Penalty Tekkers 💯

Penalty Tekkers 💯

Penalty Tekkers 💯

Posted by SPORTbible March 20, 2018, 6:30 p.m.

The greatest penalty you will ever see... 🔥🔥

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  1. My word, he sent the keeper to the local chicken and chips shop

  2. Jimmy, AJ, Jeff Dudley, Dave Robert Mark Matthew .....this shot was made for you Jake, I got 5 on the next pk jake takes he does this

  3. Aaron Hotson, Liron Oren, Marc Bakker, Thomas Weaver. This is how the England squad should take penalties against Germany!!

  4. Obviously haven’t seen Henry and Pires !!

  5. Wouldn't be allowed in a real game. Still a nice one though.

  6. Sam Toto you'll see p bear doing this

  7. Gert Christian Rob pure, unadulterated filth

  8. Alan we didn’t mess around enough with pens when at the pitch, 2 focused on yeboah pens

  9. Jndrk Wbkn Justin Harloff um das einmal nachzumachen würde ich sogar wieder mit Fußball anfangen 😂😂😂😁

  10. Rupert van der Sanders if we get a penalty at power league you’re doing this!

  11. Kristy you have to show the boys this 😂

  12. Alex Kuhlmann bei dir bin ich ja an der falschen Adresse,wenn ich so etwas lernen möchte. Schade eigentlich 🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. Petar Topić Ovako bi Zvone da je dobia priliku u polufinalu 💁🏽‍♀️

  14. Kyle Dean James this is quality 😂😂

  15. Marcel Christopher Fabio nächstes Elfmeterturnier nur so

  16. Iain Connelly this sort of pen winning you some money on an acca 😂😂

  17. Ran Areien ahora lo acabo de ver !!🙌🏾🙌🏾 este hombre es ídolo

  18. Adam Doyle this dude throwing lads into early retirement

  19. Bram Roekeloos als ge dit ooit doet dan geef ik toe dat ge penals kunt omzetten

  20. Kane Caulfield il leave that to you il end up breaking my leg 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  21. Gerry Cameron get Aero to try this next time we get a pen. May give the keeper a wee chance 😉

  22. Thomas this what u was on about at training?

  23. Andre- wäre einer für uns damals gewesen!
    Nur danach wäre es das bei mir wieder für 6 Wochen😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  24. Anne Henk, zo maak ik ze bij jou ook alleen bende gij te bol om te gaan liggen 🤣

  25. Lum is this shit even allowed ?

  26. Ryan Heywood I’m pretty sure you’re the only person that would pull this off on boded astro

  27. Rene ich heute beim stand von 9 zu 9 gegen Faik und Lider 😎

  28. Josh Bolton looks just like my defenders trying to clear a ball on Fifa

  29. Fabi Alex Chris würd mir Safe wieder das Kreuzband reißen

  30. Tom Craig Christopher Liam Matthew Richard. Simply the duttiest peno i may have ever seen. LAD

  31. David we should shoot penalty like this on fifa

  32. Jonas Matschke ich hätte da mal wieder ein, aus für die Rubrik „Dieses Jahr Gildecup...“

  33. Guillaume Paugam Imagine the scenes if I could have pulled off something like this.

  34. Enda is that what you tried today? 😂😂 Richard

  35. John Robert Mark that was the greatest penalty I’ve ever see

  36. Keith O Mahony So that's what u were trying up in Galway all those years ago 😜

  37. Chris üben...
    Der Fynn zeigt uns am Donnerstag wies geht

  38. Grant Smith pretty sure you weren’t far off this at training tonight 🤙🏻

  39. Andrew Mason this is what I wanted to do to you

  40. Ethan Paek could you do this in a real game cause this is cool

  41. Gareth Lawton "oh alex did i ever tell you im a dead ball specialist, let me tell you for 20 minutes how good i was at football@

  42. Ross, you taking the next pen yeah?? 😉😂

  43. Tony Müller, wenn ich wieder mal nen 11er für dich raus hole dann schießt du den mal so...Vielleicht geht er dann ja mal rein 😂

  44. Stephen Jardine i remember you tried something like this at westgate...but you missed LOL

  45. Try that next time David Mitchell? Can’t hit it over the bar that way! Alun Thomas

  46. Rishab Viswanath Prithvi Lamba lmao I thought he missed and was gonna fall or some shit 😂

  47. Esaam Shded
    Sayed Abolezz
    الواد ده قرأ كتابي كيف تسددضربات الجزاء

  48. OwenBailey Lusk Jack Niyazi you guys should do this at your game Sunday

  49. Dennis Sprıngmann Lennart Reinecke Nico Weiss den im Pokalfinale im entscheidenden Elfer machen und ich möchte den Puls von Ali Genc sehen 😂😂

  50. Dom Smith Thomas Hoyland if it goes to pens in final again...

  51. Claudio Sebastian Cristián Felipe Felipe oTsea ... supongo que están a ese nivel o no? Jajaja

  52. We practising pens tommorow! David Craig Il let you do the demo for this ha

  53. Heiko Kilian Michael Flohr beim nächsten mal einfach so schießen 🤙🏻

  54. Danny Richter des mach ma am donnerstag im training 😎

  55. Steven Freeman try this if you’s get to penas in the final

  56. Isaac Thomson omg - is this fair? He doesn't stop the kick.....

  57. Jacob Gorm Jeppesen den skal prøves 😍😂
    Så bare spin lidt før så den ikke skal tages om 😂

  58. Mitch Mitchell you need to try this against the girls 😂😂

  59. Alexis Rodriguez son en Miravalle, el bato entrena a unos compas 😂

  60. Shannon game enough to try this???

  61. Alex Brandt Stephan Madziala - nur einmal noch Obstkorb ausschießen...

  62. Philippe Tran quand t'auras un genou on fait ça à l'urban

  63. Brian Orme you’d have the audacity I reckon. 😛

  64. Danny next time Georgians get a peno you need to do this haha

  65. New one Mark Alexander and suits yer ballet dancin ffs 🤗

  66. Mikey Fulton this is how you should take your next one ;)

  67. Wouldn't be allowed so no good 😂

  68. Bobby Howitt only you could pull this off shun 😂👌🏼