Portaloo Fancy Dress Costume

Portaloo Fancy Dress Costume

Portaloo Fancy Dress Costume

Posted by UNILAD Feb. 15, 2018, 9:25 p.m.

This portaloo fancy dress costume is incredible! 😂💩


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  2. Sam Josh Paul completely irrelevant to anything but would be incredible for either Luke or James on their stag do...😂😂😂

  3. Pat Burke here's ur costume this year!! 😂. U always had awesome costumes. Still remember u hopping out that van as a GIANT clown. N table of laundry too. 😂😂

  4. Ben Thomas if u have another party that involves fancy dress I am going to need u to choreograph the theme so that this can by my costume.. ok???

  5. Sheridan!!! This has your name all over it. If ever you have an occasion to wear a costume, this needs to be it! Happy to help you make it haha 😜

  6. Kellie Roberts Cameron Graczyk Melissa Roberts do we know anyone starting with a ‘P’ that could go to your bday event as a port-a-loo? 😂

  7. Josh the Harley costume is going out the window! I'm wearing this for Halloween! 😂

  8. Adam u got time to start building for Portugal, get it sent by Hermes to the villa😆

  9. Matt Smith...I could see you in this costume. The thing is, is that you would have a BLAST with it. Haha!

  10. Beth Louise Gregory Lizzie Wilkin Celine HawkinsEmily Hayman when i say i wanna get creative with cardbourd costumes this is the level im talking about

  11. Mari wie geil haha stell dir vor du wirst von der Polizei oder sonst wem gejagt du schlüpfst da rein und machst die Kabinentür zu 😂

  12. Leea Cano voy a hacerme un disfraz igual,pero me iré haciendo popó literalmente en el desfile 😅🙃💩👌😂
    *(es para tener un Colón saludable UwU)

  13. If it would be opposite (black guy holding the toilet with a white man sitting on it) we would have world war 3 on the streets! 😂

  14. People are enjoying nowadays inside toilets and bathrooms more their outsides some are thinking inside it some are playing with their genders inside it some are using their phones inside some women planing to give birth inside it some are reading news paperd and school books inside it some are planed to get honeymoon inside it I don't know why toilet and bathrooms become so comfortable place than any other place I wish long life for bathrooms and toilets

  15. I must admit it took me a couple of seconds to get what was happening... im very tired.

  16. JM Torres how freaking cool is this??

  17. Jose the attention to detail on this lol

  18. Mandy Mandy Kelsey leuke outfit voor jullie volgend jaar

  19. Gemma Carr next fancy dress costume

  20. James - costume for Halloween 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Rajeanne I wanna be this for Halloween haha

  22. Ced ton prochain carnaval pour te rattraper du lapin foireux de cette année 😜

  23. Richard Gibson “Gibson international fancy dress division”? 😃👍🏽 xx

  24. OMG OMG Laura Bolton I can see you wearing this down Hastings seafront 🤣

  25. I wish someone would do this for the Halloween party Zachary

  26. Ailed Salmoreno GPI, pero como somos pobres mejor conseguimos un baño y me cargas JAJAJAJA SÍ O K?

  27. Fer Villalon si me llevo esto a tu fiesta de haloween me tienes que regalar minimo un coche

  28. Lauren Skelly... we know who needs to wear this to a fancy dress party!!!!

  29. Ryan Fancy dress idea for your next birthday? 😂

  30. Gezien jullie scheet & poep humor....Ideetje voor volgend jr carnaval? Roberto Luciano Mauro

  31. Olha isso Bruna o brasileiro tem q ser estudado pela NASA 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Nathan Birch you love a festival toilet so maybe this is your fancy dress next time we are away lol

  33. Rishi here’s your next one!!!

  34. Because you KNOW I’m going to make this!

  35. Jody Careen next Halloween you’re being this I’ll make it for you

  36. Ross this is my Halloween costume this year 😂😂😂

  37. Check this one for the carnival Lola Joud hahahah 😂

  38. Ronan Hamill sea sessions this year your defo gonna have this

  39. Teesh, found your Halloween costume

  40. We can get anything Jimmy Kelly you should know that we go extra mile

  41. Laura I could make this instead of trying to nick the playhouse

  42. Brian your Halloween costume to go with Turd 💩 1,2,3

  43. Maybe you could wear this on our joint 40th and 50th birthday in a few year time Dale Lupi.

  44. This years fancy dress for you Richard and Selina can be the bog roll 😂🚽

  45. Lucile Soccoja si on s'y prend a l'avance pour la prochaine occasion déguisé mdr