The Most Terrifying Theme Park Ride

The Most Terrifying Theme Park Ride

The Most Terrifying Theme Park Ride

Posted by UNILAD May 14, 2018, 12:15 p.m.

Know anyone who would be brave enough to go on this...? 😱

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scary omg, clare feel, way ticket,


  1. All credit goes to Big Cat Ming for this video! Be sure to check out their Youtube channel here for more -

  2. I'd take my ex there... Hoping it'll malfunction

  3. Not after the video I just watched of the mother and daughter who fell out of one very similar last week. Mom is dead and daughter is critical. No frigging way. Ever again.

  4. Brave enough? What’s scary about it besides that you might fall out. But other than that which I realize is HUGE one...what’s scary? Puking!? Lol people just don’t ride stuff like that. Scare factor solved!

  5. That is the biggest NOPE for me.
    Not only do I not trust them but I would not want the wear other peoples yuck!

  6. Insane! I would rather die alone in my bed or my car than with a bunch of crazy strangers.
    If people need to prove bravery in this manner, find a cause that will help humanity.

  7. Well, let me think.......NO. Unless I was practicing to go into space, which I'm not. Vomit one end. Heaven knows about the other end!!!

  8. Colorado had a similar ride not long ago that was similar but without tilting. It went forward and backwards spinning. You were double buckled in. It was one of my favorite rides growing up. They took it out a few years ago.

  9. It doesn't look all that scary... I'd definitely go for it. Google tower of terror at Gold Reef City, in JHB.. That one is scary! Still trying to work up the courage for it.

  10. Where is this giant swing?It'll be better to stand somwhere in the park and watch how people swaing.Only this way you can be safe.

  11. Got one of these at Thorpe Park Clare? Feel my head and everthing else spinning out of kilter just watching it. Tip, don't stand too close raining puke!!

  12. Sue Hampshire this reminds me of ripsaw in Alton towers- I’m sill traumatised. All I remember is you laughing taking photos of me and lolly 🙈😂 x

  13. Jennifer, Thank goodness Epcot didn’t have this ride or you & I would have been fighting till DEATH to see who rides that w/ the boys! 🙅🏼‍♀️🤢🤮

  14. Dominic Moore I'm one for dares as you saw in Romania but even I would crap myself on this 😂😂😂 would you do it tho?

  15. Kyle Vansil this is what the ride in calgary when i was younger looked like that i went on with my dad and this is why i dont do rides 😭

  16. Jesse Medina two things would happen in the first 20 seconds.
    1. I would vomit everywhere
    2. I would pass out and die

  17. Denese Webb Looks like the kind of ride someone would leave 50p in there pocket on. Who would do that 😂x

  18. Brittany Melendez let’s dooooooo it!!!
    Justin Melendez would you be game or throw up??
    Danielle Leigh LeClaire how do you feel about this?

    We need to make this happen!

  19. Mahi Abrar Amer Shohan Chowdhury Hanjala Nusait torai bol eita kisu hoilo bd er toggy world er gyroscope er comparison e

  20. Nick!, James ,Zoe ,Mikey, Pika, Kate, Jack, Kristen, Thomas, Brandon
    Wow okay!! Damn! Would any of you ride this thing?

  21. Tany Goorriizz Armando Hndz creo que para este juego Luis Heredia y yo les tomamos unos vídeos bien padres desde abajo 🤪

  22. Claudia Pereira Laura Pereira look at how scary omg! its like that ride we went on at the easter show but worse fodas

  23. Didn’t someone just fall off one of these in Mexico like 2 weeks ago

  24. Feel like I'm going to puke just looking at it.

  25. Makes me have motion sickness just to look at it. Ride it? Never. LOL

  26. It looks like someone's feet could get caught. I'll pass

  27. I'm brave enough, but my stomach isn't!! Lol

  28. Kat, Caroline, Sarah, Michael, Emily....
    Who’d come on this with me?

  29. Not I said the cat. I’m getting sick just watching it.

  30. Rebecca Mifsud dis sena imorru luna park u namluwa em wahda bhala minalija xtahseb?? 😂

  31. World's largest cookie tosser?

  32. To bloody right i would be brave enough this looks well good

  33. I'd go on that but only if I was baked af 😂

  34. I don't think so..... Maybe 20 years ago 🙃

  35. Where is this
    Which place
    Me Wanna ride 😀😀😀😀

  36. Noel Dale I bet you had an asthma attack just watching it?😂😂😂

  37. This the same type of ride a lady and her daughter flew off from

  38. The sort of ride, that you're arse will be flapping in the que

  39. Mohamed Ayman Lw kanit bblash kont htrkbha😂😂😂 w ragaie kan hyrkbha brdo

  40. Zoe doesn't look too bad! We could handle this

  41. If you are not sick after that ride you deserve a medal

  42. Julie Mccomish Shaun would love this 😂 after he successfully went on the little kids ride 😂

  43. Pat Guy - how awesome would this be!??

  44. Emma Vernon I think this would be Brent’s biggest SEE-YA ever! 😂 xx

  45. Emma Smith, seems like a one way ticket to spewing yer guts up. Let’s do it! 😁

  46. Janina Em Juliane Em ich glaube der Maxi Mi Lian hätte da richtig Lust drauf 😅

  47. Beni Alkier dafür gibt man gerne Geld aus 😂😂😂 Hammer Wan geht's los ?

  48. Josh Clarke me and you would be straight on that gleaming 😂😂

  49. Nilüfer Kurt kanku senin sevdiğin şeyler hahahaha sen buna binerken ben şey elma kurdu falan çocuk trenine falan gahaaha

  50. Jeremy Garis we'd prob get kicked off this ride like the one at the beach

  51. Laura Wa..das ist einfach nur krank.. 🤢 würdest du?

  52. Isak Emanuel Nilsson o Samuel Nilsong... minns ni mitt skrik eft mamma när vi åkte karusell på torget 😅😲 här hade jag nog dött!!

  53. Nikki Sales ay eto oh mas malaking version nung kinatakot mo hahaha 😂😂😂

  54. Hayley - not one for me but I’m sure that Harrison would give it a go! xxxxx

  55. The next movie concept for Final Destination 😨

  56. that looks pretty placid 😂 was expecting it to spin 5 times as quick

  57. Rachel Just imagine the bruises

  58. Yeah that was a great ride and you were so funny xx

  59. Vanvan sus, para ka lang kinalabit nyan e *insert sarcasm*

  60. Alina Gierlings, mir wird schon beim Zusehen schlecht, aber du hättest bestimmt deine Freude dran !

  61. Ted o víkendu jsme byli na tomhle ale to bylo jen pro dva a bylo to luxus!!