Prince Charles gets a surprise hug

Prince Charles gets a surprise hug

Prince Charles gets a surprise hug

Posted by ITV News Feb. 15, 2018, 8 p.m.

Prince Charles got a surprise hug from a wellwisher when he visited Durham Cathedral on Thursday.

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  1. Absoulty beautiful and special girl is Helen she is my neighbour and has mental heath problems she always gives me a big cuddle when she sees me she does with everyone she sees no wrong in it and if the world had more like her it would be a better place xx

  2. She is disabled and one of the nicest girls u will eva meet get a grip before u srart pulling her to bits show some respect pure shameful calling her she will.have meant no harm at all and seen no wrong in wat she did !!!!!

  3. Bunch of keyboard worries that have nothing else todo but to rip thr mick.out of vounerable people gets my blood boiling must b nice to b perfect like the sad pathetic horrible vile people who.have all made a remark like sumone aaying she dosent look disable a mean come on this girl will.treasure this day for the rest of her life and good for her well.done helen all.of yor home town is super proud of u πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– xxxxxxxx

  4. Awk bless her made her day ! No harm at all in having a nice welcome and greeting for a member of our royal family. Would you all be reacting the same way if it were 1 of his son's?

  5. For all those people that have made nasty comments there for the grace of god go I show some respect

  6. It probably made her day and gave her happy memories!! He is not as frosty as he used to be!! It's the Queen you can't touch

  7. I think he handled this very well - better than I would if a stranger were to hug me out of the blue LOL

  8. Oh for God's sake, is nothing wrong hugging him, i wouldn't anyways, save my hugs for the people i love

  9. Very sweet he didn't seem to mind the hug either ... I hate being touched so I would have hated it but he loved it :) xxx

  10. If i were a prince id be hugging all the time kissing and doing selfies why because im a human its natrual

  11. And in the meantime in the hospitals all over Britain nothing but chaos. You ppl couldn't be dumber!

  12. She lives opposite us , lovely girl , loves to hug people x

  13. What a lovely lady she is ❀️😍 heart of gold!

  14. What a wonderful wonderful Royal our prince of Wales is . He is loved by millions and does a lot of good

  15. What a lovely moment and good on Charles, bet his aids went into overdrive.😊😊

  16. Missed appointments with the dentist and the psychiatrist for Charlie's visit. What a fan.

  17. He hugged her back ... how lovely for her 😍

  18. Jamie will be jealous lol xx Carrie Hannan

  19. I bet he ripped into his security later,he is no Dianna.

  20. Fantastic....what a memory

  21. UGH, who in their right mind would want to go near that ugly vile pervert? He was best friends with jimmy saville!

  22. It’s a beautiful thing to do it says a lot bout the person good luck too you x

  23. Give poor Diana a rest from snide remarks, she was an excellent mother! πŸ’–

  24. OMG who would want to hug him , now William or Harry , for sure .

  25. Not supposed to touch the future king πŸ™„

  26. She’s lucky she didn’t get taken down. Like seriously.

  27. Whether she's "lovely" or not she shouldnt have done it...

  28. Maggie Grace this’ll be u in 20 years with Harry 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  29. See those men Gemma Croft that's what I touchy

  30. my god security were straight in

  31. She is brave and he is polite, both good

  32. Body guards didn't exactly rush to stop her 🀣🀣

  33. Bekka Watts wait for the close up 😍

  34. Aisha Anwas why is this news

  35. Poor lady , disinfectant will be needed to wash the jug ear'd murderous parasite off her .

  36. One likes to be sharing ones privilege,but please don’t touch ones nobility 🀣

  37. Angela Maddison its helen how nice is this for her

  38. A common person hugs a royal . Times haven't changed. Feel happy for her though

  39. Comments should be interesting πŸ‘

  40. She seemed so chuffed.
    How lovely.

  41. Yup
    She looks totally mental to me

  42. Man gets a hug. News at ten.