Paramedics left angry note while responding to 999 call

Paramedics left angry note while responding to 999 call
Image from: ITV News

It said: "I couldn’t give a s**t if the whole street collapses. Now move your van from outside my house."

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  1. Tell us the road name, we have the number and then we can all go and park outside her house!!

  2. Number 14 where? I’d gladly chip in to have a lorry load of steaming manure dropped on the doorstep!

  3. Just note her address and refuse to attend if she has an emergency

  4. We are becoming not a very nice nation,we can't seem to tolerate each other,wake up people we are all in the same boat,we all get sick and need urgent help at sometime in our lives

  5. 'Collasped' is the only part you need to read to understand their level of stupidity.

  6. want naming and shaming, then banning from using 999 service imo

  7. Oh wow! If only they could refuse treatment for her or her family! Then she wouldn’t mind where they parked🤷🏻‍♀️ some selfish people on this earth that shouldn’t reproduce!

  8. These people are sick I just hope they never need one my husband took a massive heart attack in front of me I'll never get over it this was only a year ago the ambulance was out in no time but couldn't save his life I wouldn't care were they parked if it saved a life some people are sad life is to short

  9. What a disgrace the human race is becoming, if that person has to call 999 for themselves I wouldn’t bother turning up 😡😡 as you’ll only be blocking their drive 😡😡

  10. I live in a cul de sac and on the few occasions an ambulance has been needed for my little boy who suffers from brittle asthma the ambulance crew have no option but to block the way. Thankfully most human beings understand and just wait or Come back. Thank you NHS for all you do!! Xx

  11. Really wish there was a cure for the epidemic of stupidity spreading throughout the UK . It seems to be getting worse by the day . The woman that wrote that letter seems to have a particularly severe type . I sincerely hope it hasn't spread to the rest of her family as there really isn't any hope

  12. If the Ambulance service is where I live, feel free to park across or on my drive even if I have not needed your service. Frontline services to a great job. Shame on you Lady at number 14!!!

  13. I was once visiting a care home and an ambulance was called for another resident, the manager sent a member of staff to tell the paramedics to move the ambulance because it was time for her to go home!!! I was absolutely fuming at the pure ignorance and disrespect of someone who was supposed to in charge of caring for others

  14. Seriously! I truly hope that you or a loved one doesn’t need their services anytime soon! Some people can’t see past the end of their own nose. They are saving someone’s Mum, Daughter, Son, Parent! It’s sad to think that they don’t value anyone else’s life but their own 😡

  15. What if it was for her family she be soon needing there help I'd not care if they parked right on my drive way if it was to safe anouthers life some people are so cruael

  16. My young daughter had a stroke, and an ambulance had to park, blocking part of our road, but instead of complaining, our neighbours quietly moved their cars to unblock the road! That’s community spirit! We were very grateful. When you’re in that position you don’t need morons around you 🤬

  17. I hope the person who wrote this note has reflected on what they have done. Absolutely disgusting. Emergency services professionals have a hard job as it is, without thoughtless,selfish people writing pathetic notes. I hope you are ashamed of yourself.😠

  18. Im talking personally then.only time I would block a drive is a cardiac arrest. Then to me id be happy for those ive blocked to have a go , knowing ive got to pt with equipment faster means more to me , life is important. Driveways arnt. Unless your mrs bouquet ( bucket) lol

  19. Unbelievable without these wonderful men and women we wouldn’t get the help we do get, they’re there treating someone who is in serious need of help they’re not there for the sake of it, shame they wouldn’t beable to refuse her treatment if ever she needed it. You need to be ashamed of yourself

  20. Disgusting hope they never need the help of our amazingly over worked and under payed paramedics. I have had the misfortune of needing their assistance recently and they were amazing and if they were blocking anyone in I’m sure my neighbours would’ve understood. People need to get a grip saving lives is much more important than making sure they have parked correctly. Well done guys and gals keep up the good work xx

  21. What a horrible person, I hope they face charges for the abuse aimed at the paramedics doing their job. No doubt they wouldn't feel the same if was a member of their family needing urgent attention. The emergency devices do an amazing job in very difficult circumstances that don't need to be made worse.

  22. I would put a block on the system on that house number. Then when they phone up tell them to do one. I for one knows first hand how hard these men and women work as we work alongside them. Keep up your good work all Ambulance staff

  23. How thoughtless. Ok being blocked in can be annoying but the emergency services are their for all of us and shouldn’t be penalised because they are in such a rush to get as close as they can to worry about delaying someone’s journey. This person is awful and there is no reason that would excuse such ignorant behaviour

  24. Yet nothing is don’t about the abuse! No fines, no arrest, no charges put against them- if this was done to the police then all hell would break loose! So much for zero tolerance

  25. I cannot believe the tolerance level of some people. This is our emergency services that are saving lives! I hope that this person never needs emergency care, because quite frankly you don’t deserve it after treating our paramedics like that 🤔🤐🤫

  26. As from monday deduct the small amout of NI contributions she pays which goes to NHS and she can find her own medical insurance and healthcare . Have no tolerance for stupid people like this , obviously one of those who wont move over when an ambulance comes up the road .

  27. I’ve witnessed the abuse firsthand. We called an ambulance for our daughter and they got abuse from motorists that couldn’t wait a few minutes while they got her in the back of the ambulance. They only shut up when I said I was calling the police. I was really shocked at their behaviour.

  28. Dear lord , what sort of society we living in ,i ws never more happy to see a medic wagon parked over my drive. Couple of years ago , meanwhile I was inside with Shirley she had cut open her finger Sunday roast potatoes I think any was blood every where she was feeling terrible but then after 10 mins just fell to the floor unconscious , the medics were there at the end of the phone and then up the drive in about two mins , as I was on the phone they were up the hill, poorstudent in training on the van almost fainted , lots of blood soaked towels, all over the floor as she hit her head of a radiatorbig bump and blood as well from her head tc it must have looked like a thriller movie even the cats got a right and trampled all over the kitchen to get out , I was very relieved,

  29. People who abuse emergency services in anyway shape or form should be put on a system and have all calls for help refused. Would soon change people's attitudes.

  30. This is a disgrace!! How can someone write a note like this? Lets hope they need an ambulance soon. This matter should be dealt with police and law.

  31. Disgusting, my neighbour was having furniture delivered the other week and they blocked our drive they offered to move but my hubby said no I will wait get on with your job!

  32. Let's hope she doesn't need there "van" in an emergency of her own..... What is wrong with people..!! 😡😡

  33. How selfish ..... hope the person who wrote this note never needs an ambulance!

  34. How selfish!!!!!
    Let's hope she never has any need to use the emergency services. And if she did and there was no where to park maybe the ambulance could not waste their time trying to get parked and save someone else's life.

  35. This make me so angry to think that ppl can be so nasty. Well love I hope that you never need these guys ever to come out and save yours or your family's life

  36. Ok they pay for their property but we all pay road tax and have a right to park on most streets as long as your not blocking their car from getting out of their drive they have zero rights

  37. Forget naming and shaming, she has verbally and in writing abused key workers for doing their job, it should be a fine and a caution.

  38. They should keep a note of her address just incase that household ever do need an ambulance.........not turn up, well can't get parked!!!!. I'm starting to hate people, why are people so angry at everything?

  39. There was ambulance blocked Ventnor high street one Thursday evening we had to go other way home 🏠 after visiting Ventnor park

  40. Collasped??!!! Human beings just astound me every day and never in a good way. Let’s hope she never needs any help. Shameful 😔

  41. They say ignorance is bliss, this woman must be ecstatic. I doubt naming and shaming would have any effect on this poor excuse for a woman!

  42. It's obvious this person has never had the need for this service it's early days for pay back from paramedics Their excuse can be "They have been forbidden from parking there "Karma"

  43. Can't be in her right mind? Something wrong some wherever along the line! It's so sad that our brilliant ambulance worker's have to tolerate all this kind of behaviour in their daily or night duties.

  44. They want to be ashamed of themselves let’s hope none of their family ever need help from an ambulance crew 😡

  45. The English are not a nice race and of course will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes, do not worry about where you park.

  46. This should be a crime she should be made to do unpaid work as punishment this behaviour is disgusting . I can not believe they have to suffer this they save lives. Luckerly the majority are not like this and cant thank them enough for what they do

  47. They can block my drive and I also would put the kettle on they not paid enough in my eyes so carry on the great work that you do where would we be without you 😃 🚑

  48. Sounds like a lovely person!!! Very compassionate I bet! Dear god bet they wouldn’t be complaining if it was them they were attending or any of there family

  49. When a 999 call comes through from No:14, make sure u prioritise all other calls first!!! I'm sure she'd have something to moan about then. 😠😠

  50. Obviously immortal and will never need an ambulance herself. Unless it carries a straight jacket.....

  51. I have to say I am embarrassed to be English. idea what has happened to it. People are incredibly selfish.

  52. Hope she needs an ambulance herself one day soon .The services are vital . Please give them respect we can not live without them Thank you .

  53. There are times when I struggle to recognise this as the country in which I was born and brought up.

  54. I read the same post weeks ago and the person responsible actually apologised . That does not make this behaviour okay . I only said it was old news !!! !

  55. Let's hope she never needs the emergency services! Totally disgraceful 😠😠

  56. If it’s not already, this should be made an offence!! Disgusting!!

  57. Should be prosecuted for sending this sort disrespectful abuse. 😡

  58. Hope this dumb sub human never needs emergency medical treatment!!!!!! The mind boggles😓🤤

  59. People like this need naming and shaming crazy wirld we live, unfortunately NHS cant refuse care

  60. Has long has it's taxed you can park it anywhere she might own the drive but not the road

  61. Simples-note her address and make sure that no AMBULANCE is sent there when needed.

  62. I wish her the worst of health and hope it come very soon.

  63. what is wrong with people like that. Thank you all first responders for you wonderful work.

  64. They should just ban anyone who does that from accessing the NHS for free.

  65. Absolutely unbelievable, do these sort of selfish people actually exist?

  66. I'm more astonished an ambulance actually turned up!!!!!

  67. Wow let’s hope no one in her household need an ambulance

  68. What a revolting person, let’s hope she never requires the help of those Paramedics

  69. Hope she never needs an ambulance then😡😡

  70. Sounds like a great place to park a police car while they visit number 14.