Reckon you can guess who the world's loudest band is?

Reckon you can guess who the world's loudest band is?
Image from: Classic Rock Magazine

Who performs at the same level as an air raid siren? Which band knocked out three of their fans with their horrible noise?

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  1. Although i've never seen them live I thought Swans were stupidly loud as Michael Gira uses extreme noise as some sort of transcendental force during their gigs? I've heard stories of people leaving their gigs in agony and bleeding from their ears

  2. Ratt/Accept at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, OK in 1985 was very loud but we were at the end of the first row, the PA stack was about 20 feet from us on the floor. I saw Motley Crue with John Corabi at a club they played about the same volume as they did on the Dr. Feelgood tour at The Myriad in OKC a couple of years before.

  3. Reputedly, Saxon were up there....always very, very kin' loud....untill Health and Safety crept in.....late 90s.....Motorhead at Newport in 94 for me..

  4. Acdc cracked the dome ceiling in late 80s at freedom hall in Johnson city Tenn. And got band for life..hahah

  5. Deep Purple1973 Machine Head tour, Jon Lord's organ shook the convention center floor and ceiling, ears rang for days...

  6. Loudest for me was Black Label Society with COC opening in Boston. I thought my earplugs were going to disintegrate.

  7. Queen Hordern Pavilion Sydney. So loud I had to go outside for a while to give my heart a rest and I like it loud.

  8. I lost hearing at a 1979 Judas Priest concert.

  9. Motörhead Palais Theatre Melbourne 1983. My left ear is still ringing.

  10. Does The Who still have that title?

  11. Motorhead......
    Come on people let's get real..

  12. I've heard the Swans are pretty brutal.

  13. Mumford and sons? I need ear plugs when i hear them

  14. What level were we at again Liam and it wasn't even loud? 😀

  15. After seeing AC/DC a couple years ago, I have no doubt they're one of the louder ones. Good lord!

  16. The Wiggles will always be the loudest

  17. Elan Viola this story is false, all three bands are playing at exactly 0 decibel.

  18. I always used to think it was Sabbath


  20. The loudest bands I've ever heard live were Motörhead, Slayer and extreme metal band Nile

  21. Marilyn Manson was so loud that I could feel my hair move!

  22. 'For Those About To Rock' tour... tix entirely too close to stage

  23. probably AC/DC now that Axl is the lead singer

  24. Motörhead was the loudest I’ve heard. Ears rang for over a week. 🙉

  25. Seen Motörhead twice. My ears are fucked.

  26. Fuking crowded mate, The Who, blows your eardrums out. Ask Townsend. For you pups, he's they guitarist.