The Amazing Career Of Peter Falk (†83)

The Amazing Career Of Peter Falk (†83)

The Amazing Career Of Peter Falk (†83)

Posted by Promipool March 13, 2018, 4:51 p.m.

The legendary Peter Falk will always be "Columbo" to us! 🕵️‍♂️ Have a look at his amazing career... 😃 For more TV stars, go to!

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  1. I agree 100%, there,s only one Columbo and always will be. I still watch every Sunday the
    Old shows.

  2. RIP Peter Falk!!! I always watched your Program for years and I still watch the re-runs too!!! You were a "Terrific Actor", you will be missed!!!

  3. I love watching columbo Peter and falkwas great maybe he acted like a scatterbrain but columbo always got the baddies in the end still love watching he's old reapeats now

  4. My husband loved watching Colombo,he had alziemers and would watch them over and over again. Until he could not watch any more.Peter Falk Made Colombo his own he was brilliant

  5. My main detective Peter Falk as Columbo always watch his show love when they showed his marathons wow what a good actor may he rest in peace

  6. I will always love him - - - his trench coat - - - his dog - - - food in his pockets - - - his " unpolished shoes " wonderful series the episode with Janet Leigh my favorite episode

  7. Columbo has to be my fave TV sleuth, and my weirdest celeb crush xx Peter Falk, you rock xx RIP, buddy xx

  8. Brilliant Actor, To keep me interested, he would have to be, but He was one of the very few that could keep my attention on the plot,.

  9. I take issue with the use of the word "scatterbrained". He was not. He was intuitive, observant, and knew how to read people.

  10. I've been watching Peter Falk in many of his movies, great actor....I really enjoyed watching him in daughter & I still watch reruns of Columbo every Sunday's a Wonderful movie with him in it....Rest in Peace Mr. Falk....Laplace, La.

  11. Loverly guy. loved his work in film and TV. great story about him sleeping with a actress who had a small dog. awoke to find the dog chewing on his false eye that he had left on the bed side cabinet. 😂😂😂.

  12. Peter Falke , one of the best actors ever !! His coat , treats in pockets , that dog , the wife we never saw , the car , his intuition on every case , he always got his man !! My husband and me love watching him every Sunday , RIP ♥️

  13. Columb was the only thing I didn't like him in. I was madly in love with him when I was a teenager thought he was very attractive

  14. One of the most talented actors ever to come out of America,story lines you could follow from start to finish,never be another like Columbo.

  15. I loved his shows..I watched everyone that was on TV and I knew it. I love the way he had of figuring things out..

  16. Loved his programmes so much...always watch all the re/runs even though I have seen them 1000 times! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. I still watch Columbo every morning

  18. I still watch Columbo no one could ever replace Peter Falk he was very talented.

  19. My Mom and me watched Columbo together. We loved it.

  20. Love Columbo!! Try to watch all the reruns.

  21. Wanda Ashley I like to watch about Peter Falk very smart to be very good

  22. I loved to watch Peter Falk. He was one of the greats. Loved him in Colombo.

  23. I loved Columbo...still watch reruns

  24. Love Columbo watch re runs even now

  25. I still watch reruns of Columbo.

  26. Loved Watching Columbo. May You R.I.P. Peter. You Are Gone But Never Forgotten.

  27. I still watch columbo every sunday i love him he made columbo. Brilliant actor. RIP peter falk. XXXXX

  28. R I P Peter Falk such a great actor Also enjoyed your t v series Columbo You had a terrible ending R I P 🍸😊❣❣

  29. Love Peter Falk and the Columbo series. I record all of his hows.

  30. always loved columbo..he was such an awesome actor.. I still watch the reruns of him...

  31. I still watch Columbo on the weekend. He will always be my favorite detective.

  32. Yes he is the best male actor of all times. My man Columbo.

  33. Every time I see him I see my dad he used to impersonate him sounded just like Mr Peter falk

  34. Still love watching Columbo at the weekend.👍

  35. My late mum loved Columbo, I enjoyed watching him too.

  36. Love columbo, I have all the shows and watch them regularly RIP xx

  37. I love columbo I watch it every Sunday all 3 episodes 😀

  38. I loved Columbo never missed it.. I think i might have been a wee bit in love with him 😊

  39. I still watch him on the weekends even though i seen the episodes 100 times

  40. I loved his movie with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in The Great Race. So funny.

  41. I loved his show. Watched it everytime it was on. RIP.

  42. I have his book "Just one more thing " scratching his head

  43. We are still watching Columbo!!!

  44. Love watching Colombo still... have the complete set of DVDs of all episodes made

  45. I have watched him as Colombo forever, my only regret is that I never got to see his Wife!

  46. I wish Fetv had him on the air. They have Matlock, Mason. Give me Columbo

  47. Fabulous Actor. Huge fan. Rip. We need more real quality Actors like him instead of pin ups.

  48. I love this guy in everything he’s done he’s a legend I love him war films too !

  49. Great actor my late husband used to love watching columbo 👍💕

  50. He always had an eye on things.

  51. My husband bought me the whole set which I watch over & over again. Love him.

  52. We watch Columbia every morning!

  53. A brilliant program I never missed an episode.


  55. Loved him watched Columbo this am

  56. Love watching Colombo. I look for the reruns to watch but they aren’t on many time.

  57. Oh my father in law loved this show he passed away in August he was 94 miss you dad

  58. That’s my middle name 😂 loved that guy and show👍🏻

  59. Columbo is on Sundays. Allways used to watch it and still do. Really good actor sadly missed

  60. Loved Columbo , still watch them , they don't make any nowadays half as good !!

  61. Love Columbo😢me an hubby always watch the DVD'S💁

  62. Love watching Colombo every Saturday r I p. Peter xx

  63. This is the only guy to have been Colombo no other actor could have done that character loved him

  64. Used to love how he would always go back to them brilliant loved it