The Best Happy Meal Toy Ever

The Best Happy Meal Toy Ever

The Best Happy Meal Toy Ever

Posted by UNILAD April 13, 2018, 8:58 a.m.

This has changed the Happy Meal game forever 😲

Puggy Smalls

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  1. Seriously? Now McDonald's put a dog in the happy meal? This is so cruel!
    I'm calling the cops, this is animal abuse

  2. Alyce, Holly, Victoria - I didn't think I would ever be able to enjoy a Macca's any more than I already do... but look at this little guy!!!!

  3. GREAT material: D Continue the good work and you might just have me having to pay attention in the near future as well. 😓

  4. Brock Gregg oooo done u a bamboozle when u thot u were having 3 nuggs, pop top n apple slices when really it's a puggo

  5. lol, now that is a happy meal!

  6. I will have the McPuggets please lol 😂

  7. Mirko Vitale if you got this you would go all the time with Adam

  8. His name is Puggy Smalls! OMG best name ever!!

  9. Vietnamese mcd. Burger looks pretty rare I thought I saw it move.

  10. Skyleigh I would 100% be happy after this

  11. Emma hvorfor fik det her mig til at tænke på dig 😂😂😂

  12. I love McDonald’s and Pugs!!!!

  13. Rachel Bickley we need to put leela and Bella’s head in a maccas happy meal 😂😂😂

  14. Manon toi qui mange que des happy meals, voici le happy meal Asiatique mdrrr

  15. Kevin Et pourquoi tu rapportes jamais de petit chien toi du macdo?

  16. Melissa, you never got this toy when you use to get happy meals lol

  17. Théophane Bouteloup la double peine, déjà ca veut dire que 1) j'ai pas de mc do et qu'en 2) c'est un chien moche

  18. Alex Pham so I heard that they upgraded the Happy meal toys at McDonald's

  19. Bet you would eat Maccas if you got this in your happy meal Sharlene Holder

  20. Ian Grima the only reason im going to mcdonalds <3

  21. Kristen lets take a trip to maccas yeah

  22. Anna, jeg synes du skal se om det ikke kan lade sig gøre at få sådan en i stedet for alt det der plastik☺️

  23. Aaron Bear can I have a happy meal like this please xxx

  24. Mitch Sanchez time to get a happy meal?? 😆 ... just don't eat it 🙈

  25. Katie Georgia Is this what you hope for when you go to McDonalds? 🙈

  26. @ James this would beat the Peter Rabbit game

  27. Shaun Jones i want this happy meal when you next go please 😘

  28. Chloe Holdsworth, Neal Holdsworth I might think about eating a mc' d if you get this in them X

  29. Uma pena que tu nem olha mais o que eu te marco Lorena

  30. This why you always go to macas Aimée Graham? 😂 aye Kyra Peach

  31. Elissa Muratore u wanna happy meal lol

  32. I need to go to Macci D's for a happy meal

  33. Leah Cox youd probably eat maccas more often 😂😂

  34. Oh! I'm going right to McD's for a happy meal

  35. If you look closely that's a pup

  36. Giody, la prossima volta che andiamo al Mc voglio l'Happy Meal 😍

  37. But its too lazy to catch that frisbee or to do parkour with me lol

  38. Upinder SinghDhaliwal gonna gift u like this on ur weddng

  39. Paul Connell looks like u will be bringing Orla for a happy meal shortly 🤣

  40. Heather can u imagine Aimee’s wee face ❤️xx

  41. Just showed Freya & Ava this 💗💗

  42. Bleona Shahu Brisilda Shahu this is why I love McDonald’s hahahaha

  43. Lol I just forwarded this to you on messenger

  44. Who else thought it was a chocolate chip cookie! 🤣🤣😋

  45. Calum Brkn Would you be gutted you didn't have Maccers as well?

  46. Nicolas Morelli andiamo al Mc a prendere questo happy meal? 😂👍🏻

  47. Zoyer who's bday is coming up???

  48. Piers Ollier better than winning the monopoly 😂

  49. Amelia Ryan this Happy meal box is much better then red one

  50. Brandon Katz if only we could get this after the jol 😂

  51. Flora Liu I’m going to buy u a happy meal

  52. lol thought that said happy meal

  53. Chudáčik psík ľudia sú hajzli bezcitny. Nemajú srdce ani cit hanba im za to.

  54. So where's my meal and R10'000 to get me started on feeding this animal.

  55. Ellen Finnegan... We know someone who wd love this...! 😊 😊

  56. Stjepan Tokic Schatz ich will auch so n Happy Meal😍

  57. Rhys this and some nuggets and I’ll be happy 🙄🙄

  58. Kasia Monet something to go with the office dog drawer

  59. Linda Roos HoefgeestHoefgeest...met die levensgevaarlijke 😍🤣

  60. Zyrah as if we don’t love McD’s enough