The Guardian view on Gaza shootings: stop killing unarmed civilians | Editorial

The Guardian view on Gaza shootings: stop killing unarmed civilians | Editorial
Image from: The Guardian

"Israel imprisoned 2 million people behind barbed wire and military towers. Israel treated the violence as a jailer might a prison riot: a tragic fault of the inmates."

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  1. Unarmed??? Rioters throwing molotov cocktails whilst using children as human shields deserve no sympathy.

  2. Gazans have free reign in Gaza, as long as they don't attack Israel. If it's such a prison, Hamas leaders wouldn't be billionaires.

  3. Guardian, your lies are astounding. Rioters and terrorists armed with guns, IEDs and firebombs breaching the border fence.

  4. Stop sending your women and children to security checkpoints to be your propaganda agents. Hamas bears responsibility for each of these deaths. A peaceful protest would not have had burning tires, Molotov cocktails, etc. Hamas has gotten exactly what they wanted - dead civilians (mixed with terrorists) to incite the world against Israel.

  5. Unarmed citizens being killed on the streets here in Nicaragua too, we must be at least 75 now with hundreds injured and missing. Yet no reports in the Guardian for almost 3 weeks. No-one outside of Nicaragua seems to understand the situation.

  6. Seriously, is The Guardian a subsidiary puppet of Al Jazeera these days? You guys are utterly pathetic,

  7. Thank you Guardian for standing for justice.

  8. Peaceful roits? Dead civilians? Take those terrorists for example

  9. The zionist media machine is in full swing..."poor little Israel was being attacked....anyone who questions us is an anti-semite!" A cowardly defence!

  10. Israel's view on unguided rockets from Gaza...stop killing innocent civilians. The Brits granted land to Israel and Palestine long ago...the Palestinians didn't like it and went to war and lost, lost land etc. Losers can either be sore losers or humble losers.

  11. Er, I think that the prison analogy is inappropriate because whereas the Palestinians are in a 'prison' through no fault of their own, prisoners in a public prison are there because they have broken laws of the land.

  12. Actually the Gaza Strip was Egypt after 1948 check map back then, and the border boundary existed, there was no movement other than to Egyptian Sinai then. Currently israel has no control over the southern border of the gaza strip.
    If it was a closed border when it was another country why would it not be now.
    "Imprisoned "

  13. Paid Israeli throlls are filling comments threads with their lies but only trump supporters would believe them it won't sway public opinion on this subject it's obvious who the terrorist state is after the last few days. If the US wasn't protecting them Israel would have as many embargoes as North Korea

  14. Isn't this what the nazi's did to the jews when are the jews to be tried for war crimes against humanity and compensation paid accordingly. Germany paid for its crimes so when will the jews pay for theirs..

  15. “Channelling a reckless Donald Trump.” That’s it in a nutshell. Of course the situation isn’t helped by Iran using the Palestinians as cannon fodder but we do need some true world leadership to get these people round a table.
    Chump isn’t that leader, he’s incendiary and another reason why we in Europe need to stick together and keep deadwood sheight like him at arms length.

  16. The whole thing is a calamity of Balfour Declaration making and all the UK govt does by backing Netanyahu and his govt is simply reinforcing failure at the cost of innocent lives. Plus ca change!

  17. The guardian is Not real news, it's leftist propaganda, Inciting Hatred and Violence against Israel.

  18. Stop provoking IDF at the border and using unarmed civilians including kids as human shields, noone would get killed!!!

  19. If Gaza is the world biggest open prison, then how many prisons out there have universities, public beaches, shopping malls and brothels?

  20. People caged in Gaza were protesting with stones were bombarded with guns and rockets and there are animals who have guts to defend that state!

  21. Nice to know that some press is not sold to the political interests of extreme conservatism.

  22. At least today the headline states it's The Guardian opinion.
    As opposed to the very flawed article headline yesterday.

  23. Gaza is big open jail . Biggest ever concentrations camp .. real holocaust live broadcast no lies in it ..

  24. I guess the LGBT Palestinians are having a few days off from being worried about being thrown off a rooftop.

  25. The Guardian lost all shame? We know that they know better!

  26. thanks mr editor for ur kind support on humanity....

  27. stop the lies these are not peaceful protest and not unarmed civilians they are armed with hand grenades, pipe bombs, cleavers and guns. Ten explosive devices were detonated. There were outbursts of gunfire over a dozen kites carrying firebombs were sent into Israel where they started 23 fires. Israeli soldiers defended their country leaving multiple Hamas attackers at peace.

  28. Just looking at all the top comments makes my heart weep. So much blindness towards the truth

  29. Hamas, providing cannon fodder for its own political gain. Yawn

  30. Oh wow, the trolls are at work I see.

  31. It’s fake news!! Even ONU is baking up Israel.

  32. The Guardian, could you provide the name of the author of this opinion piece?

  33. Many of them were armed...with rocks, molotov cocktails and whatever else they could throw.

  34. stop the lies these are not peaceful protest and not unarmed civilians they are armed with hand grenades, pipe bombs, cleavers and guns. Ten explosive devices were detonated. There were outbursts of gunfire over a dozen kites carrying firebombs were sent into Israel where they started 23 fires. Israeli soldiers defended their country leaving multiple Hamas attackers at peace.

  35. Look at all the paid Hasbara trolls out in force

  36. If only people cared about pesky human beings

  37. It's ok Allah is protecting them 😂

  38. Empowered by Trump and his evangelical right benefactors.


  40. What the jewish are doing ain’t different from what the nazi did to them.

  41. Israel has the right to defend itself when any enemy chooses to breach its borders. Any death is absolutely tragic but because of Hamas' influence in Gaza, they are able to use men, women, and children as human shields rather than try to talk about problems. They dont want to try for peace, they want to make a scene. Israel tries to be as peaceful as possible and gives the citizens of Gaza a chance to live their lives. The citizens there choose to set fire to the resources Israel provides to them or use them as rockets.

  42. Unarmed Arabs really?
    They get what they deserve 😉

  43. Wow.. lots of Zionists justifying murder !

  44. It is very hear wrenching . RIP Humanity


    There are multiple photos and videos of the Palestinians wielding meat cleavers and Molotov cocktails and burning tires so they could attack Israel through the smoke. The Israeli soldiers were SHOT at first before shooting the rioters........STOP LYING TO YOUR READERS!!!!!! Stop giving Hamas a propaganda boost!!!

    This article is about POS publications like yours:

  46. Gaza is not a prison. They have a border with Egypt as well. How can anyone expect Israel to open its border with Hamas who are hell bent on killing every Jew (it's in their Charter)


  48. This is now Israeli soldiers shooting their sniper rifles at Palestinian children.

  49. Apparently, the Guardian believes that murdering the Jews at will is an inalienable "right" of any Arab. That disgusting pro-terrorism narrative: the fact you do not want us to murder you means you imprison us.

  50. The real title should be Israel must protect its borders against these terrorists in Gaza who are blowing themselves up at the border and using each other as human shields so the media can blame the innocent beautiful israel. Israel is humane and loves it’s people. Israel gave Gaza to these monsters for peace! The people of Gaza have beautiful land and turned it into hell because they are greedy!

  51. It is really quite unbelievable that the Guardian promotes the lie that Israel is killing unarmed civilians. Not only is it evident from the video and photographs that are widely available that many of the rioters are armed with slings, Molotov cocktails, incendiary kites, and even explosives and firearms, but Hamas has explicitly stated what they are doing is try8ing to breach the border fence and invade Israel.

  52. Perhaps a little sanity and fact in these comments instead of rabid pro-israeli government jabbering. There is no border - Israel has not even declared one, there was no credible threat to the military or civilians. Sniper rifles were used and Palestinians killed up to 700 metres away. This was a war crime whose authors were Netanyahu and Trump. Shame on anyone that supports them.

  53. Israelis forget it is their brothers in Europe who killed six million Jews and not Palestinians. Why are Palestinians allowed to be dehumanised by Israel. Why does most Israeli government spokesmen and women sound Europeans. How come Americans and Europeans have more rights in Jerusalem than Palestinians. Balfour declaration is the biggest illegal land grab in recent history. We are with Palestinians 👍.

  54. These are terrorist Arabs trying to breach the borders fence illegally and massacre innocent civilians in israel !

  55. A lot of victim blaming here it’s sad to see that people feel the need to defend Israel despite the atrocities it commits. Israel behaves as the Nazi regime did - determined to wipe out a group of people. Oh the irony! Israeli humanity is dead.

  56. Hamas is a terrorist organization and has no qualms using women and children as human shields.
    It also has no scruples about ordering an attack that it KNOWS will kill Palestinians for PR purposes.
    You seem to think that all this was spontaneous, the wrath of the people. In reality, this was an organized PR stunt with the express aim of producing dead people.

    That Israel is heavy handed goes without saying, but if you read the history of this conflict and look into WHY there is a border fence, if you read the manifesto of Hamas (kill every Jew), if you consider that Palestinians are welcome nowhere in the bordering countries, then maybe you need to put the blame on the terrorists? For a change?

  57. Israel established on Palestinians land and displaced them from their home. On #Nakaba day Palestinian demanding the right to back their home. Israelis replies with bullet.

    Israel established on mythical logic and killed and displaced about 5.1 million Palestinian since 1948. Zionist ruled the main stream media and they always protect hided brutality of Israel, genocide of israel on Palestinians. World citizen knowing about israel after blooming social media and more people rejecting israel everyday.

    Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement is enough to demolish a bastard state. Boycott Israel.

  58. Any other country would have sanctions placed on it by the international community but it seems Israel can murder as many Palestinians as they want and the US will always support them. Israel is acting like a rogue state, this behaviour cannot and should not be tolerated, the UN and EU must act.

  59. Israel is a terrorist state. Here is what, Tikva Honig-Parnass, one of those who created the foundations of Israel has to say:

  60. Well, the Guardian does it again! Israel is attacked, and the Guardian defends the Islamist Supremacist Attackers. Instead of taking Hamas to task for their crime of enlisting child combatants, and inciting their civilian populations to commit suicide by Israeli. the Guardian slams Israel for defending their own children. Yeah, the IslamoLefties strike again!

    Hey Guardian! What does it fell like to be an accomplice to a Terrorist Organization like Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood?

  61. Hardly,any coverage at all concerning the deaths of innocent Christians killed by 3 suicide bomber families in Surabaya or the innocent civilians in Paris. But only sympathy for the devil calls from the Guardian! Scandalous!

  62. They are the biggest terrorists killing Innocents.