The Most Impressive Pancake Flip Ever

The Most Impressive Pancake Flip Ever

The Most Impressive Pancake Flip Ever

Posted by UNILAD Feb. 13, 2018, 2:42 p.m.

This man is the king of the pancake flip! 😂😂


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  1. So what he can flip a pancake without a spatula!
    Not exactly something New!
    Real cooks have been doing this with a Lot more Flair for a long time!
    Just another one of those Millennials trying to get a cheap 5 seconds of undeserved fame!
    Yes, even I can do this, with 10 seconds of practice!

  2. Hans-Frederik Jensen til jobsamtalen:
    ny chef: dit cv og din ansøgning så ikke så godt ud, men vi ville give dig en chance, så hvad er det du er bedst til.
    mig: viser denne video.
    ny chef: fuck din ansøgning og CV du er ansat, hvis du laver dette hver dag i frokostpausen, så får du 10 k mere i forhold til hvad der står i opslaget og du skal ikke lave noget,

    jeg tænker: endelig har mit forhold til mad hjulpet XD

  3. The greatest achievement for man since landing on the moon. 😆

  4. Men like to celebrate small victories with their best buds. Men don't cry over every little thing. But this PC cultural is killing all the fun.

  5. Sarah Atkinson for some reason this reminded me of the option of getting out of my garage before the door shut😂 I think you would have had it!!

  6. Shayana Baranwal dont know if you ccan see the hindi translations of the captions but i can it says yeh aadmi pancake flip krne ka raja hai

  7. I'm surprised no one commented on the shitty cameraman. Might as well dropped it on the floor who would know?

  8. Noel think you’re so great at flipping pancakes....if Amy sees this, she’ll want you to try it 😂

  9. If i starve to death while you're fancy flipping em pancakes I'll get up before my last breath and flip yo ass.

  10. Save some pussy for the rest of us!

  11. Would be more impressive if he didn't have to re-flip it to cook the other side 😂

  12. If I tried that I’d have a broken back and a pancake on my head.

  13. my future husband will be as talented as this guy

  14. That’s what I call a pancake roll

  15. Lee Jackson I expect something long these lines later when your pancake making 😂

  16. Only thing is the pancake didn't land on the right way down. Such a pity. Take that crown back

  17. Alisha Louisa I can’t even flip a pancake without it ending up on the floor

  18. Olha, quando eu taça fazendo panqueca. Fiz tipo isso. Só que melhor Stephanie Gomes

  19. Rachel Emma Boneham this is the standard of pancake flipping I’m expecting from you tonight! 😂😂😂

  20. Nora Chahab j'acepterai tes pancakes que si tu les retournes comme ça :D

  21. Charles ok your pancake flips are not that impressive anymore

  22. Michael Bull how I expect my pancakes to be served 🤷‍♀️

  23. Beats the one we did at Stanton 😳😂

  24. Już niedługo zrobię Wam tak naleśniki x) Zuzia, Marika

  25. Ohmidays how?? I'd be in a&e if I attempted this🤣😂🤣😂 Katie Abi Alice Loz Lauren

  26. What I need to cook a pancake !! I don't know how to prepare it

  27. Terri Lee Angela Miller. This is the kind of pancake chef we need in our lives 😂😬

  28. Funderwalk Unsylver Avec double back flip si tu en refais des pancakes.

  29. Alistair Taylor this should be your next pancake flip

  30. Michelle Abou Shakra i cant even flip myself to flip a pancake 🤦🏼‍♂️😂😂😂😂

  31. Hani Kanash about time you take the egg flipping to another level

  32. How you should make your pancakes Anna Humphries

  33. Mike Leigh try this tonight to show off to Jess 😂😂😂😂

  34. Max you need to up your game

  35. Michael Casillas this will up your pancake game

  36. Sophie I hope ur dad has these skills tonight 😂

  37. Luis F Marin u better learn this for the next time u make me an omelette lol

  38. Amber Pemrick this is how I imagine you when you do all that tossing and flipping

  39. Indrė 😂😂😂 your future husband

  40. James ollie wants you to do this for him 😂 xx

  41. Landed the wrong way though....

  42. Julia can we try this later please 😂🙈xxx

  43. You gonna do this later Paul Fowkesyou like a bit of tossing Dow ya 😂😂😘

  44. Dan Osgood shame my kitchen isn’t big enough for this x

  45. Qual a primeira coisa que vai fzr qnd tiver sua panela polishop?

    Thais Manenti

  46. I don't know why I can just see you trying this Neve? 😂 Tom Dario

  47. Czarek idealny prezent dla Katarzyna na walentynki. Jak Ci się nie uda to wręcz niezapomniany 😃😂😜