This Dog Is Having The Time Of His Life

This Dog Is Having The Time Of His Life

This Dog Is Having The Time Of His Life

Posted by UNILAD Feb. 16, 2018, 3:24 p.m.

"I think next door got a trampoline..." 😂😂

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  1. Im gonna eat this delicious burrito

    Dog next door:

  2. At first I thought it was a kangaroo, my eyes tricked me! 😂

  3. Could you imagine our lot doing this Brittany Desmarest & the bitches getting pissed off because only Roly can see over the fence's ? :-) xxxxx
    We live in a mad house Kristina Stevens lol

  4. Edward imagine Max on a trampoline! Although he would probably be too much of a wuss...Rosie on the other hand!

  5. This dude found $500 in the parking lot of Sam’s Club today. He tried to give it to a police officer but the officer thought it was a prank and wouldn't accept it. So this idiot bought himself a phone and groceries out of the store with the money. This is where it gets hilarious. The idiot kept tapping on .... See More

  6. Jade Ortonremember when we both had trampolines in our back gardens and did this to each other😂xxxxxx

  7. Stiggy Higginbotham bird I don't know why I thought of you when I watched this .. 😂😂😂😂😂 gotta dig that video out it's just the best !! 🤣🤣

  8. Daniel Plunk there's a dog that does this by the creek when I walk Otaku. I swear that dog is gonna jump over one day 😬

  9. Abena Bediako Nicole Smith Bansi Kotak you all will be like this today hahaaha lol...will miss u guys literally .

  10. You’re recording, him and I are jumping or did you change your mind? We’d be the best tripod out there

  11. Natalie Lane I need this dog to bounce all day at the bottom of the garden looking into that mardy twats garden 😂

  12. La Chonachechos no necesita esa cama elastica, ella ya tiene resortes en la patas 😂🐕 Grecia Becerra Placencia Adela Placencia Montenegro

  13. Her Melanie besser als das teil bei uns das auf dem trampolin herum springt 😂

  14. Bae! 😂 This is sooo Parker!! But he’s like this WITHOUT the trampoline Jeremy Medel

  15. Sruti Nakul it remains me of oola 🤣🤣 but she doesn’t need a trampoline 🙈

  16. The trampoline is too deep in the ground

  17. I will buy my husky a trampoline !

  18. When r u getting a dog
    And a trampoline

  19. Should we get the woofers a trampoline?!? Sarah Swift 😂 x

  20. Arnold you need to get your dogs a trampoline.

  21. Petra Matthias ihr müsst vinnie mal aufs trampolin lassen

  22. Annette Tonne Charlie w out a trampoline 😂

  23. Rice Gaffney Bec Cawthorne look at this silly doggo!! We need trampolines at our doggo farm!!! 🐕

  24. Melissa Woodward Logan doesn't need a trampoline 😂

  25. Bronagh Larkin denver needs a trampoline 😂

  26. Danielle McKenzie omg we need to get Mac a trampoline

  27. Marty Raya what if we gave Vic a trampoline?🤔😂

  28. Matthew Keogh-Furtado, the only acceptable reason to get a trampoline 😂💀

  29. Andy Lawson can we get a trampoline for Archie

  30. Tanita Wir brauchen: Garten, Hund und Trampolin ! 😍😂

  31. Kortney Mitchell... this would be Rue, but she wouldn't need a trampoline. Haha

  32. Haminis Rajoo you bought new trampoline ah?

  33. Candice Singh Jake's getting trampoline on his birthday

  34. Raf Baldewijns, tess heeft niet eens een trampoline nodig 😂😂

  35. Stephen Gibbons, jadey can jump that high without a trampoline!

  36. Robert Franklin, I told you we need a trampoline!

  37. Jake Jones imagine willow on a trampoline

  38. Ali Swiatkowski Marnie doesn't even need a trampoline..😅

  39. Reese Sobol please get a trampoline

  40. Jonathan Hookham Crowley doesn’t need a trampoline 😂

  41. Rhiannan Cerys we need to get Sam a trampoline

  42. Can we get a trampoline???? Kylee VanDieren

  43. Daviies Rhodrii buy the dogs a trampoline!

  44. SarahAnne McGarry i think Max needs a trampoline. What you think Megan Coyle

  45. Rebecca Ayr that’s what a remember seeing when u went on Gemma’s

  46. Traci Jones penny needs a trampoline

  47. Christopher Hoffman this is Julie if we had a trampoline 😂😂😂

  48. Mara ο Τεζορο «μαμα, τωρα σε βλεπω! Μαμα, τωρα δε σε βλεπω!» 😂😂

  49. Lianne Morbey dont know why but thought you would appreciate this xx

  50. Nosy doggo 😂 spying on the neighbors

  51. Aurélie toi en train de regarder dans le bureau discrètement !

  52. I got a teammate like this in ROS he kept jumping as if he is lurking the enemies in HAHAHAHAHA Rina Tagawa

  53. Dek Davies you'll have to get Roman one 😂😂 Odin can have it when he gets older then as well 😂😂

  54. Issac Scott why does this make me think of binks instantly 😂☺️

  55. Kaitlyn Renèe Buckley and you want to get a trampoline

  56. Ben Sheffield I could imagine Jake doing something daft like this 😂

  57. Heather... When I buy the house next door 😂