Paddington director Paul King linked to new Willy Wonka movie

Paddington director Paul King linked to new Willy Wonka movie
Image from: Empire Magazine

Is he finished with marmalade sandwiches and moving on to dessert?

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  1. There is so many great Roald Dahl stories yet to be adapted to film. George's Marvellous Medicine, The Twits and The Magic Finger to name a few. I'd like to see more of Dahl's stories on the big screen.

  2. Funny that people say "Why remake it again, they only remaid it ten years ago" and then go and see Spiderman, batman remakes again and again, lol

  3. Come on i come up with great new movie ideas y cant hollywood with all that money u can hire writers and so on theres a remake of DeathWish also come on

  4. What's wrong with rehashing original ideas and stagnating the medium? Films are a fucking waste of time anyway, you don't get fuck all from them apart from diabetus that you get from endlessly shoving shit in your mouth while watching them, I'm the future. I love cgiiiiiiiii, it makes great vistas, unlike 2001, fuck that movie it's boring.

  5. No one will ever top Gene Wilder he is Willy Wonka.....

  6. Jeff goldblum as willy wonka

  7. Make a new one, Billy Plonker and the Marmite Factory

  8. Still waiting for The Great Glass Elevator to go to the big screen

  9. "Come with me, on a journey through time and space, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination"

  10. Should never have been remade in the first place.

  11. But...what about all those other Roald Dahl books? I mean there's even another book with Wonka in it. How about Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator? Or "The Twits"? Or "George's Marvellous Medicine?" Or "The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar?"

  12. Maybe they’ll actually keep the ending from the book this time

  13. Another version? How about some new ideas Hollywood?

  14. It's a sequel, Willy Wonka 2: Chocolate Boogaloo

  15. You cannot improve on the first movie and should stop trying. Remake Lost Horizon or The Man who would be King.

  16. What? New Willy Wonka movie?

  17. What’s wrong with rebooting Willy Wonka nobody is making you see it. If you want original things Willy Wonka wasn’t original anyway.

  18. Do we need a new wonka movie?

  19. i just finished watch the classic one and this news came up, umm

  20. James Corden is a perfect Willy Wanker.