The Royal Wedding in three minutes

The Royal Wedding in three minutes

The Royal Wedding in three minutes

Posted by BBC One May 19, 2018, 7:59 p.m.

👑 In case you missed it, here's three royal hours in three minutes. 👑

Full Article: BBC One


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  1. Hubby and I watched it together.....on our 39th wedding anniversary 😍 Beautiful day from beginning to end...Harry's and Megan's day was too 😉 xXx

  2. Mawwiage.
    Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today.
    Mawwiage, that bwessed awwangement, that dweam within a dweam. 💒

  3. An American, divorced, black woman, slaves' grandaughter and an English Prince decide beign married because they love each other, because love wins... And people can just speak (and write) about wars, poverty, taxes, governments, etc... Something is very wrong with us. My blessing for the couple, from Argentina.

  4. I don’t care what people think or not think about our Royal Family. I would rather have this than anything else. Who really wants a boring president, with naff all history attached 🙋🏼‍♂️.... one of, if not, the oldest monarchies in the world...and long may they continue!! No one else does it quite like Britain! 🇬🇧

  5. I love that Charles gets to walk the bride down the aisle,his one and only opportunity as he has two sons, he put Meghan at ease and Harry thanked his Dad for standing in xx

  6. There are some miserable people in this world . How can that not make you smile and proud to be British .
    Very good luck to them both

  7. The money pissed away on this could send a million girls to school in Afghanistan and India

  8. The most disappointing wedding of all time from the dress to the forced racial messages with the all black choir, participants. It should've been American not racial. She lost so many supporters. Good luck Har.

  9. I notice that they didn’t include the pastors speech - would have needed to be longer than 3 minutes if they had!! 😂

  10. A beautiful wedding for two remarkable people. May they be blessed with many happy years together.

  11. It's was beautiful! Had she gone all sparkle and sexy, ya'll would have complained about overkill. She's 36, a second time bride. Her choices were elegant, graceful and full of class.

  12. And this is where our taxes goes. Keep wasting our money. 👌

  13. That look on Prince Harry's face when Meghan joined him, at the alter, ahh, that look. I can see why she fell in love with him. Every girl wants her man to look at her that way.❤

  14. Meghan chose to wear Queen Mary's tiara, it looked beautiful with that Medieval style dress & the ceremony was also beautiful.. I wish them all the happiness in the world... x

  15. Just beautiful and makes me proud to be British. All the best to the gorgeous couple. X

  16. I loved every second of The Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s wedding. The bride was beautiful and elegant. The groom was handsome and regal. The pomp and ceremony was spot on. Not over the top but just right. Congratulations to the new couple 💍👑

  17. In a world with so much hate & discord, it was nice to see people with pure happiness & joy on their face today. A mix of rich, middle class, poor, ethnicities, celebrity, veterans, average Americans/British, young & old..for a few hours...millions of people joined to celebrate love & joy. Royal fan or not, enjoy the moment of happiness & allow it to is power!

  18. When he lifted the veil was the most romantic moment!!

  19. It was a beautiful day for a Prince & Princess to marry❣LOVED her gown and teira and when Prince Harry lifted her veil and said "Hi" beaitiful!!!

  20. Sorry, I'm kind of underwhelmed. The dress was a little plain. And long sleeves? Even 'Stand By Me' seemed misplaced.

  21. She remained elegant and poised throughout the ceremony. Harry was nervous but also held it together although I think he was perspiring just a little (must have been quite warm in his uniform)...Congratulations to them both. Hope they have a long and happy life together...<3

  22. Congratulations & best wishes to Harry and Megan!! Beautiful wedding and ceremony!! Her dress was simple and elegant to all those posting horrible things about her dress. The tiara she wore was absolutely gorgeous! Wish them both the best!!

  23. Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Duke and Duchess of Sussex) I wish u all happiness and joy on this special day.

  24. Anyone want to explain the Reverend and why his speech took like 5 hours to go through? It drug on, and the screen shots they did of people listening on while he was talking was pretty embarrassing. But other wise beautiful wedding.

  25. These 3 Royal Hours have cost 42.5 Million pounds taxpayer money.... Celebrate 🎉 now... The Only Royal Family of the world whose Generations are Enjoying Lavish Life with looted money of Africans and Asians.

  26. The dress, hair, jewlery and everything was stunning , her smile is really beautiful too
    They are such a cute couple

  27. Is it just me or does she look indifferent??? Like he looks totally in love but it seems she is putting on her best face rather than her true one.

  28. I loved that she chose a simple dress. Her veil was the star it featured a flower from each nation in the common wealth. Gorgeous. One could only dream of something that meaningful. She also had the beautiful queen Mary tiara and her Cartier bracelet. People who say it was boring miss the details.

  29. @BBC Whoa there "at THERE hats"? I think you mean THEIR. Good golly who does your editing for these captions!? #grammarfail

  30. I loved the moment when Prince Charles was next to her!! And Harry had one tear when he saw his half

  31. Best to a lovely couple! Windsor was a nice choice. Looked like it was an event even the participants could actually enjoy, very beautiful.

  32. Beautiful wedding... I wish them lots of happiness. They make such a cute couple. I will never forget the night years ago... I was in my 20’s then... but it came across the news princess Diana had been in a car accident and passed away. It was 😭 sad. She obviously was a good mom and loved her boys. I felt so bad for her boys. This might sound weird but I feel quite proud of them. I know their mom would be for sure. She’s taking care of them from Heaven.

  33. Such a beautiful wedding! I don't care who it is I always love to see others in love! The world needs more happy endings.

  34. Who doesn’t love a wedding especially they’re blending cultures and nations... so special!! Best wishes for a long and joyful marriage!

  35. Very nice movie! All the best to the young family! Thank you BBC One! The whole world like these young and nice people, no matter if they are royal or not, just because they are nice and deserve to be happy like everybody else.

  36. Congratulations to the new couple may they be showered with love and blessings from Everyone and as less interference from the media & paparazzi. God bless them both.

  37. You negative commenters do realize that nothing you've written will have any impact on their lives don't you?

  38. Loved the wedding! It was beautiful! But i just cant help with meghan’s hair. There’s this one strand hair poking out of her left ears and i feel like going up to her and pin it for her. It looked like her hair was done in a rush 🤦🏻‍♀️

  39. I thought the wedding was Beautiful and so was the Bride and the dress stunning and Prince Harry what a Gentleman!!!!! I wish them both Happiness!!!!! Much love!!!🇺🇸🇬🇧

  40. Angie I’ve been watching for a whole 2 weeks I was awake at 3:30 this morning I’m so tired I know I’ll sleep good tonight lol I just love 💗 this couple.

  41. Love this!!!! 😍
    I am a sucker for a fairy tale with a “happily ever after” ending!!!
    I wish them all the best! 💕💕💕

  42. Clooney and other celebs waving to crowd, ridiculous egos..could they not wave and attract attention to themselves for one was about Harry and Megan today !! They look so happy and content..all the best !

  43. I would have chose a private affair type wedding. As far as this, it was a world wedding! I guess it was needed to be Big big big! Mine was in an LDS temple with just a few true friends and family and Heavenly Father. To me that’s all that matters. Marriage is a sacred covenant between to people and NOT the whole world. But excited to see this world wedding evolve into something awesome!😄❤️

  44. God I hate those hats lol! Full hats are okay, but those little half ones that go on the side of your head are terrible! Especially when they have crazy things sticking out of them!

  45. Most amazing wedding ever! The blend of cultures was just too cool. They are both beautiful and you can tell they love each other so much!

  46. I love your ambassador in Romania! For hours his excellency was a guest of a TV channel and spoke about the wedding in Romanian. Last year, he slept with the homeless in Bucharest for one night! I'm totally in love with this wonderful person!

  47. I've never seen the Queen SO unhappy as she was at this wedding today. Thru out the entire ceremony, she never raised her head up once. Something tells me she regrets this decision more than anything she's ever done before. Only time will tell!

  48. Who cares! There are so many more important and urgent matters in this world... Do you know that children are dying from hunger?

  49. It was beautiful. Just be in the moment. They will both do a lot for charity and those in need. They deserve to have a beautiful day! He is a Prince after all.

  50. I'm so so so disappointed. She looked gorgeous but super duper plan. Like her hair was just OK not Beyonce, the dress looks like something I would wear on Easter Sunday not to marry a prince.

  51. The scary coincidence about today's date was that Anne Boleyn was falsely accused and executed today by Henry VIII for Witchcraft and Adultery, among other things....

  52. Che tristezza una sposa che entra da sola ,nessuno al suo fianco ...e lei che dovrebbe provare grandi emozioni per la nuova famiglia e lo sposo che l"attende innamorato,non ha un momento di commozione...mah

  53. Maria Nin Chi Hui a fairy tales for adults consents ! They are so cute... God save the Queen , a toast for this marvellous couple!

  54. Vicki Morrison omg he really is a royal, he is going bald on top! So neither of them are called by their real names? Cute. Haha some wedding goals for you 👰👸

  55. Madison it’s a good thing neither one of us plans on marrying a prince because I don’t think I could handle the hats 🙈😂😂

  56. de reputísima madre! un cuento de netflix lindo y perfecto. excelente filmación. que sean felices y coman perdices, como debedeser. y que a meghan le sea leve The firm y que sacque provecho de ella y la ventile un poco. con dos ovarios, nena!

  57. I think it's hilarious how ever so slightly different things are over there. Just a smidge off of how we speak and do things in America . Or vise versa. Whatever you wanna say. It's like a bizzaro world

  58. I didn’t waste my time watching it.. annoyed public had to fund it in such times of imposed austerity aimed at vulnerable people .

  59. Wishing Prince Harry and his wife Magan the best of this world....for as long as they love and will live together...its their world....we are mere spectators and we just watch them grow to be a family....who knows Prince Harry may one day be king....and America will then havea real Queen....enjoy life and be prolific...we need more royals in this world not just Disney....

  60. I loved this 3 min version. They looked so happy, the choir was awesome and I liked her choice of songs. The dress was plain but regal. What a beautiful girl she is.

  61. This didn't include the best parts! The car, the crying, and the honeymoon! Lol I didn't see it so I just messin. I did NOT find her dress flattering what so ever.. and also my perv mind thought @2:28 was the best part of this clip

  62. Everybody's talking about why she chose that kind of dress. A dress with long sleeves is a requirement for the Royal wedding. Kate and Diana's dress had long sleeves too.

  63. People are funny! They are not God, why do people show extremely happy for them? They have spent millions of dollars on their wedding while hundred thousands of people are starving.

  64. Why did you leave out Rev Curry's incredible "power of love" sermon? It was an historic moment that should absolutely been in this summary of the event. Shame on BBC One 😠

  65. Ok!! I'm good! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with so many! Truly a fairy tale came true! It is what alot of people really dream of!!! Now take care of all smaller than you! Giggle, giggle!

  66. It was wonderful, loved it, magically, beautifully and tastefully done. Very emotional and happy day. I only wish people would leave it as it was, a happy day for the happy couple and those around them.

  67. Congratulations Henry & Rachel aka Harry & Meghan , have a loving long life together and good health and be blessed with beautiful children in the years to come .. Xx