Sky Views: Oxford should honour Thatcher and May

Sky Views: Oxford should honour Thatcher and May
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"Even her bitterest Labour opponent, Neil Kinnock, still says that he respects Thatcher for being Britain's first woman Prime Minister, if nothing else."

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  1. Theresa May is, without any shadow of doubt, the greatest female Prime Minister this country has had since Margaret Thatcher.

  2. Thatcher was brilliant she stopped all the strikes and put the unions in their place and supported the Falklands. Britain was in a big mess under Labour before she came along.Neil Kinnock has done nothing to be proud of and now he just hangs around with a big pension

  3. They're both awful women thatcher lied through her teeth and ruined what was Great Britain and May is following suit.

  4. Thatcher broke this Country...she also gave peodophiles knighthoods and covered up a whole plethora of wrong doings. Evil to the core.

  5. I’m amazed at the under 30s who hate Maggie.... you didn’t even exist when she came to power your opinion is have no idea what a union controlled Britain is like

  6. As far as I am concerned she disgraced her position of being the first female pm.
    The woman is 6ft under and can still raise hatred like no other.
    Looking back Oxford students can see the damage this woman did and I say Bravo.

  7. Thatcher the milk snatcher v may the food snatcher !!!!

  8. Go Maggie! Students who go to Oxford should know better than to vandalise anything let alone someone who dragged this country off it's knees !! If I was caught vandalising anything I would be up before the judge and so should these potential future bastions of our UK and world communities so on principle I would throw the book at them irrespective of your political views it's just not right !

  9. Thatcher and may have made great Britain and laughing stock both of them have sold all we had to their rich friends we are now left with nothing

  10. Always thought it unusual that labour the party of woman's rights has never had a long term female leader .

  11. All I remember is poll tax riots and the ruining of the rail network to privatise it when it was self sufficient. As for May. She didn’t even get a majority vote and has done nothing but floundered like a fish out of water. She’s lucky she hasn’t got any real competition.

  12. The last real prime minister of the UK was Churchill. The rest have been a mixture of cowards, liars and egomaniacs.

  13. Agreed, Oxford uni should honour Thatcher, woman or not -- for her strong Premiership. Theresa May, however, should not be honoured. May had of course made herself weaker by calling an ill-informed G Election. Conceded, T May has been put in an awful cataclysmic situation beforehand clearing up the mess left by Cameron upon the Brexit result.

  14. Margaret Thatcher didn't allow any trade unions to try and hold the country to ransom, those that were foolish enough to try learnt the hard way. The iron lady was not for turning. She also took the brilliant decision to drive the Argies off the Falklands, shafting them good and proper. The best prime minister this country has ever had.

  15. Only ONE thing I’m grateful to Margaret thatcher and that was for the ‘1/2 rent 1/2 buy scheme which enabled us to own our first home .... although that only came about because she had sold off all the council housing so no one had anywhere to live..... was bloody hard back then as interest rates soared and many lost their homes..... got rid of the yuppies though so wasn’t all bad 😂😂

  16. Margaret Thatcher only came down on unprofitable companies, scroungers, dossers, and the unions. She had the backbone of a real Prime Minister. Not like the limp wristed failure that have followed. ENTER May, well what can someone say, the woman makes me feel betrayed, and ashamed to be English. One woman a Patriot, the other a shamefully excuse

  17. The country celebrated her death and in places still do that should give any organisation a clue on her popularity,she should not be remembered but totally forgot.
    It’s the family’s life’s she and her colleagues ultimately ruined that should be remembered as the casualty’s of her demonic policys😡

  18. Neil Kinnock would say anything to keep himself in the public eye..... even saying the House of Lords should be abolished, before joining them that is.

  19. Can't We have a British version of Mount Rushmore?
    In a granite rich landscape.
    Scotland would do.
    Margaret Thatcher,David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill would be the first to be carved.
    Who would be carving #4 though?

  20. Sold off all utilities to cartels, no doubt her and her cronies made a few back hand bucks...every year prices rise way above inflation.....big fire pointy stick

  21. People may have suffered as a side-effect of Thatcher's policies, but May's policies are actually designed to damage the poor, vulnerable and non-Anglo Saxon. That's the difference.

  22. Maggie was one of the worst things that ever happened to this country, financed her follies by selling off our own assets to the people that originally paid for them. How stupid are we 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Kinnock needs to shut up...first female what? Others in the running for Leader of the Party were terrified to cross her and it was this attitude that lost her the job in the end. T only became Leader because no one else was left, they all pulled out and she was the only one left. No one wanted to be the PM that took us from the EU because they all knew it was a disaster. She has proved herself wrong so many times, been caught out many times. She too is a menace. Universal Credit and her friend Trump will destroy this Country. She wants a private health system like USA and will dance to the tune of Trump all day long. What were the chemicals used in the Syrian city of Douma??

  24. Thatcher was a strong woman who took no prisoners,May..well cupitulator,no similarity. No premier has been worth their while since Churchill.We are getting weaker by every election,no one worth a vote so therefore voters have no way to turn.😥

  25. Well that’s big of you Mr Kinnock. In a similar vein, I say that I respect you for being Britain's first pointy-nosed, comb-overed, pebble-tripping overed, oxygen-thieving, useless windbag if nothing else!

  26. Thatcher was best PM since Churchill , you know she did a good job by the way the lefty fktards still hate her

  27. I'm ashamed to be British after reading some of the remarks on here how can you live with yourselves I feel sorry for you all to have such evil in you

  28. My view: Sky is kind to people who do what Rupert Murdoch wants. This includes giving him total control of the media, turning Britain into a tax haven and bombing Syria.

  29. Don't even mention May in the the same sentence as Maggie! One was a leader! By the way Commies, there always has to be a leader, read Animal Farm, you might just learn something!

  30. Why hasn’t there ever been a prime minister that has lived at the bottom and worked their way up rather than a silver spoon snob that has no clue about the roots of British heritage.

  31. I respect the tenacity it takes to be a women and reach for power many think you shouldn't have, even if she is debatably awful.

  32. I admire Theresa May,,,,she is strong and honest speaking and well done to britain in having her as their leader...we could do with a strong leader like her here in ireland....

  33. It’s clear he is bonkers she was the most detested woman in the uk The untold sufferings that evil wicked woman caused knew no bounds I surmise she is still burning in the fires of hell and May the good lord show absolutely no mercy on her soul

  34. I’m waiting for the day that we get a female prime minister that doesn’t end up being a cold hearted cow.

  35. Theresa May is a “cheap Chinese copy” of our great Iron Lady. There’s no possible way to compare the two! 🇬🇧

  36. Wait until we have a Muslim prime minister. Then you Maggie hunters will really have something to spout about

  37. You cant compae the two i didnt always agree with thatcher but she was a strong woman mays weak n feeble

  38. Both have been the most destructive prime minister's of our time.mostly because they are Tory. Doesn't mean Blair doesn't get counted out .He is a liar along with these two
    Parliament is a business for the rich egotistic bullies in all parties. By no means will I ever respect these two females as well as others

  39. They were both representatives of their class not their sex.

  40. Thatcher had her husband's backing. I doubt she would have got where she got without him and that would have been a blessing.

  41. I respect Thatcher and May equally. I also hold Rosemary West in the same regard

  42. To early for May . Thatcher should only be remembered as a destroyer of industry , communities , and dignity .

  43. After the way Theresa the appeaser has ran the country. I can tell you she will be the last women prime minster in British history

  44. Nope. Its a presentation show. As a woman, I believe the gender has no difference. Its not an achievement now.

  45. & who the hell cares what the idiot Kinnock has to say ?...


  47. Whatever happened to Labour's Mr Kinnock ? ( sorry, Lord Kinnock. Sorry, my mistake, Lord and an EU Commissar ).

  48. maggie and may were and is good for the country better than major brown and Blair

  49. More interested in having a P.M that serves the people than what the P.M`s gender is. irrelevant

  50. Kinnock & Corbyn.The Unelectables.Labour's Chuckle Brother's.

  51. Thatcher the PM that gets blamed for Labour closing the mines

  52. The bias allowed on this channel from this odious toad Adam Boulton, is appalling!

  53. Sorry to be sexist but our history of female prime ministers hasn’t been the best 🙈

  54. Both dreadful women....greedy power hungry witches!

  55. Neither represent woman or humanity both should be ashamed. Despicable women

  56. u got to be kidding both are nasty maggie destroyed heavy industry and may is destroying the infastructure of uk

  57. May shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Maggie.

  58. May was not voted in by the electorate.

  59. What for recking peoples lives ?

  60. We should equally celebrate the labour female leaders and prime ministers 🤔

  61. She deserves nothing because of the millions of lives she ruined

  62. I like her she's calm and collected not a loose cannon. Can't stand Kinnock or Labour's morals

  63. No, the wounds are still open, the country needs to heal first.

  64. Regardless of your political views, it's amazing to see two strong women rise to the top in a male dominated environment.

  65. god was on strike the day she died.

  66. Better May than heinous Thatcher. Thatcher divided Britain into hated regions. Thanks to John Meja.

  67. Thatcher would tell junker and merkle where to stick their EU !