PL Player of the Weekend

PL Player of the Weekend

PL Player of the Weekend

Posted by Bleacher Report Football March 13, 2018, 10:14 a.m.

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  1. Lmao where's Rashford? Plus love how Liverpool fans kept on going about how they were going to be 2nd after the United game. Well they're 4th now. 😘

  2. Tomorrow barcowlona 1-3 Chelsea
    Another nightmare for barcapigs

  3. WTF!
    Has to be MARCUS RASHFORD!

  4. Ashley Young did a great job against lfc he was with salah all through d game and he didnt do any mistake nor gave salah any chance at all..i tink him or rashford deserve it..frm a Liverpool fan

  5. To think that there is no Rashford tells a lot about BR pathetic

  6. Young cz Salah is beast infront of goal and to pocket him is some achievement

  7. Shhhh! It me i shout for 90min til united beat liverpool

  8. Ashley young of course cuz he could stop the premier league's best player

  9. Young best !!
    Why ?!!
    Because he was stopped to saLah !! 😂😂
    SaLah La La La 💪💪

  10. England has never lost a world cup final.

  11. Ashley Young put salah in his pocket ;)

  12. Salah... Where is Salah....😣😣😣

  13. David Silva. That second goal he scored yesterday is breathtaking.

  14. Miktrayan.. Takes it a goal & an assist

  15. Chris wood. Involved in all 3 goals