Pink Concert

Pink Concert

Pink Concert

Posted by The Hook May 15, 2018, 3:05 p.m.

Pink was left speechless by this 12-year-olds incredible cover of “Perfect" 🙏🏻🎤

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  1. Check out Victoria's YouTube channel here:

  2. The way she looks her in the eyes saying "you can sing anything you want"... that's such a mummy look. I love it. :)

  3. I’m in love with pink right now. She’s such a generous soul. “ hi I’m alecia!” 😍

  4. Amazing voice! And Pink you couldn’t be more awesome as a person and entertainer!

  5. Bless. Very good. Isn't it weird though how humans go apeshit when you can vibrate your vocal chords to make soundwaves that have integer relationships with other soundwaves, but boo you if they don't?

    Am I the only one who finds this weird?

  6. I love Pink. My role model since I was 13. We grew up together, I always had a fight in me, and listening to her songs during my teenage years gave me a sense of belonging, that it's ok not to fit in :) 20 years later, she turned out to be a great mother as well.

  7. Its interesting that i have this on mute snd my body is just tingling watching this girl sing. Now thats an effect on the crowd

  8. Absolutely beautiful voice . . Stunning! Pitch perfect. . . 😍 BUT was this a set up? Her Mam (or whoever) shouting in the background "Yeyyyy! You did it?!" Whether it was or wasn't set up that kid will go places. Her talent is incredible.

  9. I’d be raging, paying to hear pink and get a 12 year old hair brush singer.

  10. Wow, how wonderful for that little girl! She is talented! And how great is Pink to give her such an opportunity?! Love it 😍😍

  11. What a great job! I would NEVER be able to perform in front of a HUGE crowd like that! She was amazing for 12!!! Props to pink for being so great as well!!!

  12. I love this a lot I am a very big fan pink and her music as well, will pink came to south africa as well

  13. Why did this make me tear up!? Well done ❤️ this is why I love Pink ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Love this chick Pink she is so humble and an AMAZING singer!!!

  15. The way you get eye contact with the young girl! Awesome!

  16. I hate it when videos are cut short like i wanna knw more ...why did pink come down to her n let her sing ?

  17. Nadine Mi wenn ich bei einem 1D Konzert das Mikro bekomme 🤭

  18. Hayley Riches love her 💖 what a memory for the young girl! Pinks face!!!

  19. Rosie 😍 reminds me of when we saw her & got a hug 😢 xxx

  20. Kathye if we needed another reason to love P!nk.

  21. Darko Stajerer I can’t wait to see her again.... March can’t come soon enough

  22. Amy Collier if we ever see her I hope she asks us to sing 🙈🙈🤣🤣

  23. Jamie Cannan how excited would you be if she handed you the mic ? Lol

  24. Becky. This 12 year old stole your big moment. 😉😅

  25. Drin Drin stell dir vor Du da dinne und seit dir shkurte gashi sing e Lied vor wuaaa

  26. Chloe I think I might have to try this

  27. Jade Wilkinson feel like we do this better 💁🏻‍♂️

  28. P!nk needs to be a guest on American idol

  29. Allahımmmm ilk cıktıgı gunden beri ben bu kadına asıgım. Turkce yazayım da gıcıklık olsun :P

  30. Pink treats her fans like stars at her shows. A role model on or off the stage.

  31. Jemma Dunlop why doesn’t anything like this happen to us

  32. I love that she introduces herself by Alecia. She is so down to earth and a true class act.

  33. It was so amazing to see. The whole concert was fantastic

  34. That girl should go up on the stage!!!

  35. Halfway through. The band shoulda joined in....

  36. Pink should have took her on stage

  37. Mel Pacey this should have been us after all the practice we do in the car

  38. I love how Pink was so gracious and so in awe...

  39. Anybody can sound good with their voice going through multiple effect processors.

  40. Jennie Lancaster lucky we werent asked to sing when we went 😂xxx

  41. She genuinely loves her fans and sometimes that’s all you want from celebrity

  42. JBird Keener you should follow this page they have alot of good stuff

  43. Love it Great great great job two beautiful ladies pink ####111111

  44. i guess she run quick home cry because she knew that girl gonna kick her from the throne very soon :D

  45. I love Pink I hope she really is as down to earth as she seems x

  46. Zoe Clayton when they hand you the mic at Beyonce!!

  47. And thst is why Pink is amazing.

  48. Marie I love pink to the moon and back 😍

  49. Anyone else disappointed she didn't sing the real lyrics?

  50. Holy crap pink was in a
    Trance! Shit that girls got vocals x

  51. Danielle Trevino settle down Danielle lol omg this made me tear up a bit

  52. Lauren Burns I feel you would appreciate this

  53. And I was gonna ask her if I could sing a song Alison Flaherty Bedford 😂 wasn't that Brilliant?!

  54. Wowwwww I love Pink... she is an amazing lady 🖤

  55. The look on her face while she is watching her sing is priceless

  56. Jessica May am sat outside Robert winno roaring at this Na

  57. Yes you can sing it’s just a little out of tune

  58. Wow goosebumps all over and I don't get goosebumps!!! Lol amazing voice

  59. Rebekah. Another reason to love her!!

  60. Brad Bass watch the emotion all over Pink’s face

  61. Brad Bass watch Pick’s face, so much emotion.

  62. Pink what a genuine beautiful person x

  63. Magdalena Orlowska omg this is the concert we were at!!!!!!

  64. Mary-jane Ventola pink is just the most beautiful person inside and out 😍😍