The Dutch Pancake House was like nowhere else

The Dutch Pancake House was like nowhere else
Image from: Manchester Evening News

Who remembers this place?!

Full Article: Manchester Evening News


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  1. 18 inches wide savoury pancake!! mmm

  2. That was my bribe when I was a kid.

    I'd only go to town with my gran if we went there.

  3. Was telling my daughter bout this place on Sunday night ' loved the place ..

  4. This was the best place in Manchester for pancakes and there is nothing like it, not too keen on these thick stodgy American pancakes, someone should reopen the Dutch Pancakes House. Used to take an ex there.

  5. Danyul James show this to your Mum, she used to take me here a treat when I was Megan’s age. Shopping at Laura Ashley for a gorgeous dress and yummy pancakes here. Xx

  6. My first pancake there was a full English pancake, I was hungover and they had an A board outside advertising it so me and cousin went in, went back as often as I could after that

  7. Wow, my favourite place. Some funny names for the pancakes as well if I remember correctly. Gutted it closed :(

  8. Remember walking round trying to find this place Katrina Brosnahan it really was fab how disappointed I was when realising it was gone

  9. Loved it in there - pancakes then round the corner to watch a movie !! ;-)

  10. Was this not the place you were talking about Robert Shaw??

  11. Olivia Wynn Zara Ayrton you might not remember but this is the place I was talking about on the walk from Junkyard golf

  12. I do miss this place 😒 brought back a lot of nice memories 😒😒😒

  13. Loved it in there had some really good nights with girls from workxx

  14. Was by Piccadilly Bus Station on the corner of Moseley St?

  15. Amy Fox this is the place I was telling you about πŸ˜‚

  16. Loved it there yummy πŸ˜‹ Helen do you remember? Xx

  17. Sarah Jane Bartoletta, I remember you taking me here! Pancakes were massive πŸ˜‹

  18. Ham & pineapple with butter, a grizzly bear to finish. Great memories here

  19. Bacon pancake with icing sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Mouth waters at the thought of it.

  20. Vegetarian with cheese delist.

  21. Alexandra Keane do you remember us going here?

  22. Lisa Marks Damien Marks the infamous overheard dildo rail conversation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    It was a fab place to eat.

  23. Joe Swindles Pancakes and back to the future happy days πŸ˜‹

  24. My first time visiting Manchester, Maxwell Brierley and Emma took me here!! And I’m still living in Manchester

  25. Victoria Hart remember this too....😢

  26. I used to work at the florist across the road

  27. Used to love it. Was really shocked when it closed down as it was so unique and popular.

  28. Great pancakes loved going in here with Noodle back in the day.

  29. Remember it well could do with another opening ????

  30. Aw i was telling the kids at school today about this place. It was great

  31. Omg my adopted mum used to take me here when i was a kid

  32. I was so upset that they closed I'd searched high and low for another one and it's non existent!!!!

  33. We've got a Dutch pancake house in north wales, ham/cheese & mushrooms yummy πŸ˜‰

  34. Totally gutted when it closed, chicken and cheese was my favourite x

  35. Shame it closed (didn't reopen somewhere else) Loved their pancakes

  36. Rhys Grover please tell me you went here

  37. The only time my second boyfriend ever took me out was to here. Good place, still miss it.

  38. Their savoury pancakes were to die for .

  39. Yes but only en passant as i went for lunch daily in the Ceylon Tea Centre opposite

  40. Lived in Manchester most of my life & I don't even remember it .

  41. Use to meet my late father here for lunch. Fond memories!