Sainsbury's worker shot customer in the face with a champagne cork

Sainsbury's worker shot customer in the face with a champagne cork


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  1. Some people will do anything to get in the paper or news. I'm sure it was an accident and the person who done it probably feels bad enough already.

  2. She says in a the statement who opens a cork in front of someone why didn’t she move out the way ? I would of...I think she needs to be more concerned about her dental hygiene lol

  3. "Badly injured" seems a bit of an overstatement for a split lip. I'm sure it's painful but it was clearly an accident. I'd have tried to get a free bottle of the offending champagne as compensation! ☺️

  4. That shop worker shouldn't have unscrewed that cork in front of the customer. He/she should have gone to a place where they are no customers. It's common sense not to unscrew the cork closer to someone. What if the cork hit the woman in the eye and she was left blinded?

  5. I got a lively bottle of prosecco pop in work last week and it hit me in the face... anyone see it in the papers? No?.. probably because it was an accident and they happen! Didn't see me writing to the wine maker telling with my story.

  6. I'm not used to opening bottles of sparkling wine, I normally ask whoever I'm with to open them. I did it myself last Christmas, stupidly lent over the bottle while I was doing it (the bottle of prosecco was on a work surface), and got smacked in the head by the cork 😄. Probs should of gone to the Metro at the time about it!

  7. The staff member in question obvs doesn't know the correct way to open a champagne bottle then! I've never had one fire off into the beyond yet!!
    Said person needs training.

  8. If it was a taster, it wouldn't usually be a Sainsbury's employee that opened it. They get people in to do tasters.

  9. I had a colleague who was permanently blinded in one eye by a champagne cork. NEVER point the bottle at anyone!

  10. If it took them 4 or more days to contact her with an apology she should sue them for "pain and distress". Big companies should work on better customer relations.

  11. Think she should get a years worth of champers free 🤗😍🥂how dare they. Very bad they havent contacted the lady!!! Its not good enough!!

  12. Am I wrong to find the address of “wallop” drive very funny.

  13. It looks painful. I’d demand they give me a free bottle, and we’d be good.

  14. Maybe she shouldn't have been soo keen for a free sample that her face was in the "line of fire"

  15. That crown on the right is a dodgy colour match.

  16. Nicola reminded me of the time you got twatt*d on the forehead with one 😂

  17. Good god girl get a grip 😂 it was an accident 😂

  18. Hit at "Wallop Drive" branch.... Hit with an almighty wallop!!!

  19. And of course they did it on purpose NOT

  20. No need to wine about it

  21. As the daughter says - who opens a bottle facing towards someone?

  22. Why are so many people commenting to say it’s somehow her fault for being in the way? It is the person opening the bottle, and only that person’s, responsibility to do so in a safe manner, it is not her responsibility to make sure she is not in the way if they don’t fulfil their responsibility!

  23. Oh poor woman that must have really hurt