Rush Hour In Tokyo

Rush Hour In Tokyo

Rush Hour In Tokyo

Posted by UNILAD April 13, 2018, 4:45 a.m.

Rush hour in Tokyo looks like absolute chaos 😂


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  1. It would be the BEST environment to let out a deadly fart.

  2. All this and then there is this guy....🤗🤪😂😂

  3. I love how nobody gives a FUCK if the train locks and they get stuck in there 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. No one will ever beat the MRT in the Philippines in terms of that

  5. Revolting. This is why it's good to be a rich hedge fund manager and go to work in your helicopter. None of this roughing it with the masses nonsense. Louis Theuma fancy getting down in Tokyo town?

  6. It is somewhat more tolerable when you consider that they are a society of total conformists who in many ways are clones of each other. It is the ultimate homogenous society.

  7. Karen Moore remember when we did this with luggage? haha Also, don't step on the all female car if you're a man because they will kick you out. The segregation is real.

  8. Try this in America. There would be fights and all kinds of bad shit going down. I lived in Japan for 3 years. Such a respectful country. I truly miss the ability to walk or drive down the street and have everyone “get it”. Mandy Jones Angotti.

  9. This is like riding the Calgary c-train after. Stampede at midnight , when everybody leaves . But stampede is only once a year.

  10. Once you have enough people that you can't fit anymore in that's when they stop craming and let the train go

  11. Haha omg can you imagine being here as a tourist this would be such a funny situation for us lolol Alicia Wallace

  12. Joanne Kayla if the trains look like this when we go you best believe I'm walking back to the hotel

  13. It really isn't that bad that often. We were over there for 2 weeks recently and it was rarely that full, even when it was the next train was in 3-5 mins

  14. La ciudad de México está mil veces peor Jajajaja eso es un día tranquilo para la Cdmx, lo que impresiona es la educación de estas personas y la actitud de alegría del joven Jejeje

  15. But they still follow their rule.
    Let people out first, and then let people in.
    That's what Japanese do all the time.
    So not really chaos. Lol

  16. Chaotic....more sardinesk? If I had to get this close to people, I would skip the mouth mask and go straight for the hazmat suite

  17. Natalie imagine this, except the train’s full of crazed ladies in hospital gowns, and some dude in the corner relighting his wet, half-spent stump of a Black & Mild, and it was the Dart. 😳

  18. The best environment for perverts and college girls molesters...and of course flatulence passionates.

  19. Kariem Reda shoof ya 2a5y xay 3andena belzabt ... bas ma7adesh byonfo5 walla mkashar walla bysebb... wwa7ed gy ya5od balo mnak welbab bye2fel wel7ayah 7elwa 👻

  20. What? Do they only have one train to Funky Town? No I couldn't stand that many people squishing me, not able to breath😈

  21. Julie Amy
    That’s the amount of people they’re trying to fit into hospital beds in Ireland

  22. This is chaotic ? You have not seen Mexico City’s metro system ! It’s literally an all or nothing lol

  23. Not a chance. Its dangerous and there needs to be respect for personal space.

  24. Hold your breath & fart till next stop

  25. Do you think Tokyo is crazy,this is Mexico City

  26. How in the hell do you get off at your stop?!?

  27. When I was there , avoided the train . No room for big Americans !

  28. Hahahaha Ibo Habibo bist du auch so gefahren in Tokio

  29. Chloe Alice sorry is this Tokyo or Melbourne I can’t tell

  30. What if someone wants to get off... no hope..

  31. Yen Le Lanie Liao I miss Tokyo but don't miss being on subway pregnant during peak hour

  32. That’s the one of reason why many Japanese people get mental sickness

  33. Bella Kulyk better not catch any trains during rush hour then if we gonna stop by tokyo

  34. Jasmine Devon and we thought the train to Ed Sheeran was bad... Won't be going to Tokyo anytime soon 😂

  35. Emelie Mimi Tonya i will never live in Tokyo or I'm gonna die. Too much anger every day

  36. Les Gray when were you in Tokyo 😳😂😂

  37. I Fink the Planets bursting at the Seams !

  38. I live here and that's accurate

  39. Cody Bear watching this gave me anxiety. like no

  40. WTF is this??? hahah and in monterrey they wanna have just 1 only for women!!!

  41. 😱😱😱 Kirsty Mckay wouldn't risk this anxiety through the roof would happen

  42. This is both hilarious and scary at the same time. 😂😲

  43. Michiel did I see you squeezed in there in the back of the train ? 😂

  44. How is that efficient? When it takes minutes to just close the doors?

  45. Trần Đoàn Trực Nhân đâu có được rộng rãi, thoải mái như trong phim ảnh mà tui hay thường hay coi😂

  46. Roxann Reddy ur bumpy roads aren’t too bad in comparison?!? 😂😂😂😂

  47. Still better than any Australian Train Service.

  48. Konrad Glubb so voll sind ned mal die Züge nachm glubb spiel:D

  49. Lisa Krause, da beschwerst du dich über den vollen Zug morgens 😁😁

  50. Agnieszka wlasnie tak sobie wyobrazam sklejanie trombocytow - "hej jeszcze tu jest miejsce" ;)

  51. Ummm...maybe they should just run more services? 😂😂😂

  52. Samin Saurav Vishrut more like the South Morang line atm from the city

  53. Uggh, I'll pass on the public transportation. I don't even like other people in my car...😩😩😩

  54. This is like NYC subways during early AM rush hour from 630 to 830 AM and 5 to 6 PM.

  55. Nước Nhật giàu là phải. họ tiết kiệm, tranh thủ từng tý thời gian, làm ra làm, chơi ra chơi, không có vừa làm vừa chơi.

  56. Pack em in like sardines. Jeez, that's really maximizing your profits.

  57. James Kalas western line trains are like this at 5pm

  58. I lived there, that’s nothing! That’s a Sunday morning!

  59. Sam Jacob is this like the Waterloo train? 😂

  60. My son is on his way this in the morning to meet up with his family for a short vacation.

  61. as fast as those trains travel one would think they is very dangerous

  62. Its like the Metro in Newcastle rush hour!

  63. I would literally rather be dead than live that life.

  64. And the legendary clown car method was born!!! 😂😂😅

  65. And yet people are respectful of each other

  66. Philippines. Rush Hour. MRT. Ayala Station.

    That's all I need to say. 😂

  67. What? I can barely watch this- no freaking way!!!!

  68. They should buy a vehicle this looks bad

  69. My worst nitemare being stuck in that

  70. Haven’t been in Mexico 😂 shit gets wild tho 😝

  71. So glad I’m not in Sydney catching the train anymore 🤬