting 😱😇😱😇😱😇😱😇

  31. Robbie Hahaha omg another reason to get a turtle 😂

  32. Daniel forget sonic this guy gets around

  33. Lexi lol wow that's a fast turtle!

  34. Imagine you getting some wheels under your shoes and try to balance yourself.. very stupid

  35. Chloe Cole seen this and had a good giggle think u know what am on about

  36. Barbara Stulens waarom heb ik da gevoel dat ge dit ook met zwipke ooit eens gaat doen?😂💖

  37. Can we do this with sid please Holley lol. Xx

  38. Ptah Gabrie get one of these for Cleveland and let him chase Gatsby

  39. Amy Jones feel sorry for the turtle to be honest

  40. Josh White this is what I'm going to do with my tortoise

  41. Faiza Tom look at the little guy go ❤️

  42. Jess.. I feel like I need to try this

  43. Paul Starkey show this to Blake seeing as he loves turtles so much

  44. Maxime doe dit met je schildpadden ik heb nog wel een tech deck ergens in huis

  45. He was a skater turt she said see you later turt

  46. This would’ve been you if you would’ve gotten one. 😂😂 Juan Voge

  47. Danny Watson what dye think??? Next boxing match get this going aswell for in between rounds

  48. Fra Armstrong this would of been a good job for the one yours had 😂

  49. Valerio Irene appena ha cominciato a correre sullo skate me lo sono immaginato che prendeva il respiro e faceva "EHHHH!"

  50. Ben Renouf we would of needed full scale skateboards for your turtles 😂😂😂

  51. Vanessa lass uns das mit Dome seinen Schildkröten machen 😂😂😂😍

  52. Katie Woods I have a few tech deck I’m sure Elliot would let us borrow one xx

  53. Bessy Wynn you need to get a little skateboard for your tortoise!!

  54. Naomi - Shelly needs a little skateboard 😂

  55. We need one of these for Sheldon and Toby Deb Callan 😂 xxx

  56. Gaby Ar Ob la próxima vez que vaya a tu casa,haré eso 🤫😂

  57. Heather Redhouse I saw this and thought it was cute and thought it might cheer you up a little bit😁

  58. Ma Mi sowos brauch i, können meine a amol gas geben 😂😂

  59. That must be the fastest turtle ever 🆘 Alexandra

  60. Stijn van Dijk even een nuttig filmpje tijdens het leren voor je examen 😂😂

  61. Fred Gilhen please get/find a turtle to go with your tech decks

  62. Adam Cook i can only think that this is how that tortoise was fast enough to bite you 😂

  63. Emily Janell This gives me so much joy lol

  64. Sanna M Hänninen, du som sa att sköldpaddor är tråkiga. Kommer ihåg det nu. 😂 den här såg ju inte så tråkig ut :)

  65. Clare Nicholson kind of reminds me of Fluffy you know when she escaped to 5 doors down.

  66. Amy Smint Yael Smit dit is hoe wij ons zouden moeten voortbewegen