Rohingya babies dumped and left to die in Myanmar crisis

Rohingya babies dumped and left to die in Myanmar crisis
Image from: Sky News

Sky News has won a BAFTA for this report on the plight of Rohingya Muslims brutally repressed in Myanmar

Full Article: Sky News


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  1. Do one in Telford about young British girls slain on the altar of multiculturalism

  2. Great work Sky News, well done for getting an award on recording “babies dumped and left to die”. Keep up the good work!!

  3. Don’t see your reporter in South Africa anymore. Something to do with not reporting the murder of white farmers no doubt.

    Do they have an award for ignoring the plight of white or Christian people, Sky & the BBC would win it every year.

  4. Try reporting why they are being treated that way, oh I forgot it doesn't fit in with your left wing agenda.

  5. Some of these comments I am genuinely ashamed to be a human.

  6. What about English ppl repressed in their own country

  7. Fb would not let me say what i printed.deleted 3 times that myanmer ppl have suffered greatly

  8. Jesus wot is wrong with ppl ... u might b going thru hell but no need to put these defenceless little ppl thru it 😢😢😢

  9. Its good to see that most people are no longer taken in by this horsecrap...

  10. No mother would just dump her babies to die even in the worst of times ,

  11. What religion are they?...
    Oh yea... The friendly ones.
    Oh well.... Never mind eh.

  12. What about the plight of Christians around the world? The most persecuted people on the planet bar none. There’s loads of info on this if you look for it.

  13. no body cares they are not jews and world is not interested
    red indians died
    africans died
    Indian died
    asians died
    but people only show sorrow on haulcaust

  14. That's a pretty scathing indictment of the state of the British media, when you think about it

  15. Congrats ! I wish you to get millions of dollars donation/grant from OIC and other INGOs..Thanks Skynew..Morons stand for money not for the truth..

  16. What I want to know is what did the Muslims do to upset the Buddhists. They usually a peaceful religion

  17. When talking about misery, pain and suffering involving muslims, most of it is self imposed.

  18. Stick your frikkin Rohinga where the sun don’t shine.

  19. They choose to dump their babies. Sky makes it sounds as though Myanmar dumps them.

  20. Indeginous people forced to accept other religions .
    Why should they?

  21. Eejits in the media going around giving themselves awards .. priceless !

  22. But when Palestinians are forced from their land , it's not mentioned.

  23. Plenty of countries in Asia that can step up and help them.

  24. some of these comments are totally repulsive. shameful.

  25. It’s one hell of a world that we now live in!

  26. This is the same as saying in 1945 the russians destroyed parts of Germany for no reason.

  27. That happens here in Chicago every 30 minutes

  28. I am just here to read comments and understand how Religion divides people.

  29. I america we call that late term abortion and its legal!

  30. Any reports from Telford? Imagine my surprise 🤡

  31. All arguing with each other this is what they want wake up

  32. Why are they being treated this way?

  33. But you only do reports on trump and brexit

  34. No surprises there... Still Neanderthals!

  35. That's good for you bcoz without them being dumped,you wouldn't have something to post.

  36. Do one on the Police collusion with Grooming Gangs ???

  37. Fairness was not distributed equally in this world

  38. 3rd world country still barbarians

  39. Unfair and fake media these days

  40. Care to tell people the whole story?

  41. They choose to dump their babies. Sky makes it sounds as though Myanmar dumps them.

  42. Where is your that £70 million UK guve

  43. USA gave a Noble peace medal for Myanmar’s president to do this peaceful action.i just say well done USA

  44. Michelle-lee Carlson Michael Carlson what I was talking about today 😢

  45. 👈😎👉 Nice :o Sky News ;)
    🐀 CHBOTTERX =》 Sagorbd,TK 🐀

  46. The royingya started this mess, im with the Buddhists, Hindus and Chakman's the royingya were raping and slaughtering.
    When you going to report the truth sly news?😒

  47. I care not for these people, they were killing buddhist long before you guys started to take notice.

  48. Who the f#ck dumps their babies and leaves them to die, says a f#cking a lot about Rohingya bloody Muslims doesn't it....bit like those that dump theirs on the beaches, then jump in the boats for a better life ???

  49. Where are the countries that killed thousands of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Syria etc? Why do they behave like not hearing, not seeing, not knowing??? Is it because they won’t be able to get anything from those Myanmar Muslims like petroleum, gold????????