Thierry Henry Explains Who Is The Premier League's Most Complete Striker

Thierry Henry Explains Who Is The Premier League's Most Complete Striker
Image from: SPORTbible

Kane ❌
Aguero ❌
Lukaku ❌

"I'm talking about all round. The most complete in the league."

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  1. Cant disagree, he does absolutely everything. Salah and Mane might heap tons of praise because their name appears on the scoresheet more frequently but this man makes them tick he's excellent. Class player 👏

  2. Excellent work rate, excellent attitude,
    Excellent player.
    Ynwa Bobby

  3. Athir Al Asadi Kombo Mashumba I told you guys man Firmino is the best in the world, nah stuff that he's the best of all time!

  4. I can't agree less, what I like about him is the way he intercepts his opponent and also his celebrations in front of goal #priceless

  5. Well he’s wrong for a starter, the most complete striker in the PL.. scrap that WORLD is Andy Carroll.

  6. Bound to be a city player this clown hangs out their arsehole anyone would think he played for them and not arsenal. He picked a nothing City game over arsene Wengers farewell. Blokes a mug

  7. Henry u are joke,best ever was Drogba🙌🙌🙌

  8. Easily the best in the league (united fan)

  9. Lol I’d much rather have Kane in my team than Firmino 😂

  10. Jake Brownlow surprised it wasn’t lukaku... he even helps other teams score!

  11. Firmino is so underrated it’s unbelievable.

  12. Anthony Zappia read it. He deserves more attention

  13. Scott Griffiths getting the credit he deserves

  14. Raheem sterling scored more than him

  15. Duane Clarke bobby smashed it this season

  16. Joshua Tugby what have I been saying all season

  17. Eoin Thompson Thought it might have been Lacazette personally

  18. Did you forget about Cenk Tosun?

  19. Hebde gij een directe lijn me de Thierry? Sam VanIn

  20. Stop Click-bait
    It's Lord Welbeck

  21. Simon Neubauer henry seit au kompletisti stürmer vo dr liga😁👆🏻

  22. Sven van Diepen dit zal je goed doen;)

  23. First time he's ever talked sense

  24. *Harry Kane attempts to Claim this title*

  25. Martin Libano Henry mener også firmino er 🔥🔥 😎

  26. It’s Andy Carroll. #StopTheClickbait

  27. Jeroen Goyen Ruben Haagmans eindelijk iemand die me gelijk geeft

  28. Dean Lorentson Connor Clements was a not saying this?

  29. Thierryyyyyyy Henryyyyyyy flxmate!!!!! Felix Oliver Michael Mcquillan Jordan Brehaut

  30. Josh Woods Mico Towning Jarvis Strand Kyle Martin

    Can't disagree with him there

  31. Craig Hill Nathan Christopher Hill look at the heat map x

  32. Reuben Raquiza Joshua Chandy Matthew Rajkumar James Kow

    Smart Guy

  33. Paul Chua Your boi jahat making waves. Benjamin Yew Vincent Sim

  34. André Vinícius Haiduk olha o Firmino com moral

  35. Asuka Ioka Adarsh Nagendran gg

  36. Danny Welbeck
    Cooper Archer Lachie Zettl Nic Zettl

  37. Benjamin Vincent agree with him?

  38. Kheda Stevenson
    Sebastian De Napoli
    Nic Bonwick
    Thomas Bourke

  39. Jordan De Marchi Mason Kuruc Joseph Ravas Anthony Katiforis (Kata)

  40. Chris Emmanuel écoute et ferme la

  41. Brendan Hughes Darren Hurst Mitchell McGlone