Theresa May orders Britain to join air strikes on Syria

Theresa May orders Britain to join air strikes on Syria
Image from: The Guardian

British armed forces will conduct “co-ordinated and targeted strikes” on the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons capability, Theresa May has announced.

Full Article: The Guardian


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  1. Has Theresa May magically found that money tree again to pay for this war? None for the NHS or the homeless or the schools?

  2. When are we protesting in London? I'll be there with my half American/half British son marching on behalf of both of his countries. After 7 years, three inept leaders suddenly develop a conscience and have to act urgently without consultation with the people's representatives or the people? The UK people will simply not take this after Blair and Iraq.

  3. Just like the other three stooges Blair, Sarkozy and Bush, now we’ve got May, Macron and Trump attacking a new Middle Eastern country. Could it get more tragic and grotesque?

  4. Wow, all this support without proof of who did actually did thisl The US wants war.

  5. Does this mean the UK/US will start receiving refugees? Or are they just in the business of creating them?

  6. A struggle between Russia and America on the newly discovered gas and oil in Syria and Lebanon,, people of the area are paying the price!
    Shame on the Uk to keep on taking orders from the USA!
    The scandale of wrongly getting involved in the Iraq war is still hot.

  7. Odd how they can make 'precision stikes' ... so they knew the whereabouts of the stockpiles beforehand but did nothing.

    Is this the material Britain and the US sold Syria?

  8. I just love how the message essentially is, "Brutally oppress and murder your citizens as you will, just don't do it with chemicals"

  9. Launching these strikes exactly one day before the global chemical weapons watchdog OPCW was set to investigate the chemical sites in Syria? Not fishy at all. #HandsOffSyria

  10. There is no chemical weapons in Syria, liars! Criminals!

  11. WW3 coming soon....but it's ok I'm sure Teresa's already ordered her luxury nuclear bunker so it will just be the rest of us who'll be fried...

  12. This is not going to end well...and it has to mark the end of the Maybot! How can a minority government be allowed to unilaterally make such decisions. Not in my name!!!

  13. Correction Theresa May is ordered by Trump to join air strikes on Syria. Fixed it for you. (#WW3 will soon be a #hashtag)

  14. What Mays has done tonight has guaranteed her demise and her undermining of parliament will never be forgiven !!

  15. Even the people on the right wing are against this stupidity.

    At least with Afghanistan and Iraq we didn't have Russia in the shadows.

  16. It won't work Theresa May. Baroness Margaret Thatcher used that tactic to inject life unto her failing government back then. The people are better informed today.

    They ask questions. Like why are the poor and homeless of Britain sleeping in the ice and snows of winter because there is no money to help them or NHS or those with physical disabilities, but money for the military to launch attacks on Syria can be found ever so easily . . .why is that?

  17. Before the chemical weapons guys get there as well..Now that is desperate...
    No evidence then ..
    You have to admit this looks like the actions of a desperate government desperately trying to hide the fact that they have been involved in all kinds of very naughty things around the globe...
    Big Theresa needs her bottom spanked..
    The whole Tory cabinet should be arrested this evening and appear in a court of law tomorrow morning charged with high treason and mass murder just for starters..
    Forget the protests the media will not cover them anyway...
    Just arrest the whole tyrannical cabinet and bring this nonsense to an end once and for all..Tories OUT and into JAIL..Guilty..

  18. I wonder it we'll ever see this 'significant body of evidence'? I fear they may have erased any physical evidence there may have been. How can this be in 'National interest'? I despair...

  19. I don't seem to remember may asking the British public their opinion, Brexit means Brexit and Nuclear war means Nuclear war

  20. Billion dollar arms deals with the Saudis,to murder innocents in Yemen.No proof of a suspected chemical attack.
    Should all be hung as war criminals,how many innocents were murdered in their so called precision strikes.

  21. If she, or anyone else, seriously believes that we can do this without major escalation, then you are so insanely deluded that you probably shouldn't be in possession of a keyboard.

  22. The same excuses for striking another sovereign country! Can they not do the same to Tel Aviv? Or can it be done vice versa?

  23. May is also trying to distract and obtain some political personal support for her Macron and of course big clown himself in America Old tricks work always! Sad,costly and who knows wherebit will lead to...😣

  24. This shows one thing that england and America only wants war in the region and equally involved in it ....... such a hypocrite nations

  25. what a fool she continues to be. And no parliamentary a hung parliament ! She will rue the day. No more of this!

  26. The group that will get the greatest benefit of these attacks on Assad is ISIS. USA, France and the UK are proxies for ISIS. It shows the level of incompetence of the leaders of these nations and again they have acted without the sanction of the UN.

  27. May was already hanging on by a thread. After the very raw betrayal and lies the UK found out were committed by Blair with Iraq, there's no way May survives.

    Are we not out in the streets at the crack of dawn tomorrow and for as long as it takes to protest this? After seven years of Assad committing atrocities, three inept leaders from three of the world's greatest nations make a three person decision to do this? No. Out with them!

  28. It seems highly likely then we'll be asking the Syrian regime to hand back bodies of downed RAF pilots shot down with rhe latest Russian missiles. We won't be flying over a country with 30 year old air defence systems like in the past.
    I offer my condolences to any future fatalities and my shame on May.

  29. The Chief UN Investigator says it was not Assad, the former British Ambassador says it was not Assad, anyone that has watched the video by the White Helmets can see it is fake so lets go make things worse and bomb a few more Syrians.

  30. We were told there are no chemical weapon capabilities in Damaskus. If there are then why it wasn't targeted earlier but was allowed to be used to terrorists? I am hoping there will be no human or animal casualties.

  31. HARD EVIDENCE and a CONFESSION that the UK has bombed Syria.
    NO EVIDENCE that Syrian Govt used CWs last week!

    Who's the war criminal and mongerer?

  32. And just like that - war by the back door. This minority government, hanging on by a DUP fingernail and a 3 line whip, and no vote in parliament or even within its own party, steps across another line in the sand.

  33. To all the marines life now US Army be be careful to the chemical weapon in Syria.
    You will be guided and blessed to keep the innocent people who sacrifice for their country.

  34. We can not stand by and let a country use chemical weapons on it's own people..what sort of world would it be if we did ..we look back at the disgusting things Hitler did with dismay ..but we now have the war technology to stop this before it becomes the norm , by taking out their faculties ...

  35. As much as I loathe wars and the leaders leading the strike, something does need to be done about Assad. Diplomacy hasn't yielded any results and the crisis in Syria is one of the major reasons for the immigration crisis in Europe.

  36. Mrs May proclaims ‘History teaches us that the international community must defend the global rules and standards that keep us all safe...’
    Are those the same global rules that were in place when we allowed Saddam Hussein’s use of chemical weapons against Iran to go unchallenged, because, at that time, he enjoyed western backing and was considered a ‘goody’?
    I don’t understand how the PM can justify UK involvement ahead of the the independent OPCW investigatory report and without the backing of parliament. Clearly she has not learnt from recent history.

  37. But if u send miles in syria's capital or other cities without alerting pipo u would hv done no different coz a lot of again innocent pipoz lives is gooner lost it would hv bin beta to seat wiz Asad and talk

  38. Syria's a sideshow, what about the RUSSIANS ?
    With an economy the size of Italy it would be no problem at all to crush Russia economically without spilling blood.

  39. Terrible woman, terrible politician...holding hands with Trump again starting a war on false premises just to stay in power.

  40. Arrrrrrrr!!! The good old war industry in full view. Business is looking good & weapon sales should rocket!
    What an amazing success the war industry has become. Year after year this industry gets stronger & stronger. Won't be long until we see adverts on tv offering "war starter kits" buy 2 cruise missiles get 1 free. Sounds stupid but if this industry isn't stopped, there won't be a world left.
    Such a shame promoting peace has no profits.

  41. Terrorist begins in your own governments bank Wars just like the inside job of the Twin Towers blamed a Iraq

  42. Wait first show us Iraq WMD which west are searching form last 17 years. In next 10-20 years west will be irrelevant to this world.

  43. Should have just indiscriminately bombed and starved the population, it works for our friend in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

  44. یا اللہ وحدہ لا شریک ، ظالم کفار و مشرکین کے مقابلے میں دنیا کے تمام مظلوم اور دبے پسے کمزور مسلمانوں کی مدد فرما انہیں تنہا نہ چھوڑ اور ظالم کفار و مشرکین کو اپنی شدید پکڑ میں لے لے ان کو جھنجھوڑ ڈال ، ہلا ڈال اور عبرت کا نشان بنا دے آمین یا رب العالمین

  45. World opinion is, no empathy for britain, france and us if it is attack and bomb by russia, there will be a day this shall happen

  46. I give it a week and the press will be printing ‘Back our Boys’ to stamp out any questioning of this decision.

  47. lets hope the Russians take exception to your chemical and biological weapons establishment in Salisbury in the UK

  48. Once again, the two superpowers testing their might in another country. Precision strikes on Syrians, no harm to each other. In the end, US and Russia will win. Syrians will lose.

  49. We really should not give the right to declare war, essentially what this is, to one person, or even to a cabinet.

  50. Forgive my naïveté, but doesn’t striking a chemical munitions facility risk dispersing deadly toxins into neighborhoods?

  51. Theresa may one of big lairs terrorism group, I will pray the god to punish her by having a mind cancer....

  52. Wow Putin must be worried the Russian robots are out today...hey make sure dear leader Putin pays you overtime 😂!

  53. Not into people suffering or dying or war.maybe 1 day not In my lifetime the world can live In peace.

  54. “Mankind must put an end to war - or war will put an end to mankind" John F Kennedy

  55. They are paying the treat for Russian because what they have done with the spy.
    They will pouring missiles on Damascus until Asaad will be out.

  56. That`s the second attempt to blame Syria for use of chemical weapons against its own people which make no sense,probably this chemical weapons have been launched by terrorits like IS ETC as did in 2014 or by the very israelis along with Nato as an excuse to attack Syria.Russia must defend Syria at any cost.As in IRAQ and Lybia all Nato countries lied.

  57. Worth noting that staff from the UN’s Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were due to visit Damascus on Saturday to determine whether chemical weapons were used in Douma on 7 April.

  58. she can fund a pointless war but cant fund nhs or more police??

  59. give more dead bodies to this warmongers united so they can enjoy why dont people stand up against this war

  60. No, it's not World War (yet)..
    Trump and his partners in crime (England and France) decide to increase the count of bodies in the devastated Syria, bombarding #Damasco and ensuring that this wild imperialist conflict will continue reaping Syrian lives!

  61. Theresa May is a terrorist in power . She is a war criminal who ordered her terrorists to attack the Syrian people and their facilities . We must stop your arrogance

  62. Moscow Recalls Corbyn......France Seeks Immediate Surrender Talks....And Still No Sign Of Emily Thornberry.....Still Plotting Her Move....

  63. Tony Blair/Theresa May again trying to become relevant.

  64. I notice without presenting evidence, the Guardian now is dropping the word "alleged".

  65. What did the Saudi promised in change?