Orthodox Jewish man assaulted traffic warden who ticketed brother's gold Lexus

Orthodox Jewish man assaulted traffic warden who ticketed brother's gold Lexus

He punched the traffic warden while he was on the ground.

Intero Articolo: Metro


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  1. Why does the title of this piece begin by referencing he is orthodox jewish? Would the same be done if the piece concerned a christian or catholic or any other major or minor religion?

  2. Is this a bad stereotype Jewish “mad over money” 💵 type of joke Metro is pulling without being completely obvious? How pathetic of Metro.

  3. then he used holacaust as an excuse for his anger

  4. " He only said that this parking ticket was good enough for Jehovah"

  5. If I’d have done that, I’d be sent to prison. I hate these religious cults that for some reason have power

  6. Why is his religion highlighted in the headline?

  7. I'd have gotten hold of his ringlets and ripped them from his head :)

  8. Seems a bit "unorthodox" to me.

  9. The Labour supporters are going to be loving this one.

  10. Just a hooligan regardless of religion

  11. What's his religion got to do with it?

  12. [Insert Holocaust Joke Here]

  13. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  14. Muh hulucust..

  15. Placing this headline 😂 yet almost all other headlines do not state 'white British' male/female/teenager/child, is just asking for trouble. This is exactly what's wrong with the world, talk about inciting hate!

  16. Why has his religion been referenced???

    And, when will we deal with the problem of orthodox Jews not integrating. They have their own schools And aren't up to standard. Don't colours the curriculum. Don't teach English.

  17. I bet Jewish you didn't do that.

  18. He must be a good practising orthodox Jew then!!!! Not. disgrace!

  19. Why is the fact that he's an Orthodox Jew relevant? Why not just "violent dick head punches innocent bloke" ?