Snow In Rome

Snow In Rome

Snow In Rome

Posted by UNILAD Adventure Feb. 27, 2018, 8:50 a.m.

It rarely snows in Rome, but when it does it looks beautiful 😍🇮🇹

📽 Oliver Astrologo

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  1. Mark I want to go back and see it in the snow!

  2. Katie Alice oh how I wish we were there! I miss it every day! Looks so beautiful 😍

  3. I stayed there just for one day and i felt in love with it ❤

  4. Jess Hoskins Looks like something out of Game of Thrones

  5. Josh O'Halloran this is what I was talkin about earlier dude. Looks awesome

  6. Louis Asmar looks so much btter like this

  7. Francesco Torre This looks amazing!! <3

  8. Living in italy is one of the pleasures in this Life ❤

  9. Tammy O'Rourke OMG 😮 this is my dream place in the whole wide world to go and see! And look amazing.... it’s snowing 🌨 which is very rare in Rome! How fucken beautiful does it look 👀 I’m so inlove with the colosseum! I have to go there ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Maybe we go there for my Birthday 🎁 next year!!

  10. I live in springfield sucks here....the only things we have is Abraham Lincoln's house and corn

  11. Helen Small I know yesterday was a pain for you but you got to experience rome that a lot of people will never get too

  12. Ok so we’ve had flooding in Paris, and now snow in Rome, what other extremes can there be before this trip Michael Sultana 🤣

  13. I'm here in Rome right now and my flight out of Rome is delayed. It's been below freezing these past few days!!🌨️❄️😣😨😵

  14. Josh too bad this didn’t happen when your girlfriend was in town! You’d of definitely had yourself a son brother.

  15. Emmalini! It felt like it was going to snow on our last day. Look how beautiful it is! 😱 xx

  16. I’ve seen photos and videos on a frozen ancient city of Rome! But this video is by far the best of them all!

  17. Brittney Benn Shannon Lloyd how beautiful was it were stuck sitting in the airport, because of all this snow? 😂

  18. Roger Howard cor look at this, had we gone to Rome for the Dan Inosanto seminar we would have had snow!!!!

  19. Denise Bain imagine if it snowed when we were there, we were lucky to have lovely sunshine this time of year 💕

  20. Haha kanskje lika greit at me ikkje tok Roma for å få varmegrader og litt sol. Håpe den Sibirske kulden ikkje treff Athen Lana Markotic

  21. Jill seen this and thought of you! Not sure if helps with your packing dilemma though 🤷‍♀️😂 xx

  22. Tell me about it!its a bloody nightmare!missed our next flight!cancellations and delays on the trains now x

  23. Marcus und ich dachte mir noch, dass es ja vielleicht wenigstens in Italien warm wäre und sich ein Kurztrip da hin lohnen würde...

  24. One of my favourites places ❤️ really need to go back and explore some more Jordan Saxon Dave Saxon xxxx

  25. Alex Ballard & Hayley Roberts hope you’re having a great first day!!! Looks very pretty! Hope you’re wrapped up warm!!!

  26. Hello Sonia 🙂 Yesterday we got some snow here in Rome after 6 year since last time. I hope you’ll like the video! 🙂

  27. I can vouch for that seen as tho we are in it now

  28. It rarely snows in Rome, but when it does everything gets stuck

  29. This is one of great wonders of world

  30. Matt next forecast of snow in Rome
    Take me. 😂

  31. Da t as kiffer hier rome sour la neige hein? 😂

  32. Teresa T! If it ever snows in Rome! Get a ticket there to see this!

  33. Andrea Fusco it looks beautiful! Is your beard as frozen as in Lapland? Or not that bad? ;)

  34. Olivia Kitson never been to rome. even tho it was so close, but we should def go sometime :=)

  35. Cesare I really want to move to Rome....

  36. Ohh I would love to see Rome with snow

  37. No thank you, I like Rome without snow.

  38. Lisy quand je te dis que je veux aller à Rome 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  39. Very Nice VDO ,WoW!! Winter in Rome is amaizing I want visit Rome 😄😄

  40. Đặng Thùy Linh năm nay ở Italy có tuyết thiệt hả? Đợt t đến Rome vào tháng 1 cũng k thấy tuyết gì luôn ;))

  41. Peccato che voi avete Erdogan inoltre Istambul (bella eh per carità) non è la culla della civiltà occidentale e dell’umanesimo mentre Roma lo è sempre stata

  42. Snows in Rome but not here.... as per 😭 Harry Kirk

  43. nice...but I <3 Rome more without snow :)

  44. Nadja Jetzer oder wemer no chorz uf rom.? wär etz ou so moskauartig 😂😂

  45. Jack O'Connor let’s go to Rome again 😍 like right now haha

  46. Razvan Comaneci, we have to see Rome like this together!!!❤

  47. Así esta roma ahora, un poquito de frío no? Carolina Franco Boza jaja

  48. Valentina Maljak...we should have gone to rome

  49. Sharon very different from the heat wave in August!

  50. Moun Mh 😍 Wow, better than Belgium 😅

  51. Hassan Shaigan Rome is where the heart is.

  52. Otis how incredible does Rome look in the snow?!

  53. Jaimie O'Donnell what’s the betting this’ll happen and we’ll be stranded forever? 😅

  54. Beth & Richard, do you wish you'd got this weather instead?

  55. Emma Lewis cam we go to rome !

  56. Nadine, Maren, A Line, Laurien: und andere beneiden euch um den Schnee in Rom 😛

  57. Damien Rogers Rome looks beautiful in the snow

  58. Eveline Oonincx supervet! Beetje net dat spelletje wat ik speel (Assasins Creed)

  59. Michelle Rawlings I want to be in Rome when it snows!

  60. Jamie Robbins far out it snowed in Rome

  61. Kathryn - I preferred what we got lol

  62. Sara Laabdi prachtig met zon toen wij er waren, prachtig met sneeuw

  63. Leonardo Fitzpatrick 🤭 how beautiful could you imagine those cobblestone with stone tho 😂 one of us would’ve landed on our asses

  64. Is it snowing now ? Love Rome and Italy. Family trip last year !