Scotland From The Sky: Iona

Scotland From The Sky: Iona

Scotland From The Sky: Iona

Posted by BBC Scotland May 11, 2018, 1:04 p.m.

Take a look around Iona, the small crofting island home to only 130 people.

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  2. I worked on the island summer of 96. Had a blast! Gutted we lost Robert, Logie, Ali and young Davie in 97. Still miss you guys, all these years later! Grandad Davey used to leave crab claws on the kitchen window sill for me to cook and eat.

  3. It is a truly beautiful island. A spiritual resource, for me. The small community are welcoming, productive and resourceful. I was very fortunate to work there in my younger years. Great silversmith. Wow designs and craftsmanship. A solid community of residents in an island with stunning views and a colourful history. Colmcille is a good name to remember.

  4. I have a beautiful silver enameled pin from my Aunt Mary. It was presented to her by the Mull and Iona Association, 24th September 1953. I have always cherished it, though I never had the resources to visit.

  5. The little island of Staffa is well worth a visit from Iona. we absolutely loved our trip doing Mull, Iona then Staffa.

  6. They might build a mosque there they have in Stornoway. ..I wouldn't be surprised...

  7. Fantastic place. Spent a few holidays there in my youth! Walked round the island, totally stunning

  8. Tom Hayes this place is stunning I can vouch for this one 😍😍 xx

  9. Beautiful peaceful place definitely will visit soon 💟

  10. Something so special about Iona

  11. Louise, our convo at weekend - look at that white sand and clear water!

  12. Went on a pilgrimage to Iona with the Sunday School. Beautiful island.

  13. I have been here magical place a truly must go and see xxx

  14. I was there 2 weeks ago! Love this place.

  15. Debby Jones, this one's for you! :)

  16. Such a beautiful sacred place. Special memories!♥️

  17. I have wanted to live there ever since my first visit.

  18. Pamela Henkel Steude another special place easy boat ride from Oban no cars on island

  19. Grant Neil wee dug needs a holiday

  20. ...a gorgeous and very special place ❤

  21. I really want to go
    Looks beautiful

  22. Victoria Curley irgendwann bin ich da ❤️😍

  23. love to go back and take Gordon Colin Kinnear Leah Alma Kinnear

  24. Makayla Beal & Lindsay Beal ❤️