The new Diana? Meghan Markle makes secret charity trips just like Princess Diana

The new Diana? Meghan Markle makes secret charity trips just like Princess Diana

Meghan could be the new People's Princess

Intero Articolo: Daily Express


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  1. Half African, half Jewish, 100% spoiled cow who dictates to the royal family. The royals have become a laughing stock. Go back to proper monarchs with proper powers like we had in the middle ages I say.

  2. She's not Diana. Sorry.
    And the trips can't be secret if they are in the press now can they, so who's leaking them?
    It appears to me to be some kind of a publicity stunt to get us to accept her.
    Sorry but for me, she's not Royalty material.
    I wish Her and Harry well, but I honestly think that a Prince of the UK should not be marrying someone, who's displayed half of her body to the world.

  3. Nope, not gonna happen, Harry and family might be fooled but maybe they're desperate to appease the memory, long wait on my behalf.

    Doesn't matter how many things she does to make herself similar to Diana it'll be a total waste of time.

  4. Never will she be the people’s princess only Diana will have that title no other woman will ever shine as much as her

  5. Just drop it Express. It was journalists who indirectly caused Diana's death, just lay off and leave this young woman alone.

  6. There is no replacement for Diana , Meghan is a very different person and a very human one at that so you don't need to compare her to anyone.

  7. Daily Express .I will stop reading your rubbish !This is getting completely ridiculous ! The Royal Family have become a very tasteless soap opera !

  8. Not a chance. They keep tring to shove her down out throats,and I feel there is something wrong with trying to sell her so hard.You have to earn respect. It's not a given.

  9. Will never be a patch on Diana the peoples princess.

  10. Great to have an American in the Royal family keep on good terms with the great Mr Trump

  11. NO WAY...she will NEVER fill Diana’s shoes!

  12. I never liked diana and I don't like this Meghan.

  13. Enough of this stupid boring garbage.

  14. Not like diana though she was one of a kind 😢

  15. Think Harry let his dick rule his head

  16. This girls gonna have a hard road with the amount of spiteful venomous inverted snobs out there

  17. This marriage won’t last long enough for her to become the people’s princess.

  18. She done secret charity because she has secret agenda.

  19. Give the girl a break and let her get on with life, rather than lable her this or that, credit to her.

  20. Sorry. She's not good enough.

  21. Typical media...load of shite.

  22. Will The Express become obsessed with her too?

  23. I certainly dont think so ...........

  24. Whatever next ? Gawd help him, should he be looking for a replacement mummy !

  25. NO WAY! Insult to Princess Diana.

  26. Today I had some peanut butter just like Elvis Presley. The new Elvis?

  27. Is she as mad as Diana, too?

  28. No, Diana didn't like the monarchy, she abandoned the monarchy. Meghan did the opposite.

  29. Never in a million years.

  30. not much of a secret then tossers

  31. I'm with you Charlie Charlie Gardner on your commet

  32. We don't need a people's princess! !