Ski Lift Malfunction

Ski Lift Malfunction

Ski Lift Malfunction

Posted by UNILAD March 16, 2018, 6:29 p.m.

This is absolutely shocking! 😱😱

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  1. Im a bad person because I watched it twice and laughed both times

  2. The guy in the red is like screw it im riding out this lawsuit

  3. How are any if you laughing at this???? Have i missed something? People enjoying a lovely ski holiday and then this terrifying accident happening? You all need to sort your heads out 😡

  4. I am not sure why this is funny to some people...

  5. Is anyone else just here watching this with no words and their mouth hanging open..? 😲

  6. For those who cares: In the aftermath of ski lift breakdown four Ukrainians, one Swedish(pregnant), two Russians and one Georgian were injured. No children are among the injured.

  7. This reminds me of something on Final Destination😬😱

  8. Shouldn’t be funny but I laughed at the 4 coming down who stayed in the thing an got launched 10ft up it the air 😂 I’m a dick I know

  9. Am I the only one seeing Pikachu in the end? 😅

  10. It goes without saying if God had meant for you to ski you would have been born with longer feet.

  11. Why wasn’t the emergency stop button pressed 🤔🤔. You would of thought if you see it malfunctioning to press the emergency stop.

  12. Would you still feel funny if your family member is on the God damn seat? Pls show some mercy to others.

  13. The guy in the red that doesnt get off.. :/

  14. What I don't understand is why noone pressed the emergency stop button. That's exactly what it is there for its kills everything immediately. There would have been atleast two if not more, on both ends of the lifts

  15. Why wouldn't you jump off?! Were they not screaming at people to jump off?! This could have been so much worse. Thank goodness no little ones were on there.

  16. What I don't understand is why some of those people stayed on the lift despite the fact there was an obvious problem going on and they clearly needed to get off. A tragedy, but, like, why stick through to the end when you know you're going to end up hurt?

  17. I don't see anything funny at all! People are getting hurt because something or someone went terrible wrong! Hope no one got killed. I don't understand why people think it's funny...smh

  18. I'm glad you posted this twice, so I could whine about the weapon filming it instead of helping out.

  19. Wait ... why aren’t people skiing down?
    I thought a ski lift took you up the mountain so you could ski back down and do it again.

  20. It says “it malfunctioned and got stuck in high speed”. Malfunction yeah. But stuck in high speed NO. The lift broke and the weight of the people is what caused it to go so fast. That’s also why it’s going in reverse.
    Wrong information there UNILAD.

  21. Why are people finding this funny??? I'm totally confused.. it must of been horrendous and so scary to be apart of this ordeal... hopefully nothing awful happens to anyone who's laughing or there families throughout there life

  22. I.think this is very sad how can anyone find this funny what if one of your family was on it would u lol then

  23. dude the one in the red got slammed into the chairs piling up and I don't even see that person come out of there. I hope whoever it is didn't suffer too much.

  24. Alejandro Dark Energy Lupita Sharp al principio me sentia mal, pero luego el articulo dice que nadie se lesiono seriamente entonces me empece a reir de los munequitos y como fueron lanzados

  25. But it’s not funny . I find humour in lots of things . I was worried of people being mangled ! If this makes you laugh then you need to sort yourself out

  26. Kerry Ogden 10 secs in 😂😂😂 I don’t know why but I can’t breath I’m laughing that much, watched it 30-40 times it gets better every time 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. I don't understand why people are getting shamed for laughing at the four dumbshits that stayed on and got launched. Everybody else was smart enough to jump off when it got close to the ground. That's just natural selection at work.

  28. I duno why I found it funny, people arent at that high elevation to jump on the snow as others are yelling and informing them, while they are still enjoying their ride till the very ending.."Go big or Go home", kind of a concept: I am crashing but not jumping whatever happens 😂!!

  29. I’m not sure how any of this is remotely funny. Especially seeing a small child on the lift alone and the camera doesn’t show what happened to the poor thing. Y’all suck turds.

  30. I bet Putin is behind it, safer method than nerve gas as nobody would suspect him of being involved.

  31. So yeah do what every idiot does in 2018. Grab your phone and record. Low and behold someone actually keeps their phone in their pockets and actually helps someone.

  32. Is there no emergency stop. Or did folk just decide to get their phone out and film the carnage rather than help

  33. I was a lift-operator when I was 18 at Ski-Acres in Washington State. They had us watch a video of this exact scenario, except with mannequins or crash test dummies. Horrifying to see this happen in real life, thank god they all jumped you don't want to be where those chairs are piling up past the bull-wheel. Scary AF!

  34. Its called a rollback. There are devices in place to prevent this, but I guess theirs were not up to speed. The lift is not supposed to go backward unless you ask it to mechanically, this was a brake failure and once the load starts back down, it generally keeps going until the load is off, or the line is bound up.Yea, if you ever feel a lift rollback for more than a short distance, look for a soft landing place and get the hell off.

  35. It‘s funny and sad at the same time. Sad because some people might got hurt. 😣Funny because the lift is just not stopping. Its going and going and going and all the seats are getting piled up as if they‘re coming home😅😂

  36. Ugh! I can't imagine having to go through this! But I was struck with how fast those who had already jumped to safety were shouting at others to jump, and helping those they could to safety!

  37. There is one thing that stands out is the failure for some people to follow directions.
    People are yelling “jump off’
    “Quick get off ‘ however there is always that 10% who don’t listen and now probably have the worst case of whiplash.

  38. 😲😨🤔Wath the hell😨🤔that lift goos much to fast🤗🤔😲 and even no emergency Stop on it 🤗😲🤤😨🤔the owner of the lift 🙄schoud go to prison 🤗😉poor🤕🤕 PEOPLES 🤕🤕

  39. For this to happen, on most ski lifts there are many things to stop this occurring.
    The VSD controlling the motor has a large breaking breaking resistor to soak the load of the ski motor when slowing down. This resistor was probably not sized correctly or not serviced and cleaned properly.
    The resistor blew up and then the manual mechanical brakes of which their are three normally would have to of either not engaged or failed due to either being sized too small or not serviced properly.

    Their is also an over speed sensor that engages the over speed brake too.

    I can only see design fault being an issue here.

  40. Where is the emergency STOP button? There should be one in easy reach of the lift operator. This is an industrial safety FAIL.

  41. Im 32 so im old and maybe thats y i dnt feel the slightest urge to smile or hoping all involved is ok.

  42. Had the jumped off or someone with a wit in their head shutting it down, maybe no one was hurt. For those of you who offended, get over yourselves. Waiting for someone else to warrant your safety is like thinking govt will take care of healthcare, education, and come to your rescue. Get a clue, the best person to take care of you, IS YOU😎

  43. For the 1.4k people who laugh reacted, 100% you wouldnt laugh if it was you getting f*cked up by machinery

  44. it was happened in #georgia (gudauri) no fatal injuries reported dozens of minor anyway. two people needed urgent surgery 😞😔 this is very sad how can anyone find this funny 😒😐

  45. Okay so why are people sitting down until it flings them off? How stupid can you be when you see it flying at a fast speed while on it and everyone at the bottom is yelling jump off. I thought someone was gonna get caught between the motor spinning! But fuck common sense is to jump off not take it around.

  46. Candace Ciminski so I didn't read the caption and I laughed after the first people fell but then I realized it was NOT funny. I feel like a horrible person lol

  47. Ciaran Loughlinn love How You can hear the Russian/Ukrainian or Polish just swear in the background (not sure which one but think it might have been polish)

  48. Are you kidding me? People need to not be so sensitive. People pay big money to have this kind of fun on a ride

  49. This is why everything needs to have an emergency break/button. Why didn't someone press it? Why did it not work if someone did?
    What else could've been done? Those people will sue and they wont' sue for just a small amount. That ski lift/resort won't have any visitors in a very long time I'm sure.

  50. So , you are doing absolutely nothing but laughing about thing that happened today in Georgia . you could pray for them , for their future , but all you did was hurtful, hope same thing happen to you and ill see how u’ll laugh. #Georgia

  51. I think the motor stopped working, the weight of people going up caused it to reverse and they came back down. Gravity just made it go faster.

  52. well
    of course its terryfying to watch but I see it rather rational
    its machine, it malfunctioned so what
    nobody god seriously hurt. good.
    props to the guys stamding on the ground and screaming "Jump" to warn the passengers that coudnt see what was about to come

  53. To the 2,618 people laughing at this; this could have been you!! You could have seriously been injured if you were on this. People could have been killed because of something going majorly wrong with the computer running this lift.

  54. And the people who wouldn’t listen to people screaming Jump Omg face palm 🤦‍♀️ like let’s all ignore everyone jumping and screaming get off Like wtf

  55. Ma questa gente di merda che si mette a ridere quadrando questo video terrificante dove la gente si è fatta veramente male , (persone "schiacciate", volate via, quelle che buttandosi sotto si sono rotti gli arti )mette "smile" che cazzo di problemi mentali hanno??!😡

  56. My god that's truly awful those poor people. I can't understand why they didn't push an emergency stop button! I hope everyone who was involved in this make a full recovery!

  57. I did a lot of skiing growing up ~ great way to have fun and exercise. This, however, was a nightmare scenario I luckily never experienced

  58. They can rig an election in the US, but still too stupid to build a simple ski lift, using proven decades old technology.
    Put down the vodka!!

  59. Do these folks ever test the emergency stop? Maybe it is near those stack of chairs. Stupid and unnecessary!!! Jump Jump, They probably don't even have loudspeakers!!

  60. Jacinda Grauches now this is kinda scary 😱 but I don’t understand why there was no kill switch or an E stop button 🤦🏻‍♀️😱

  61. Felicia!!! This would happen to us some how!!! Erin Erika Alicia and Chelsea would all blame us for hitting a button or lever lol

  62. lift is out of control...going extremely fast...people are screaming and running...and yet I will just ignore it...

  63. Anyone that thinks this is funny is sick in the head. Pretty sure the person in red died or at least will be left paralyzed

  64. Pretty sure you could see this going to destination fucked why stay on it bloody jump early worse case you sprain an ankle or fracture a bone on the landing theses people just wanted to push lawsuits

  65. Dan Roberts wonderif Bren wasn't caught up in this ? Think I saw him throw jess in to the pully's to try and jam the machine # hero

  66. This made me cringe. I worked at a ski hill for 5 years and never could have imagined this was possible. Scarey and sad...not at all laughable

  67. Well scratching that off my bucket list no. 5 ski trip those things aren't to safe wasnt there something about people being in the air caught up and dangling forget it

  68. Brennen GibbonsRibbons check out this one from 30. Watch buddy on the chair in the red suit. The chair carries him around into the giant pile up

  69. When I was about 5 years old a ski lift at Terry Peak in Deadwood South Dakota did this to me and my grandpa it was the scariest thing ever!! After that moment it was really hard for me to even get on another ski lift after that!!