Stats reveal Thibaut Courtois is one of the WORST goalkeepers in Premier League 'big six'

Stats reveal Thibaut Courtois is one of the WORST goalkeepers in Premier League 'big six'
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Do Chelsea need a new No.1? 😮

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  1. Courtois let us down massively last night. At fault for all the goals, even the 2nd. His heart is not with the club and it shows on the pitch. He must go.

  2. Yer he had a bad game last night, but he as saved us loads of other times , fickle supporters, at least he was man enough to come out after the game & give a interview & say sorry for last night & you could see it hurt him , how many goalies every come out & apologises after a game , give the guy a break , it was the best player in the world that scored 2 of the goals last night

  3. Yes!!! His mind and soul is in Madrid, period. Sell him Chelsea like you sack managers everytime the gaffer didn't live up to the club expectations. Cech was more brilliant and intelligent then this guy. You sacrifice a Legend for this Prima Donna good for nothing whom always asking for more money and threatening to quit the club at many occasions. This guy don't deserved to wear the badge like Cech did. Sell him!!

  4. Chelsea defence was 100%OK it's only that we played with out a keeper..never u blame our defenders last night they played well courtois and Fabrigas is a waste

  5. Can only think of 2/3 world class saves he's made since playing for us, on the other hand, Cech was pulling them off on a regular basis, Cudicini even better than him imo

  6. Should never have dropped cech for courtois, ok cech isn't in great form at arsenal but I think Messi would be ruined at arsenal

  7. i saw his weakness right at the beginning of the season but as it progresses he became better thanks to Lio for proving me right

  8. Absolutely no surprise at all - De Gea has kicked into the next level and he seems to have gone backwards. No where near the quality he showed for Madrid

  9. But he has the 3rd best clean sheet record this season , A premier League medal from last season and won the Golden Glove last season ... hmmmm

  10. No he is one of the best ....he might fail and had bad games recently.BUT Chelsea defence weakness is part of it....

  11. Before this game he was being linked with real Madrid. My how your stock can rise and fall after just one game. He might be a little keener to go back into negotiations with Chelsea again now.

  12. One bad game and he is a flop, maybe look at the defence that leave him so isolated

  13. the second choice goalkeeper was gonna do a better job in keeping his legs closed

  14. Courtois weakness was exposed! Low shots!

  15. Courtois is just over hyped,I think he is in the ranks with Buttland and minolet.

  16. His mind in Madrid..let him go...Chelsea would be better off..

  17. I could have done a better Joe than Courtois.

  18. I think im the only one who think that but yeah he's very overrated

  19. Nope carry on as they are, same as Arsenal should keep Wenger

  20. They will do when he leaves in the summer

  21. Can someone explain the expected goals conceded stat?

  22. Don't need stats to know that. Just had to watch him against Barca.

  23. a Chelsea but I totally agree with that

  24. he conceive goal every match,he is useless and not ready to stay at Chelsea

  25. Yes definitely sell him get Pickford or Butland.

  26. Sorry joe hart is the worse keeper around. I would not pick him for my sons u16s team.

  27. dis guy is a basket bt I will prefer willy cabelero

  28. He's toilet.. rated best In the world at one point.. twists his ankle throwing 3 pointers at an nba event..

  29. Chelsea fc should be using cabalero for now cos courtios is a basket

  30. Yes we need a better keeper not this flop

  31. Thomas Walsh Simon Marsden yes he is the most overrated keeper in football fact !!!

  32. I knew that which ever good or bad shot on target is a goal if not accidentally saved

  33. Who cares,you have the best league in the world according to the money you spend every year ,not... :)

  34. Yes,courtois is massively overrated.

  35. I even prefer wanye Hennessy to him 😂

  36. Swap courtois for oblak please

  37. he is trying with is innocent looking face.

  38. We need anumber two nt anumber one

  39. We do need a new goalkeeper ASAP

  40. Kenny Darkwa ich seg scho lang verkaufet de

  41. Daniel Urba Gabriel Urba vejam o de gea na lista

  42. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss