This German Shepherd Loves The Kitchen Counter

This German Shepherd Loves The Kitchen Counter

This German Shepherd Loves The Kitchen Counter

Posted by UNILAD March 4, 2018, 7:20 p.m.

"Get a german shepherd, they said... it will be fun, they said" 🤣🤣

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  1. All credit to Alexa Pugliese and her awesome dog! Keep up to date with the pair on Instagram here -

  2. Man’s best friend-turned-hero! Rex the German Shepherd is recovering after being shot 3 times while protecting his family from a home intruder.

  3. The floor is lava - she clearly didn't get the memo😂

  4. Get a German shepherd it’ll be fun they said 🙄 ps I’ve not long moved into the house hence not having a carpet yet

  5. It's a joke ffs, some people take it so seriously, I'd rather any animal in my kitchen than most of the human race, they are usually better mannered

  6. My fella likes only to look as the last time he jumped up on the counter he couldn't get down and cried for me 😂

  7. Anyone else notice how that dog does not pay attention to her at all..? 😂

    With that tone of voice and no clear command, I'm not that surprised.

    You don't have to yell or get physical, but this is not it either haha.

  8. Using the same tone as you do when pleased, dumb as I have seen.
    Oh Bella you little stinker!
    Giggle giggle
    P.s. that is gross!
    Enjoy food prep
    Mico orgs

  9. That was staged, you can tell he didn't get up there on his own. His owner walked straight up to him and he barely moved, he was not comfortable up there and he most likely would not have gotten up there if he didn't feel comfortable about it.

  10. I don't see where the problem is... Has anyone considered the possibility that he wanted to get his snacks but he couldn't open the cabinets because he doesn't have thumbs???😂😂😂🐶🐶🐶

  11. Your dog must have been raised by cats as well because mine was and that's what she did was cat things always tried to sit on the back of the couch always fell off

  12. A little bit of dog hair etc never hurt anyone. Lighten up. Of course if small children were crawling round, more care should be taken seriously. I know of many humans I would consider far more of a hygiene risk than a dog!

  13. Dog abuse! Clearly you can see they just moved in and she’s trying to hide under the cabinets. Poor dog, she’s been thru a lot. If anyone had contact to PETA please report this. I have no idea wtf I’m talking about.

  14. she just overseeing thing, its her role to make sure everyone in her family is safe from a strategic point, can't see much if she below. =)

  15. Yup, nope, sorry, but I agree with the others who say this is unsanitary and that the dog needs some training. Pets on kitchen counters is the ultimate grossness.

  16. Ahhhhhh bless you rex good boy such a hero hope you get spoilt rotten with loads of hugs kisses and loads of affection so happy your family are ok hope the intruder gets long jail time with animal lovers xxx

  17. Well, it might be the wrong language, keep in mind, it is a german shepherd 😉
    For a small doggy-vocabluary, pls do not hesitate to contact me! 😎

  18. Oh people for gods sake at the end of the day see the funny side of it that's what it was put on for ,its not your dog or your work top so why be so negative we all know your do clever at training your dogs to not dare move out if line ,get a life

  19. Σοφια Ξενακη βλέπεις μαμά, υπάρχουν πάντα και χειρότερα από τη Ναγκίνι, το επόμενο βίντεο θα είναι να τους παρακολουθεί να μαζεύουν τα κακάκια του κάτω από το τραπέζι, αλλά σε μορφή και μέγεθος αιγυπτιακής πυραμίδας

  20. LOL he tries!! If he could reach he would be on the counters. He has jumped onto the dining room table before after seeing the cat do it (we no longer have the cat).
    His newest thing is stealing the dish towel or hand towel and trying to get me to chase him to get it from him. Ugh, he is SO spoiled.
    He jumped onto the hood of my car once in the fall when he was freaked out by a flock of ducks that swam by him in the lake 😳.
    Life With Roscoe will be the new title of my autobiography instead of 50 Shades of Red White and Blue.

  21. I had a GSD, she was about 85 pounds and would always try to sit on a lap if possible - any lap would do, friend or foe guest or relative- funniest when she thought she could fit in a donut box!

  22. David John Ross Barry you know that if we ever in life get a dog in tandem with the cats this is what's going to happen right? He'll (because I always like boy dogs better 😂) grow up doing this thinking he's a feline

  23. I don’t want Hope getting such habits. It was bad enough Lara Seamer with a naughty Fat trailhound helping himself to meat pies xxxx

  24. She need, to get use to you! She is a scared, with all the new surroundings! When she sees, you are going to be kind and loving, too her! Feed her, give her treats, play with her, she will probably, come around! If not, she may, have been abused! I hope not, poor baby! 💕💜❤

  25. She's so good with dogs. Isabella clearly thinks she's above her, then she gets told off while giggling and finally she gets a nice little rub. Message consistency all the way.

  26. Valerie Jacobs you have been visited by the morning doggo, he will make your breakfast in bed and stays with you until it's finished 👌😘

  27. Hero or not. As much as I love dogs he wouldn't be allowed on a counter where I prepare food. He could be I the kitchen on a flor. Would love him the same.

  28. It's a video, some of y'all need to get out the house more. Getting upset over a pet and counter that isn't even yours 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Of she’s not going to listen to you. You’re not acting like a pack leader and the tone of voice and probably your body language has no leader authority.

  30. Ele e folgado a mas é tão pequenino né esse pastor o meu igualzinho ja foi saudades , eles são tão carinhosos e amigo e companheiro, o tamanho não assusta não...... assusta só o desconhecido ai sai de perto....

  31. I didn't hear a command! how about OFF - NO - DOWN. A German shepherd is not a cat.

  32. THIS^ dog thinks she is a cat! I have never ever had a dog go on counters! I am 68 and have had many dogs as well as my daughter's dogs visiting.

  33. We found Kia on the kitchen table once! And she joined the girls one day for lunch as well!straight up BOOM, middle of the table and never spilled a thing!

  34. If you put dog through obedience training you wouldn't have this problem. Sometimes it's better if people do cuz ALOT of people learn from it

  35. Cosy dark corner, get her a box/ crate she can go in to feel safe. Put stuff on the counter so she can’t jump up for a while. Speak to her like you mean it ! X

  36. I think it's safe to say your dog likes cubby hole like places, make her some down low on the floor and she should go there instead

  37. Louis this will be Felicia all mad snapping in a few months with puppy barking all mad in the background

  38. Any dog is can make a good pet.. Training is all it takes.. And they can stay off counters.too......Shepherds are gorgeous dogs..That dog looks very young and cute............

  39. Manuel A. Ramirez-Lizarde we’re getting a apartment so me and the fur babies can do this☺️💕💕 will we listen to you? Prolly not

  40. That would be too close to people for Arlo’s liking 😂😂😂😂 he’s in trouble now though as I’ve just booked him into doggy training classes!!

  41. LOVE IT! When Lola was a puppy I walked in and found her standing on all 4s on the dining room table. Stacie Cannone

  42. Alex Iain Dawson 😂🤣 that dog has no care in the world, it is when she goes from sitting to fully laying chilled out 😂🤣

  43. My dad had one he was scared of the dark would not stay alone and loathed seat belts liked to play on a Shute he had a great nature was a gentle giant

  44. Fucking awesome dogs GSD's are. Extremely intelligent, funny, opportunistic and loyal. Everything you need in life. 😂😂

  45. Igualita a tu perra, una vez que encontró su lugar favorito, ni quien logre sacarla de ahí. Eternamente un túnel en tu patio 😆Kenia Torres

  46. I couldn't allow a pets butt to be where I fix food .sorry ,I love my pets but that just ain't going to wash with me .

  47. He knows he isn’t meant to be on the couch but I mean our other dog gets up there all the time so can’t really blame him

  48. Alice Sammy

    To be fair they shouldn't be laughing and patting them while they are still on the counter.

  49. Get that daawg off the counter where food is prepared, and teach her who's in charge. It mo laughing matter 😒

  50. I've never seen a BIG dog get up on s counter....So Funny !! She's so cute. Must make her feel safe. 😊

  51. Floor to cold? Why is she hiding. Why doesn't she greet her owner? That dog needs a shrink or maybe the owner does

  52. Lesley Wyer knowing Molly she would be scared to get up there !!! She is scared of everything !!! Lol But not burglers !!

  53. Ro Heinz hey! Just think with wrangler it could always be worse! Lol he may jump on the counters but at least he doesn’t sit on themselves 😂

  54. Curt Shields 😂😂 this is hilarious. Sam would never be able to get up on the counter with her granny legs 😂😂

  55. instead of making a mini feature film for Facebook, tell the dog to get down, tell the dog off for getting up, move on...

  56. Poor baby her well soon hugs 🤗🤗😘😘❤️🐾🐶god bless you for protecting your family so sorry you got shoot so very sad 😢😡

  57. Dog does something wrong, Owner attempts to scold, then pats the dog... 😒 how not to train a dog 101 Tom Page

  58. Staged. Not enough room for a dog that size to make the jump. Beautiful dog tho and she seems healthy. :)

  59. Andrew Ward this would be something our dog would do when we get one ... it would be bonkers just to wind us up 😂😂😂

  60. Adrian. Lisa. It's time you had another one of these beauties. Look at what you're missing 😉

  61. They are clever dog, mine just hide in the toilet or behind the sofa. They are cheeky n mischievous one too.

  62. Lee Bennett - if our girl didn't have a poorly leg I can absolutely imagine her doing this sort of thing.

  63. Terry Bell Dave Bell When you eventually get your German Shepherd, this is definitely the type you’ll end up with! 😂