Theresa May gives speech on European post-Brexit security in Germany

Theresa May gives speech on European post-Brexit security in Germany

Theresa May gives speech on European post-Brexit security in Germany

Posted by ITV News Feb. 17, 2018, 8:38 a.m.

Theresa May gives speech on European post-Brexit security in Germany

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  1. So embarrassing reading ignorant comments about ww2. So deluded. We didn't fight alone. We were part of the allied forces.

  2. What about the hundreds of billions of UK pounds and lives the UK paid to free Europe in the WW2? Didnt see the UK billing Europe?

  3. Good . We are leaving. Now the remoaners should focus their energy in getting behind their country as we enter a new era with great opportunity to spread our wings without the trade shackles of the EU.

  4. Mrs May I invite you to one of the street kitchens now running in yorkshire .and you will see at first hand the poverty you have created

  5. The trouble with Brexiteers is they don't realise we have got Sovereignty, our own laws and the strongest borders and immigration laws already.

  6. Trouble with Remainers they cannot accept what the real people of Great Britain want, and that is Sovereignty, Our own laws and Control of immigration.

  7. A referendum is advisory only. The majority was tiny and when you take into account those who did not vote or were unable to meanst absolutely nothing.

  8. Theresa May is so far out of her depth, she always looks like she needs to pop a couple of valium whenever she has to speak in front of people.

  9. Teresa May is the right person in the right place at the right time, best Prime Minister we have had in a long time,should get more respect.

  10. Britain spent centuries fighting to keep our country free. When we joined the EU we gave our freedom away. We have gone to war and defended our and other EU countries for what.

  11. Keep Pensioners and Disabled SAFE .. They can't afford to pay their Heating Bills AND eat as well ....

  12. This woman talks separation from Europe at home and unification with Europe in front of Europe. This doesn’t bode well for our Brexit negotiations!

  13. How many people commenting here have forgotten that it wasn’t only Britain fighting in both World Wars?

  14. Feed and home the homeless Mrs May show some compassion to the British people instead of criminalising them

  15. The referendum shows the British people want to LEAVE why is there even a mention of staying....rubbish !!!!

  16. If we are to be a free independent trading nation we need are arm forces to be fit to defend the British people do not give are arm forces to the European union stop pesco now.

  17. Not enough Mrs may ,,,,walk now ,,,mew owe Europe nothing ,,,,they bleeding us dry ,,,our people need the money being wasted

  18. Did it really take us this long to go in?! Out means out in my dictionary I walk out of my house I am out Simples! Nahhhh they have to justify their wages and job I forgot that !

  19. The Britain why complaining...It's what Britain wanted..She will choose Usa ...and I am afraid soon will have our children school...Get down this woman...!!

  20. Take all the European leaders a walk round the battle fields of France and say here's our payment and extra now do one

  21. Alan Worthington that's just so disrespectful to all those who fought for EUROPE. They were called allies. Go learn your history

  22. Is the UK hiring enough beaurocrats in the uk to continue the work Europe used to do on our behalf using their beaurocrats of whom we have heard so much in the past?

  23. No give away of our armed forces PM. First duty of a British Government is the defence of the Kingdom - not Germany or France any more. NATO second. Let the others put up their 2%!

  24. Already judges are refusing to deport criminals to uk as they cannot guarantee their human rights. How proud of that are you

  25. Angela if you hadn’t totally destroyed Europe we would be staying but your an absolute disgrace to the world

  26. Sarah Brown go research what our taxes pay for. What % goes to Eu and how much us left that all government have wasted. Then think about what your saying

  27. You can’t replace may as prime minister this far into the talks ,the others that discuss Brexit would not like change.

  28. Breaxit is about breaking the country, not togetherness. We don't want to be dictated to on top of this debacle.

  29. Keep going Teresa may we don’t want labour running this country ever!

  30. Seriousness should be changed for fun but us as adults get bored and get seperated in life yet loving things and people as a whole should be EVERYONE TOGETHER !!!!!

  31. Critical that she explained why the French, Dutch, Irish referendum approaches were inadequate for us. You don't ask a people and then tell them what they must answer in response. That is NOT democratic.

  32. Tell us about the half a millions migrants that will be coming to the UK annually from India and other developing nations, post brexit. The old mare won't tell that to the people who voted leave.

  33. It’s refreshing to hear Mrs May talking about active negotiation rather than just taking everything that’s thrown at us!

  34. Victoria May .... never . I will never support the destruction of this great country by a daft outraged ideology

  35. Craig Lemon yes they do. Are you saying someone accused of a crime doesn't have rights before convicted.

  36. NO - he said that they listened, re-framed their positions and gave the people the opportunity to vote on their position

  37. Mark my words...
    She will make such a mess of this exit from the EU that we will be leaving in words only.. we the UK are going to get shafted over this !

  38. Why is she even going to these places to give speeches stay at home sort the mess out your party has made of this country and tell EU what we want take it or leave it just walk away

  39. Jeanne Batchelder.... The pensions problem was caused by Gordon Brown (Labour) Not Theresa May. He gambled all our pension fund and lost it all.

  40. More people have died in this country through Tory cuts than all of terrorism alone, the Tories are now an extreme right wing fascist government on a par with Hitler, a dictatorship.

  41. Don't worry UK, Canada has your back. There was an article this past week in Canada about us increasing trade with the UK. We won't let our family across the pond fall. ❤😊

  42. This country a joke time to look after our own stop foreign aid look after the forces pensioners NHS and sort out our borders leave means leave so do it or resign and get someone who will

  43. Parliament is in charge. The U.K. is not a dictatorship. We always had control of borders, just not implemented. No laws were imposed. Industries already decamping, and job losses in the car industries. #FBPE

  44. As Home Secretary , you let us down by not dealing with immigrants then. !!! You had it in your power.

  45. The EU will cause war and use our forces, what’s left of them, to fight for their power grab. Our servicemen do not want to be in this. Their loyalty is to our Queen not Brussels.

  46. Big fat paycheques on the way for the burocrats in Brussels. Terrorism will continue. They have given up on it. We will have to defend ourselves. Open border, Bilderberg dream.

  47. Terrorist atrocities that our governments have assisted in their implementation. Opened the borders to let jihadis in and then claim that they are working FOR us. Rank hypocrisy.

  48. Polititions workfor us.we as a majority voted to leave.personally i couldnt guve a nonkeys what other nations feel about our decision.out is out.

  49. Is she trying to brown nose this lot?? Just tell them how it Is!!! Put our money back into our country.. sort out our people.. oh..and your trousers are way above your ankles. Not a good look.

  50. The people are not wanting a close and meaningful partnership. We want OUT. Then the doubters will see just how we are being shafted and brought down as a democratic country.

  51. cut the cackle Mrs May you the real enemy of brexit and indeed Britain....lies lies and more lies wretched woman

  52. Think she has need to retire and go in a care home let her experience what our loved ones go through and then see how they are struggling

  53. Trouble with quitters is that they stand shoulder to shoulder with UKIP, the EDL, BNP etc
    All odious racists. Makes you wonder, eh

  54. Germany have massive demonstrations at the moment they are fed up of all the immigrants coming into their country this woman is lying through her teeth, she needs to go and let Jacob Mogg do the job properly

  55. The EU is doing better than it ever has even Greece. Its the UK that will dissolve when Scotland and NI exit.

  56. Our Military is far, far bigger than any other Nation in the EU. We also have Trident. That's why the EU are mad as hell that we are leaving. That and our the hefty contribution.

  57. Most hated woman in Britain, Theresa May.

  58. Our security is in danger because our government are allowing known terrorists back into our country - please tell me how this helps our security?

  59. She's primarily responsible for keeping millions of people in poverty by not upping the minimum wage

  60. How much is it going to cost us, and shall we be able to see the accounts to know exactly where our money is ending up?

  61. Do you really think Maureen Marshall that any monies gained will be spent on the people who really need it? Just saying...

  62. This is really time the British People make a stand if we don’t our country will never ever be the same

  63. Nigel Farage sold us all out why do you think he left , had he of stayed he would be in number 10 now

  64. The evolving threats are the threats that the EU and our government have imported with their globalist ideology

  65. Then start deporting these people right across the continent and stop then coming it's not rocket science

  66. Brexit is going to happen now no matter how many people moan. At least support her to make sure there is a good structure in place with Europe to keep our country safe from terrorism. All the other comments made are pointless. This is a security conference?

  67. Whilst I'm a Labour supporter, is there anyone watching this on this site with anything sensible and mature to say either for or against her and what she's saying? Or are you all just trolls? If so, grow up before you criticise or comment.