Syria air strikes: US, UK and France launch attack on Assad regime

Syria air strikes: US, UK and France launch attack on Assad regime
Image from: The Guardian

LATEST: Donald Trump has launched air strikes with the UK and France that the president said were aimed at the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons facilities.

Full Article: The Guardian


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  1. On Syria not on any regime, I'm in Damascus and ur missiles are hitting civil foundations.. God protect Syria

  2. “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.”
    - Donald J. Trump, August 29, 2013

    “The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not!”
    - Donald J. Trump, August 30, 2013

  3. All to distract from all the scandals blowing up right now about his atty. He is willing to risk the lives of our military for personal benefit. Shame shame!

  4. how do you bomb places that make chemical weapons without blowing up chemical weapons?

  5. Well when WW3 happens I'll be open to submissions for anyone wanting to join my post apocolyptic garbage viking clan.

  6. A day before the OPCW were to investigate the chemical attack? Hmm, nothing suspicious about that

  7. If we knew where the chemical weapons facilities were, why wouldn’t we have done something sooner? Smoke screen?

  8. Western crimals eg. America, UK, France will be ACCOUNTABLE on the Day of Reckoning. Indeed. There will be NO escape.

  9. So we have attacked specific facilities where we suspect chemical weapons are made. So suspecting is enough to launch missiles, but not enough to take more proactive / less murderous action these atrocities occur

  10. Won’t bombing chemical weapons facilities cause the chemicals to escape and contaminate a wide area?

  11. Washington would be disgusted with this nonsense. Stop using the props of true democracy to support the ignorance of this suntanned creature.

  12. This is the Syria strategy.....let’s use it to change the narrative and let people forget about Stormy, Cohen and Comey!!!

  13. All the respective leaders in Britan, France, and the USA have bypassed their parliaments, and therefore democracy. Sadly over the last few decades this is the way it has been sliding thanks to both Conservatives like Bush, Cameron, Sarkozy and Liberals like Obama, Blair, Hollande. People of both the right and the left who believe in the rule of law and democracy need to rise up. You can't change things by voting anymore the last 20+ years have shown this. First people should rise peacefully, hacking government websites, not paying taxes, occupying banks, stock exchanges, railways, highways, power plants and anything of importance. If they do not listen or they use force then the people must be prepared to take up arms and free themselves from this new slavery by any means and any cost. We must rebirth our democracies and rid ourselves of the establishment. Those who can stand trial and be punished by the rule of law should do so, but those who will not be brought to justice should be filled with lead. If you believe in the constitution, if you believe in your right to vote and be represented, if you believe that they should serve the hard working tax paying electorate, if you are against illegal wars, and are tired of the refugee crisis and austerity, if you believe that out leaders have a responsibility to follow the rule of law you cannot turn a blind eye anymore you have to act.

  14. This is like a broken record but much more serious. Airstikes with no strategic end game and what the actual objective is. With hundreds of thousands of people already killed and injured and even more displaced why the delayed reaction?

  15. Attacking a country with "weapons of mass distraction" on a mission of peace? Will the Syrians be greeting us with "flowers and candy?" Haven't we seen this cartoon before?

  16. So, what happened to all those super interceptors that would immediately shoot down any missiles fired at Syria? Must be manufactured on the same plant they make the new super nuclear delivery systems that can't be beaten. President Borgia is full of crap.

  17. The thing that we were so frightened about from this Trigger-button-free POTUS has happened! In God now we shall pray! Amen!

  18. Question Time might be interesting. I doubt that Honourable Members will be quite as reticent as the U. S. media is about asking whether British lives and treasure are being pledged to aid Cheeto in his desperate attempts to change the subject.

  19. Can't wait for the confused look on Trump supporters' faces. Gullible sheep who believed this moron would avoid military intervention with the Middle East 😂

  20. Trump and May are a actor and actress, who doesn't get that ? Tell are Muppets to instate a reason to start a war to take control of the oil in Syria, just like Iraq. ...go figure that

  21. So now he cares about the same children he turned away at the border? It's a distraction, period. It's no coincidence that Faux News said this morning that bombing Syria would distract from Comey's book.

  22. United nation still looking like owl , it proved that weakness invites aggression ... And it will happen in future but the victim not only syria but also other states .......

  23. We are in Syria donot care about your missiles.a superpower countries become aggerssor countries dragged behind their moral.

  24. It's interesting he's doing this just hours before chemical weapons inspectors arrive to look into the allegations.

  25. Ce matin, Justin Trudeau a exprimé son soutien à la violation flagrante de la Charte des Nations Unies par l’administration Trump. Indépendamment de la légalité des attaques dirigées par les Etats-Unis contre la Syrie, la notion selon laquelle Trump, Macron et May sont motivés par le désir de protéger les droits de l'homme est méprisable. Il y a quelques jours, ils ont tous trois embrassé des assassins de masse saoudiens dont les mains sont trempées dans le sang des enfants du Yémen.

    This morning, Justin Trudeau has expressed support for the Trump administration’s flagrant violation of the United Nation’s Charter. Quite apart from the legality of the US led attacks on Syria, the notion that a Trump, Macron And May are motivated by a desire to protect human rights is contemptible. Just days ago the three of them embraced Saudi mass murderers whose hands are soaked in the blood of Yemen’s children.

  26. They should strike against Turkey, which is the real user of the chemical weapons to cover the genocide committed against the Kurds.

  27. He waited so long for this after chickened out of bombing DPRK..... Is it really the chemical weapons or his ego?

  28. Well. Nice knowing all of you. The living will envy the dead. Considering where I live, I look forward to being envied. Farewell.

  29. Does that mean these warmongering countries are opening their borders to accept more Syrian refugees then? No?

  30. The neo cons told Clinton Sadan had quimical weapons, you need to invade Iraq, he said do you know the address? Give to me. He bonved the factory at 9 pm. That is it he said I do not need to invade Iraq.

  31. Here comes the USA, France and the uk to save the day. The uk can’t even run the NHS or fund the education system properly but hey look what I’ve found, the money tree 🌲 for war. The Saudis and the Israelis will be pleased that we’ve acted on THEIR behalf.

  32. Atleast Trumps red lines are not drawn on water. Russia's bluff is called. Syria can no longer attack its people with impunity.

  33. All over my news feed are Syrian refugees in the west sharing pics celebrating Trump... It's all very well being moral when it's not your families Assad and Russia are killing or torturing. Russia have had 7 years or so to sort this conflict out via the UN.

  34. Donald Trump is hoping to get 9 holes in before any further attacks take place . A new bomb shelter is planned at Mia largo WPB for the POTUS and his cronies . GOD HELP US !!!!!

  35. One of the most dangerously vicious circles menacing the continued existence of all mankind arises through that grim striving for the highest possible position within the ranked order, in other words, the reckless pursuit of power which combines with an insatiable greed of neurotic proportions that the results of acquired power confer.

  36. I hope there is more evidence found for Assad chemical attacks that there was for Saddam's WMDs. :(

  37. Distraction for Trump, he could care less about Syrians.

  38. Poor Syria...😯😦😨 Several countries bringing "freedom" to its people...😡

  39. Now I bet your all wishing that trump was actually controlled by putin.

  40. lets just hope that civilians are not going to get hurt, insha'Allah...

  41. And the story repeats itself again....

  42. Why has Parliament not voted on this British military involvement?

  43. So all you Tory trolls where are you now ???

  44. If he cares so much why isn't he letting refugees in?!?!!

  45. And where are these chemical weapons facilities?

  46. Sad, sad, sad, sad, same mistakes from war Ii.destruction, destruction, France will pay huge price for this mistake.

  47. O my God third war started. 3 countries? That's is the beginning of the third war. Europe will be destroyed again.......who faon from this?

  48. Where is Gina Miller, demanding parliamentary approval when we need it the most?

  49. Its simple. Make sure there were no chemical weapons there by fabricatitung the whole thing.

  50. UN inspection was supposed to start tomorrow. But no, the US, the UK, and France were too worried about the results of the inspections. Their lies, deciept, and fake news would've been revealed.

  51. War never solves anything. I'm with Corbyn on this.

  52. الدفعات الجوية السورية تتصدى للعدوان الثلاثي لثلاث دول تعتقد أنها عظمة ..سورية العظمة عليكم اللعنة ترامب اللعين .

  53. Time to start stocking up on tinned goods and bottled water.

  54. So I take it the withdrawal he promised last week won't be happening?

  55. That idiot talks about praying to God...cough, cough, cough, Too funny!

  56. Wrong headline. Should be "Syria air strikes: US, UK, and French Regimes commit war crime against legitimate Syrian government."


  58. Here we go again. Failing administrations love nothing more than a good war. May and Trump.

  59. There was no other alternative when dealing with despots.

  60. How can I sleep now Trump, watching and knowing what you three have done, uncertainty we face.

  61. Ahhh - how is blowing up chemical weapons facilities different from what is already happening?

  62. Don't forget that this is happening because the security council is impotent😉

  63. Aka anything they feel like, creating chlorine gas requires salt water and electricity

  64. For mother Russia....! 5ting no fear ....we stand with you Puting!

  65. White helmets have got their way again

  66. clean this dirty country from Turks!
    and do there finally order!

  67. and designed to take focus away from his domestic problems.....